Odoo 15 ERP for the Paper Manufacturing Industry

Odoo 15 ERP for the Paper Manufacturing Industry

Paper serves a variety of functions and is one of the basic necessities of modern life. These include offices, newspapers, publishing of books and periodicals, education, and research. Papers are needed by people for printing and writing purposes. For industries that manufacture paper, producing several paper types is a requirement. Hand tissue production is a challenging task since paper quality varies depending on printing. Your paper formulation will be profitable and error-free with the help of Odoo ERP. Using Odoo 15, a paper manufacturing industry can benefit in particular ways from inventory management, manufacturing, sales, buying, and shipping.

The key features of Odoo 15 ERP are guaranteed by this blog for the paper manufacturing industry.

Paper makers used Odoo 15 to their greatest production efficiency. An ERP system allows for quick and accurate management of every stage of paper production. Utilizing the Odoo database in your system allows firms that manufacture paper to review historical data to their advantage.

Keep track of the product manufacturing orders

Odoo helps organize diverse paper products produced in the paper production sector. Using the Production module of Odoo 15 makes it easy to establish a new manufacturing order for your product. Select the Manufacturing Orders option from the Operation tab, as shown in the screenshot below, to create a new manufacturing order.

Each manufacturing order's Reference, Product, Quantity, State, Expected Duration, Company, and other details can be viewed separately here. To create a fresh manufacturing order, click the CREATE symbol. Add the "Newspaper Rack" product and set the Quantity to manufacture in units on the new page. The Bill of Materials field contains a definition of the needed component list. Products required to create the Newspaper rack are instantly made visible inside the Components tab after selecting the Bill of Materials, as shown in the screenshot below.

The manufacturing order for Newspaper Rack will be activated once you click the SAVE icon and confirm it. As a result, we are able to create a manufacturing order for any piece of machinery used in the production of paper fast. The Manufacturing module of Odoo 15 includes a Reporting function that allows users to evaluate manufacturing orders inside a firm. In the Configuration tab, select the Manufacturing Orders menu as seen in the screenshot below.

The Manufacturing Orders window's graphical depiction shows product data on the X-axis and recent product quantity on the Y-axis. Using the MEASURES icon, as shown in the screenshot below, users can additionally assess the orders based on the Quantity Produced and Quantity To Produce.

Data on Products is simple to create in Industries

The majority of industries use a variety of tools, gadgets, and raw materials in their operations. With the aid of Odoo 15, users can generate the data for new goods in the paper manufacturing sector. The list of products in your system can be viewed by selecting the Products option in the Odoo 15 Manufacturing module, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

To create new product details for the paper sector, select the CREATE icon. Let's make "Paperboard," a product required by the paper manufacturing sector. Add the "Paperboard" product name and image on the right side of the new screen. You can change the Sales Price, Product Type, Cost, and Invoicing Policy under the General Information tab. From the Product Category area, choose the current product category. Select the SAVE icon after inputting all of this data, as shown in the screenshot below.

Utilize the master production schedule to plan your production.

The manufacturing of paper requires meticulous planning for the production of goods. Instead of staying steady, the demand for papers fluctuates frequently and can be low, moderate, or high. The output of materials should be adjusted in accordance with demand. By using an Odoo ERP, inventory is stored effectively in the paper business. All of these things can be accomplished by using a master production schedule. Using the master production schedule in Odoo 15, it is simple to predict the demand for materials, and production runs smoothly. As shown in the screenshot below, select the Master Production Schedule under the Planning tab.

You may plan your purchases properly for each month of the year by viewing the anticipated demand and stock levels for each product here.

Create Quality Checks and Alerts for Products Quickly
Operations for manufacturing and inventory management in a business are combined with product quality checks or warnings. Customer happiness in a business depends on the quality assurance of its products. The management of quality checks and warnings for products in the paper manufacturing business is facilitated by the Odoo 15 Quality module. In the Quality Control menu of the Odoo 15 Quality module, choose the Quality Checks menu. We can view all of the Quality Checks that have been created in the new window, along with information like Reference, Product, Status, Control per, Company, and Team. By choosing the CREATE icon, as shown in the screenshot below, users can create original Quality Checks.

A new screen appears when you select the CREATE icon. Here, enter "Newspaper Rack" for the Product name, and choose "Control per as per Product/Operation." Choose the Partner, Type, Company, and Team after selecting the Picking place. After that, as seen in the example below, you can apply instructions for quality checks under the Notes tab.

Select the SAVE icon after adding the Quality Checks for Product "Newspaper Rack." Depending on the results of the quality check, mark the type you added as PASS or FAIL. The Quality Control tab is where users may establish the Quality Alerts for products. As seen in the example below, the Quality Alarms pane displays various alerts for generated items at various stages.

Using the CREATE icon, we may create Quality Alerts for a new product. After clicking the CREATE symbol, a new alert box appears. Here, you can choose the Product, Work Center, and Responsible person. Later, as shown in the example below, add the Team, Tags, and notes on quality alerts inside the Description tab.

After applying all the details, we can SAVE it. It is easy to change the stage as per the processing of product quality alerts. Hence, we can ensure quality checks of products using the support of Odoo ERP.

Odoo 15 ERP for the Paper Manufacturing Industry

The best way to manage production, inventory, and material manufacturing in the paper manufacturing business is with Odoo ERP. With the aid of Odoo 15, it is simple to collect product data, establish quality controls, and keep manufacturing orders in a paper sector.

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