Odoo 15 Email Marketing Module (Campaign Management)

Odoo 15 Email Marketing Module (Campaign Management)

A good business workflow necessitates effective marketing campaign management. Traditionally, the activity necessitates a significant amount of labor and time, yet they are nevertheless vulnerable to eros and campaign failure. As a result, it's critical to effectively manage and oversee campaigns.
Odoo includes a collection of specialized tools to assist you in effectively managing business campaigns. Odoo's Email marketing module is jam-packed with powerful capabilities to help you run your marketing campaigns more efficiently. Campaign management is one of the module's advanced features that you may utilize to increase the efficiency of your campaign administration. 
From the Email marketing module's dashboard, you can access the campaign administration tool.
However, you must first enable the feature in the Email marketing module. To enable the feature, navigate to the Configuration settings in the Email marketing module's dashboard, as shown above.
To access Settings go to Configuration > Settings 

Odoo 15 Email Marketing Module (Campaign Management)

By selecting the Mailing campaign option, you may turn on the feature. The functionality will be turned on right away.
Also, make sure you've activated and set up the Dedicated server before saving to take advantage of the feature. Odoo allows you to set up a dedicated server. If you wish to set up a dedicated email server, turn on the feature and select Configure Email Server from the drop-down menu, as shown below.
As illustrated below, Odoo will direct you to a setup space where you may configure the new Dedicated email server. 
After clicking the create button, you'll be taken to a final configuration page where you may set up the dedicated mail server as seen below. 
After configuring and entering the above-mentioned information, click the Save button. After you've finished configuring your email marketing dashboard, a new tab called Campaigns will appear, as shown below. 
Simply click it to create, view, and administer campaigns. The screenshot above depicts the campaign part. To create a new campaign, click the Create button to bring up the configuration section, as shown below. 
The new campaign can be configured from here. Along with the campaign name, fill in the details. One of the additional benefits is that you may designate the person in charge of the new marketing campaign by simply selecting anyone from the drop-down menu under the Responsible tab. It should be noted that executives have access to this tool, which is not available to all staff. Then, to create a new campaign, enter the tags and click the Add button. The Campaign box will appear in the area below when you've saved your changes. 
On the campaigns, the fast display, as shown above, will present crucial campaign data for rapid access. You can get information about the number of Posts, Mailings, SMS, and Notifications sent. The page can stack the campaigns well and provide a clutter-free atmosphere. You may use this effective campaign management system to swiftly and easily access the campaigns you want at any moment. Menu clicks on the campaign from the campaigns menu to configure and examine it, as shown below. 
You can find all of the campaign's specifics right here. You can see information about the emails you've sent and who you sent them to. You can make modifications right here by clicking the Edit button. You can change the campaign's name and the person in charge of directing the campaign at any time.

For sending emails to consumers, Odoo has supplied you with four options. Send New Mailing, Send SMS, Send Social Post, and Push Notification are some of the channels that you can utilize to communicate with your customers or clients. To send the emails, select one of the channels from the drop-down menu. To configure and send emails to your customers, click on Send new mailing. Odoo will display you the email configuration tab right away, as illustrated below. 
With Odoo's powerful mail building system, you can create your mail right here. From here, you can easily design or craft Emails and send them. Simply input the Subject and form Individuals under the mailing and pick the recipients to whom the mail should be sent. You can alter the sender address and name, as well as assign the mail to someone else in your company organization, from the Settings tab.

Click the Send SMS button, which is shown below, to send the campaign by SMS. 
This channel will allow you to configure the campaigns through SMS. A configuration page will open up as shown below.
This channel will allow you to customize your SMS campaigns. As illustrated below, a configuration page will appear. 
You can also transmit campaign information through other channels, such as the Send social post and Push notification options. After completing the configurations, click the save button to save the created email, which will be saved in draft status throughout the editing process. As shown in the example below. 

From here, you can keep track of the procedures. After you click Send, the button will say Sending and Sent, and the process will be completed. The capability is also available in Odoo's marketing-related applications. As you can see from the screenshots above, the function is quite simple to set up and utilize. This feature is necessary for informing your clients about new campaigns that your company is starting so that they can participate actively. You can deliver campaigns via email, SMS, and social network posts with Odoo. Depending on the nature of your business management, choose the route through which you wish to communicate the information. 
If your business is based on a social media platform, you may use Odoo to keep in touch with your customers via social media postings that you can create from Odoo, similar to emails and SMS. The channels can assist your campaigns in communicating directly with customers. With the help of Odoo, you can target their interests based on their previous purchasing histories and send them relevant campaigns. Such campaigns are quite important for sustaining critical customer-to-business ties, and with the active engagement of customers, you can actually keep track of who is participating in campaigns and who isn't. You may utilize this vital information to determine the nature of your consumers and whether they are interested in your business in order to keep them loyal for a long time. Maintaining client interest in your company, products, and services is critical to the company's and products' long-term success.
Odoo 15 Email Marketing Module (Campaign Management)
Ismail Harake November 12, 2021
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