Odoo 15 Inventory Module New Features

October 14, 2021 by
Odoo 15 Inventory Module New Features
Ismail Harake

Odoo 15 Inventory Module New Features

Odoo inventory module is a more complex Odoo application. It offers the capacity to efficiently manage and control all inventory and warehouse-related business processes. You can easily carry out any inventory-related tasks in your organization with the Odoo 15 Inventory module thanks to Odoo 15's well integrated support. You can acquire up-to-date and live data on inventory procedures using Odoo's powerful data management system, and plan inventory accordingly. 
The Odoo 15 Inventory module has a number of advanced features and tools that are developed exclusively for optimal business administration. It is critical that you are familiar with all of the features of the Inventory module in order to communicate effectively with the module or application. The following are some of the most important features of the Odoo 15 inventory module, as well as their advanced applications. 

Odoo 15 Inventory Module

The Inventory module in Odoo 15 allows you to construct and define product movement routes. With the use of the Odoo 15 inventory module, you may create preconfigured Routes. Routes can be planned according to your company's policies and management style. This tool allows you to effectively manage and track product movement in your inventory, allowing you to strategize products for effective company management. This functionality is simple to set up and utilize with the Odoo 15 Inventory module. To create routes, navigate to your Inventory module's Product tab, as seen in the screenshot. 

Odoo will lead you straight to the product page depicted in the screenshot below. 

Odoo will transport you to the product configuration page if you click on the product you wish to configure and read the details, as shown in the screenshot below. To set up the Routes, go to the Inventory tab on the settings page, as seen in the screenshot above. 

Warehouse Management

The Odoo 15 Inventory Module is designed to help you run your warehouse more efficiently. From a single Odoo database, you can efficiently manage and view your warehouse's whole procedures. One of the numerous benefits of using the Odoo inventory module is that you can easily manage various warehouses without causing data clutter, allowing you to manage product and inventory transfers between them. The Odoo inventory module has a number of settings that you may utilize to get extra functionality and options for warehouse management. Because the majority of the functions in the Odoo 15 inventory module related to Warehouse management are largely automated, all you have to do is set up the procedures and let Odoo handle the rest. At any time, you can verify data on warehouse procedures. From the inventory module, you can quickly access numerous warehouses. As seen in the screenshot, go to the Configuration tab under the Inventory dashboard and click on Warehouses under Warehouse management.
Odoo will quickly transport you to your warehouses, as illustrated in the screenshot. If you wish to make a new Warehouse, follow these steps. Odoo will send you to a configuration page as shown in the screenshot if you click the Create button as shown in the screenshot. 
Configure your warehouse and save it to Odoo by clicking the Save button. With the Odoo system's easy user interface, you can quickly and easily construct and handle your warehouses. 
Rules for Reordering

Inventory management necessitates the use of reordering. This feature ensures that your stock is never depleted. You can create product guidelines to help you manage stock efficiently so that you don't end up with too much or too little. You can efficiently balance the stock by using reordering rules. With the help of powerful data management features, Odoo keeps you up to speed on the Stocks. As demonstrated in the screenshot below, you can access this feature from the Inventory module's Dashboard, under the Configurations tab. 
Odoo will lead you to a list of previously established rules when you click it, as demonstrated in the screenshot below. 
Configure the product to which you want to apply the rule, then save. Odoo will now handle the product according to the rules you've defined. For proper inventory and warehouse management, this capability is required. 


The Odoo 15 inventory module includes a handy and advanced feature called traceability. Traceability, as the name implies, allows you to track a product's journey through the organization until it reaches the client. You can track products by assigning them unique codes. Odoo ensures that each serial number is associated to a product and that the user cannot use the same code for another product. When a user tries to assign the same code to several goods, Odoo will provide an error message. As demonstrated in the screenshot, clicking on it will take you to the product page.
The tab goes to Traceability from the Configuration page under Inventory, as shown in the screenshot above. Under the Traceability feature, you have three options: By Unique Serial Number, By Lots, and you can also choose not to trace. You may utilize the Traceability capabilities to easily track products without creating a mess. 
For good inventory management, the elements listed above are critical. For direct and proper contact with the Odoo 15 inventory module, it is critical that you fully comprehend the functionalities. The capabilities stated above are only a few of the numerous advanced features and tools available in the Odoo 15 inventory module for you to use and increase your business management efficiency. With the help of clean data and efficient data management, Odoo ca n efficiently evaluate and analyze your stock and forecast the future of your inventory and business. 
Odoo 15 Inventory Module New Features
Ismail Harake October 14, 2021
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