Odoo 15 eCommerce Module

Odoo 15 eCommerce Module

Odoo 15 Ecommerce is a highly complex Odoo platform module. This module can be used to build your own eCommerce website. The module has extensive features and tools to assist you in creating the optimal environment for marketing your products. 
The Odoo Ecommerce module's dashboard can be used as a reporting section. All of the critical and real-time data is graphically depicted. For data visualization, you have a variety of measurement possibilities in the eCommerce module's dashboard. The Odoo 15 eCommerce dashboard is depicted in the screenshot below. 

Odoo 15 eCommerce Module

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The measures are crucial business data that are crucial to good business management. The measures are depicted in the image below. To see the graphical depiction, select the measure. Your graph can be seen in one of three ways. As shown in the image below, the three main graphical representations are Bar, Line, and Pie. 
You may also examine the data in Pivot view from the Ecommerce module's dashboard. You can group the data in a variety of ways, as demonstrated in the screenshot below. 
Here you can use the Measures options to see your various business statistics in a pivot view. You can filter all of the graphical data by using the module's filtering option, as seen in the screenshot below. 
To filter and view your data appropriately, select the filtering option. The Compare tab allows you to compare the current data to previous data or past years.

website construct and design
The eCommerce module's main purpose is to assist you in creating the finest website purchasing experience for your clients. Every part of website creation is simple with Odoo 15 and requires no code. You have complete control over the website's features, which you can configure and update. The provided options can be customized. With Odoo's unique and Edit line options, you may edit and configure your website.
Go to the Ecommerce dashboard and click the website button to configure and set up your website. 
Odoo will lead you to a configuration page for configuring your website as shown below for the first configuration. When you click the Edit button, Odoo will lead you to a configuration space where you may customize your website, as illustrated in the screenshot below. 
You have the option of starting from scratch with your website. To design the page features, all you have to do is drag the blocks to the center of the page. On your website, you can use professional-level themes. You can make product price lists that are adjustable and set up many storefronts all in one place. You may create and manage multiple stores, each with its own look, language, currency, and pricing list.

The module includes some useful integrated features for increasing sales. Odoo can recommend optional products that are relevant to the items that a specific consumer is buying to improve sales, and you can encourage them with promotional codes. 
Odoo ensures that customers have the greatest buying experience possible. Odoo essentially gives your consumers the finest shopping experience possible and makes the most of every feature of the Odoo platform to increase revenue.
Your consumers will be able to find the products they want faster and more easily with the sophisticated easy search option. With the live chat function integrated into your website, your customers will have direct access to real-time product information, helping you to efficiently secure transactions. Customers frequently find it difficult to check out on other internet platforms, and frequent breakdowns and blocks are prevalent. 
Odoo is trouble-free, and clients can effortlessly check out using the step-by-step instructions that you may set up, ensuring a pleasant buying experience. This feature also saves customers a lot of time. 

Odoo 15 eCommerce Module
Ismail Harake 25 November, 2021
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