Odoo 15 Expected Features

Expectations For Odoo 15 New Release
January 11, 2021 by
Odoo, Moe Fawaz

Odoo 15 Expected Features

Among ERP users and techies, Odoo has become a hot topic, addressing several drawbacks that are missing from other ERP platforms. The highlight of Odoo is that its user-friendly, quick, reliable, and effective ERP support for small to medium-sized businesses. With the daunting new release of new models, the full ERP solution suitable for many industries is continuously improving.

Every year, Odoo launches a new version with several new features and extensions, enabling the enhancement of ERP features and helping through business development. Last year, for different industries, the Odoo ERP solutions, which are continuously moving to a new version every year with many more improved features, migrated to version 14 with many attractive features and widgets in different modules. The Odoo Experience 2020 launched the Odoo14 edition during a 2-day online event from 30 September to 1 October 2020.

Odoo: A New Version Every Year!

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Odoo is indeed an open-source software solution that provides all business-related queries and specifications with the easiest and most effective solution, and the arrival of Odoo 14 has provided a boost to all business sectors that rely on ERP software solutions to boost their business. Throughout the release of the new & latest version, Odoo focuses on the enhancement of existing features and seeks 

input from Odoo users. Odoo provides updates and improvements to existing features, in addition to adding more modern and advanced features.

Odoo 15 Expected  Features: What's New?

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The latest version of Odoo has yet to be released this year: Odoo15, maintaining the record of launching a new version of Odoo each year. As users of Odoo are always eager to know what Odoo could come up with each year with its next update. There are a lot of concerns & discussions going on about the latest releases between users and developers.

As per some reports, in different areas, Odoo 15 will come with several changes, such as a new import screen with many more improvements, such as a new menu to handle cash rounding in accounting. 

This new field will be introduced for invoices in the Accounting > Configuration > Management > Cash rounding segment. The new feature will allow one to simply select one of the previously developed rounding methods on customer invoices. 

Another feature that can help users edit and adjust Pivot Views and Graph Views using Odoo Studio is expected to be available on Odoo 15. Odoo 15 is expected to realize this new feature during the Odoo Experience 2021. Watch the following video to know more about this great feature:


In Odoo 15, users can now use the Odoo studio to edit and adjust Pivot views and Graph views.

Conclusion: Odoo 15 Expected Features

Odoo is moving forward with several more areas of expertise with plenty of changes and improvements and becoming the best choice every year for their business benefit among the industrialists. Hoping for several more versions of Odoo to improvise the ERP software to eliminate even the least active bugs.

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Odoo, Moe Fawaz January 11, 2021
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