Odoo 15 eCommerce Module Customer Experience

Odoo 15 eCommerce Module Customer Experience

Customer happiness is critical in determining a company's future success. With the advanced support of the eCommerce website that you may develop with Odoo, you can achieve client happiness. Maintaining a positive shopping experience for customers is critical for effective business management. Your website may operate as the ideal area or shop for showing and selling your products thanks to the comprehensive capabilities and support of the Odoo 15 eCommerce. Odoo can assist you in creating a welcoming shopping environment for your clients, offering them quick access to the items they want. Odoo comes with a set of dedicated features that allow your clients to simply navigate your website without being overwhelmed by products or information. These elements can be put up on your website based on the type of the products or services you provide. In a nutshell, Odoo enables your customers to get the most out of your website.

Searching Made Simple

You can make it simple for your consumers to search for and find the things they want quickly and efficiently, with minimal clutter and wasted time. Odoo's simple search system will help your consumers find the products they want easily. This functionality may be readily set up in Odoo by assigning properties to items such as color, size, ratio, or power, among others. As a result, when your clients search for products based on qualities, the products will appear immediately. And, in many cases, the search bar allows customers to access things in their preferred format directly. In terms of your website design, you can place the search bar anywhere on your site.

Odoo 15 eCommerce Module Customer Experience

To see advanced editing options, drag the block and click the search bar, as seen in the screenshot below.

From here, you may change the search bar. To make it easy for your visitors or customers to access and search for products or content, make the Search bar visible at a single glance. This added benefit can be quite beneficial to your clients.

Customers are more likely to seek for specific features of a product rather than the product itself. This allows them to precisely define the product that customers want to buy, and you can select the attributes that allow customers to find the goods they're looking for.

Chat in real time

The Live Chat function in Odoo lets your customers to communicate directly with you. This feature enables customers to inquire about and learn more about the product or service they wish to purchase. By explaining the goods to customers, the functionality can be used to ensure that the sale is secure. With the help of the live chat tool, you can keep track of your consumers. Similarly, your sales force can make effective use of the capability to secure prospects.

Users as customers

The majority of Odoo's website features were designed with the goal of providing ample space for users or consumers to purchase for their items. Odoo will treat each and every customer as a user. A consumer can easily personalize the entire website using the user registration tool. Customers can register for an account on your website and log in later to make purchases. This can aid in the preservation of information about prior purchases, allowing customers to review the data before making a new purchase. You can use the saved information on product purchases to send customers offers based on prior purchases as the business owner.

Your clients may see and track the details of the things they buy with the help of the Odoo customer portal. They can keep track of their orders, as well as the shipping laws and return policies. This makes it possible for your website to be customer-friendly in every way. Customers can add items to wishlists that they can review later. This will allow them to save for their favorite goods in order to raise money to purchase it or for any other reason that prevents them from acquiring it right now.

Customers who have registered can establish and add shipping addresses, and the information will be saved on the website so that they do not have to enter it again. Each of your customers' interests will be maintained, and Odoo will send product recommendations to them automatically when they shop on your website.

An example of a product or service comparison is shown in the image above. The user can choose from three service packages, each with three distinct characteristics.

Every modern online shopping website has a convoluted check-out process, and clients frequently struggle to complete the process swiftly. Customers can quickly check out after making purchases with Odoo. With an Ecommerce website, you can create a step-by-step process for clients to follow in order to complete their purchases.

The Odoo eCommerce website is all about consumer convenience, and all of the modules' capabilities are geared toward providing customers with a comprehensive and advanced buying experience. The Odoo eCommerce module's feature set will provide your customers with the greatest possible buying experience. With additional features like live chat, product comparisons, and more. Users or customers can create an account on your site and customize their purchasing experience. You can utilize this function to send out fresh and updated product information for potential sales. 

Odoo can assist you in keeping leads and consumers loyal to your products and services. Odoo can help you gain the most revenue from a single consumer by assisting you with features such as product recommendations. The more trustworthy your website is for clients, the more effective your sales will be.

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Odoo 15 eCommerce Module Customer Experience
Ismail Harake February 15, 2022
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