Odoo 15 Disallowed Expenses

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Odoo 15 Disallowed Expenses
Ismail Harake
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Odoo 15 Disallowed Expenses

Disallowed Expenses are expenses that can be deducted in your bookkeeping but not in your fiscal results. As a result, you can generate financial results in real-time and receive periodic adjustments by using Disallowed Expense Categories. Any spending is usually disallowed for one of two reasons:

- For starters, the tax that must be deducted from the total amount on specific expenses is not deducted at the time of payment.

- The expenses being defined have nothing to do with the company or profession.

The following are some examples of Disallowed Expenses:

- Personal health insurance, life insurance, and automobile insurance

- Items that have been misplaced or stolen

- Personal property damage, such as vehicles, clothing, and other goods

- Apps or software for personal devices that have been downloaded.

To set up Disallowed Expenses in Odoo, we must first install the Disallowed Expenses module from the Apps menu. 

This article explains how to use Odoo 15 Disallowed Expenses. 

Upon adding this module, you'll see the Disallowed Expenses Categories under Configuration in the Accounting module. 
Afterward, while creating an expense, create a new Disallowed Expenses Category and fill in all of the details, including the Code, Name, and, if it's a Car Category, the checkbox Car Category and Company. If the car category is checked, the disallowed expense category must have a car or vehicle connected. 
Fill in the Start Date, Rate in Percentage, and Company fields under the Rates tab. 
You can add several rates for different dates. As a result, when a disallowed expense is determined, the equivalent amount will be applied to the date specified.

Furthermore, an Expense Account defined in the Chart of Accounts can be linked to the Disallowed Expenses Category. To do so, go to Chart of Accounts and choose the Expense Account. Then click the SETUP button, and you'll have an option to select Disallowed Expenses in that box. You can also add a Disallowed Expenses Category, which will be linked to the appropriate account. 
When an expense is established with this account, the Disallowed Expense is calculated using the expense account's disallowed expense category. A new report, Disallowed Expenses, is available under the Reporting menu. 
Create one purchase bill with the account as our Expense Account and confirm it to acquire one sample entry for the corresponding Disallowed Expense Categories. 
So go to Reporting > Disallowed Expenses to find the corresponding Disallowed Expense Report. Unfold it to reveal the General Ledger with the Journal Items, as well as the Disallowed Expense Category that has been defined and is related to the Expense Account. 

In Vendor Bills, link the car and use it for Disallowed Expenses.

Disallowed Expenses are also linked with the fleet module in Odoo platform Version 15. So you may utilize the Odoo Fleet module to simply connect the car to the system. 

Also, those vehicles can be used to configure Disallowed Expenses inside Vendor Bills. Within the Fleet module, you may specify the Disallowed Expenses Rate for each vehicle. 
The option to add the car can then be found under the Vendor Bills that have been defined. 
Now you may fill in the data on the bill (the account should have Disallowed Expenses enabled), choose the right vehicle, and submit the bill. Return to Reporting > Disallowed Expenses to get the related Disallowed Expense Report. 
And when you can unroll this to acquire more specific information. So, in the detailed section, you'll discover the Total Amount spent, the Rate of Disallowed Expenses that we specified earlier while selecting the Disallowed Expenses rate within the vehicle, and the Disallowed Amount, which is the 'Rate percent of the Total Amount'.

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Odoo 15 Disallowed Expenses
Ismail Harake December 22, 2021
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