Odoo 15 Inventory Module

Odoo Inventory Module (Odoo 15)

The Odoo inventory adjustment is a sophisticated and incredibly valuable function. This feature of the Odoo system helps you to manage your warehouses considerably more efficiently.

'Inventory adjustment' is an important function in Odoo that allows you to update the product quantity by automatically checking the physical quantity, which will be reflected in the product's stock quantity.

In the Odoo inventory module, this feature is simple to set up and use. Select the Operations tab from your inventory module. Select Inventory adjustments from the drop-down menu, as shown in the screenshot below. 

Odoo Inventory Module

As displayed in the screenshot below, Odoo will immediately send you to the Inventory Adjustments page. 
This is the new inventory adjustment interface. All prior inventory revisions, as well as live updates on the products in the inventory and their stock, will be presented here. You can alter any of the settings by clicking on them.

Odoo Inventory Module Filtering

You have the option of Filtering, Grouping, and Adding Favorites from the settings for faster access and more productivity. On the Inventory adjustments tab, as illustrated below, there are numerous filtering possibilities. To efficiently filter the Inventory changes, click on any of the filtering options. You will be able to work in a clutter-free environment as a result of this. For you to be more reliable on the Odoo system, all of the modules and tools in the Odoo system have advanced filtering options.

Clutter can occur during inventory adjustments and when working with a large number of products at the same time. This could cause a disruption in the flow of data in the business, as well as the workflow. To gain more access to the Products, you can activate various filtering settings at the same time. Similarly, as demonstrated, there are a variety of grouping choices. 
The grouping option allows you to have many options, as shown, to group all of your Inventory modifications depending on criteria that may be selected from the drop-down options above. Immediately, the inventory alternatives will be automatically grouped together. You can save some inventory adjustments in the Favorites area using the Favourites option.

Important changes are usually saved in the favorites section for quick access and updates. In the Favourites tab, as illustrated in the screenshot below, there are a variety of options. 
To have more access, select any of the Favourites options. The data and records can be imported into Odoo spreadsheets, Dashboard, or a Google spreadsheet. Making inventory adjustments and customizing them. For the purpose of establishing or modifying inventories. Check the quantity details for the product you wish to modify by clicking on it. You can use the search option on the dashboard to look for a product, as seen in the screenshot below. 
Enter the product's name to have immediate access to settings options. As demonstrated in the screenshot below, clicking on the product will bring up more information about it, including the quantity on hand and other advanced options. 
As illustrated in the screenshot above, you can see the product's on-hand amount right away. Along with this, you have several handy alternatives to deal with, such as Update quantity and Replenishment options. From here, you can perform practically any inventory-related task. You can create a new product by clicking the Create button in the upper left-hand corner of the screenshot and configuring the product to save into the system or inventory.
Later, you can make inventory modifications to the product. Return to the inventory adjustment tab and click on the product to change it immediately to continue with the inventory adjustment procedure as shown. 
The on-hand data has changed in relation to the value you have entered in the space, as seen in the screenshot above, and you can check the amount of the product from the product tab of the inventory module. In the same way, all product modifications will be displayed in the inventory product area.  
By clicking on the User field, as seen in the screenshot above, you can assign the user. If you've made a change to the product before, go to the History tab to see the details of your past changes. This feature allows you to keep track of inventory modifications on a single product or a set of items over time and evaluate them at any moment. After you've finished configuring your Odoo system, click the Apply button to save the data. The inventory adjustment tab allows you to revisit inventory adjustments for specific products. 
To provide you with optimum accessibility, Odoo gives you complete control over inventory modifications. Similarly, for maintaining the data system up to date, you can configure Inventory adjustments on any product at any moment. All of the data will be retained in the system for future references and adjustments, as Odoo is highly automated and values data preservation and maintenance. 
You can effectively monitor, update, and alter your inventory without any clutter thanks to the advanced support of the Filtering options. This function allows you to accurately record the movements of the products while also providing you with a comprehensive view of them. All of the items may be accessed straight from the dashboard of the Inventory adjustments section of the inventory module, thanks to the Odoo system's simple interface. 
Odoo 15 Inventory Module
Ismail Harake October 28, 2021
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