Odoo 15 Maintenance Management Advanced Features

Odoo 15 Maintenance Management Advanced Features

By controlling resources and maintenance practices, a business can become more productive. By managing maintenance properly, one can increase productivity while cutting expenditures for the organization. Product quality is another important element in the maintenance procedure. Most buyers consider a product's quality and price before making a purchase. With precise maintenance management, Odoo ERP helps with material production in accordance with customer satisfaction. Using the Odoo 15 Maintenance module lowers the likelihood of material failure and makes it simple to swiftly examine the maintenance process.

You may discover more about Odoo 15's sophisticated maintenance management features by reading this blog.

From the Odoo 15 Maintenance module, users can get information on product maintenance activities. It makes sure you keep track of product maintenance requests and improves the overall performance of your equipment. We can now see the key attributes of Odoo 15 for maintenance management.

Make Preventive Maintenance a System

Examining the state of a machine or instrument's operation is one of an industry's main responsibilities. All operational needs are efficiently managed by effective preventive maintenance. Using time-based preventative maintenance, we may maintain equipment maintenance at regular intervals. Usage-based preventive maintenance, on the other hand, happens after a chosen usage.

With the help of the Odoo 15 Maintenance module, users may schedule preventive maintenance. Mean time between failure (MTBF) and mean time to repair are two components of preventative maintenance (MTTR). You can automate a number of processes and notify the user. In Odoo 15, users can select a Maintenance Type when submitting a new maintenance request. Preventive maintenance can be automated by choosing this maintenance type, as shown in the screenshot below.

Users can therefore produce preventive maintenance for a particular product.

Provide Equipment Corrective Maintenance

When a product is damaged, users can initiate corrective maintenance; the damage should have been unintentional or deliberate. Corrective maintenance of an instrument has a lower initial cost. Choose the Maintenance Requests menu from the Maintenance tab to create a corrective maintenance type. You can see numerous requests sorted in various stages by selecting the Create icon in the Maintenance Requests pane, as seen in the screenshot below.

Selecting the Create icon brings up a new screen for the user. You may submit an application for a product correction request here. Choose the Corrective Maintenance Type and provide the Request name as seen in the screenshot below.

After saving the request, you can categorize it based on how the product is coming along.

Help in adding a new event to the maintenance calendar

The Calendar view of the Odoo 15 Maintenance module displays every scheduled product maintenance event. We may examine scheduled activities by selecting the Maintenance Calendar menu in the Maintenance Tab, as shown in the screenshot below.

Using the Calendar, users can create a new event for product maintenance. When you choose a specific day, a New Event box is displayed in front of you. Add the meeting subject here, then press the Create icon as seen in the screenshot below.

The created event may be viewed in the Calendar along with other information, as shown in the screenshot below, including the Maintenance Type, time, date, and more.

By selecting the Edit icon, it is simple to change the generated event's information. By selecting the Delete symbol in the planned event, you can delete it. On the right side of the screen, beneath the calendar box, are the Technician's details. Based on the Month, Day, Year, and Week, users can identify the maintenance requests.

Reports on Maintenance Requests are Simple to Analyze

From the Odoo 15 Maintenance Requests, we may examine product maintenance request reports. You can analyze the information by selecting the Maintenance Requests option from the Reporting tab. As shown in the screenshot below, the X-axis of the graph displays the Technician information, while the Y-axis displays the Count.

The product's stages can be seen in various hues, and we can add measures using the Measures icon, including Duration/Color Index. The screenshot depicts how the Pie chart displays the percentage count of each request separately in a circle.

From the pie chart's top, we may retrieve each technician's name for a certain request. Users can obtain the count of each request individually regarding the assigned person, stage, or category by selecting Pivot view, as shown in the screenshot below.

For your business, control equipment and equipment categories.

From the Equipment window of the Odoo 15 Maintenance module, it is simple to access all the equipment that is currently in a company. All of the equipment lists are displayed here when you select the Machines & Tools option from the Equipments tab. The information regarding each piece of equipment is available as seen in the screenshot below, including Name, Date, Serial Number, Number of requests, and Model Number.

By choosing the Create icon, we can create new equipment details for an organization. Additionally, the Equipment window may be seen in List view, which includes information like Company, Technician, Assigned Date, and other specifics. As a result, users can easily track equipment information for the maintenance procedure. Users can group Equipment based on distinctive traits, which is another element. The Equipment Categories list is displayed when you select the Configuration feature's Equipment Categories option. The information about each category of equipment, including Name, Company, and Responsible person, is defined here as shown in the example below.

By selecting the Create icon, a new equipment category is quickly created. In the Odoo 15 Maintenance module, we can also access the Equipment and Maintenance requests inside of each Equipment Category. As shown in the screenshot below, users can write comments about the equipment category of material inside the Comment field.

Improve the efficiency of the equipment

Conclusion: Odoo 15 Maintenance Management Advanced Features

The Odoo 15 Maintenance module streamlines duties related to equipment maintenance. Maintenance teams use Odoo ERP to help them throughout the entire maintenance process, from creating maintenance requests to fixing product failures. Using the Odoo 15 Maintenance module, users can submit requests for either preventive or corrective maintenance. Additionally, they always receive prompt assistance, which improves the efficiency of the equipment in your company. These cutting-edge facilities enable your requests for equipment repair to be fulfilled successfully.

With the aid of the Odoo 15 Maintenance module, we may systematize preventative and corrective maintenance procedures for a maintenance request. In addition, Odoo 15 users may rapidly book new events, review reports, and manage equipment. With the maintenance management in the Odoo database, the efficiency of the equipment in a company increases.

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