Odoo 15 eCommerce Module Features

Odoo 15 eCommerce Module Features

Odoo's eCommerce module has a lot of features. Every component of the module, from the website builder to customer management, plays a vital role in business management.

This blog will provide a quick overview of the key aspects of the Odoo 15 eCommerce module features.

Website builder:

The Odoo 15 eCommerce module includes a set of advanced tools for building and designing a website to display items and services. Odoo gives you complete control over the design and customization of your website. For maximum efficiency, you can customize the themes, functions, and customer-focused features. Odoo includes a suite of tools specialized in website development. The website builder is simple to use and customize. The web builder tool's block-structured nature allows users to develop and design a website in a couple of seconds.

The Odoo eCommerce module makes it simple to create a website. Simply drag the Block-like structures to the page's center, and the functionality that the block represents will be implemented in your website, as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

You can alter the style and theme of the dragging blocks to match the nature of your product or business. The entire procedure can be completed in a matter of seconds. Because the module is so tightly connected, Any Block you drag in will immediately populate with Odoo data. You may edit and configure your website from any location on the planet. Odoo enables you to develop websites with optimal flexibility and ensures that your users or customers have a positive purchasing experience.

Blog writing and management

In product-to-customer communications, blogs are quite important. Customers can better comprehend the characteristics and practical aspects of the items and services you're selling by reading blogs. Your business and products can speak directly with customers using the interactive writing area. You can blog about anything related to the products. Blogs can serve as valuable study materials for the things you sell. The Odoo eCommerce module makes it simple to develop and publish blogs.

On an Odoo 15 eCommerce website, adding blogs is simple. As illustrated in the screenshot below, go to your eCommerce website and click on New.

Odoo will provide you a variety of options as seen in the screenshot below if you click on the new button as marked in the screenshot above.
When you click on the Blog post options as indicated in the screenshot above, Odoo will provide you with a short drop-down setup tab where you may select or build your blog, as shown in the screenshot below.

To compose your blog, choose a blog type and click the Create button. Odoo will immediately provide you with a page to write your blog, as shown in the screenshot below.
Put the title and subtitle in the 'Blog post Title' box and compose the blog. You may use Odoo's Block, Style, and Theme functions to add photos, sub contexts, supplementary information, and more. The styling and theme options allow you to completely change the look of your blog.
Product management
To efficiently operate a business, effective product management is required. You can have information on live data on products thanks to the Inventory module's robust and completely integrated assistance. Your customers can examine inventory or stock details on the products they want so that they can calculate their purchases if they need a large number.

The Wishlist function relies heavily on effective product management. This feature essentially allows users or customers to save products to a secure location where they may check for product updates. Customers typically use this option when the desired goods costs more than they can afford. They can add the item to their wishlist and save the money to purchase it later. Customers require current information about the products in their wishlists. Odoo can give clients with clear data on product supplies and other inventory details so they can plan their purchases accordingly.

To enhance sales, Odoo can provide product recommendations to users. This particular functionality is based on the product attribute that you can set up in the Inventory module. As a result, anytime a user expresses interest in a product, Odoo can determine the product's properties and recommend products with comparable features. Product management is essential for providing the greatest shopping experience for customers and avoiding product and data clutter.

Shipping Methods

Providing your customers with a variety of shipping alternatives helps them to select the services that they are most comfortable with. This increases consumer confidence and, as a result, their willingness to suggest your services to other potential customers. Odoo supports all of the top shipping and delivery services, including DHL, UPS, USPS, and FedEx. You can choose from a variety of delivery choices and customize them to meet your customers' needs. This can truly help to retain client happiness and good customer relations, luring your customers back to your store.

Payment Methods

Odoo, like Shipping Methods, gives you complete control over your payment alternatives. You can provide your clients with a variety of payment choices from which to pick when making a payment. Giving your clients more payment alternatives helps them to be more flexible with their payments, which can help you collect income more efficiently. Any popular payment option, such as Paypal, Alipay, PayUmoney, Stripe, and Buckaroo, is available to you. More payment alternatives can be readily configured in Odoo, and customers can choose their favorite or preferred payment method to complete the transaction. Odoo's simple payment mechanism contributes to increased customer satisfaction.

Live chat

On Odoo, live chat is a crucial function. Customers or users can have an active dialogue about the product with the help of an eCommerce module. They can use this place to ask questions about the product they want to buy. You can successfully exchange product information and develop a strong bond with customers, increasing the likelihood of purchases. As a representative of the firm or the business, providing customers with current product features assists them in making informed product choices. They can check that they have the correct product, and you can assist them in avoiding any product-related uncertainty.

Checkout Process

Even the most advanced and current shopping platforms make it difficult for consumers to check out. Customers find it difficult to checkout due to the plethora of useless information flashing up in their faces. Maintaining strong customer relations necessitates providing optimum efficiency to your consumers and respecting their time.

The check-out procedure is simple using Odoo. Odoo 15 is a customer-centric platform that allows your customers to feel at ease throughout the entire purchase transaction. After adding things to the cart, buyers can select a payment method and complete the checkout process. With the help of Odoo, users may efficiently keep track of their purchases.

Additional features

1. Multiple languages: Odoo can recognize a variety of languages. Odoo has a function that allows you to manage numerous language translations. Your consumers can take advantage of this service to shop in their local language.

2. Automatic taxes: Odoo can automatically manage the country and state taxes thanks to the advanced support of the Fiscal position feature. The fiscal position is dependent on the specifications you've provided based on the country where your business is based.

3. Cross-selling feature: Odoo's cross-selling tool suggests items to clients based on a variety of factors, many of which are heavily focused on product attributes. This feature is tailored to the interests and preferences of the customer.

Conclusion: Odoo 15 eCommerce Module Features

Odoo's eCommerce module is tightly connected with the rest of the platform's features. Inventory, Accounting, Website, Odoo CRM, and Odoo Inventory are just a few of the completely connected modules. All of these programs work together to provide optimal efficiency. Odoo will give you the most advanced working environment with optimum productivity thanks to the advanced support of the tools and features of the integrated module. With Odoo, you can quickly configure and build your own website with just a few simple clicks and configurations. The websites that are developed are highly efficient, professional, and will appear modern and advanced in every manner, giving your customers trust in the quality of the things you are selling.

Odoo 15's eCommerce module includes the most advanced features for efficient business management. The module's extensive website design tools make developing and configuring your website for selling and publishing your product online a breeze. This provides your website with a more updated and professional image when it comes to showcasing your products.

Odoo, Moe Fawaz December 8, 2021
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