Odoo 15 New Features

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Odoo, Moe Fawaz
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Odoo 15 New Features

This blog article discusses the Odoo 15 new features and updates in Odoo's current edition. Every year in October, Odoo releases a new or updated version, which provides businesses with new features in various modules. Odoo software is an ERP solution that comes in both community and enterprise editions. Odoo is based on Python and as a module, it allows for faster implementation of the program than other solutions on the market.

If you're thinking about implementing Odoo ERP software, knowing about the new version 15 can help you decide whether to start with the most recent version or an earlier one. This link will show you how to install Odoo 15 on your Ubuntu server. You may also get enterprise edition licenses from ERP Cloud, which can assist you in obtaining licenses and making suitable module selections so that you don't waste money on modules that aren't relevant to your organization.

Odoo 15 comes with a slew of exciting new features that will help you run your company more efficiently. Odoo is now 3.5 times faster, which should not be underestimated. Let's look at how businesses can profit from some of the most important Odoo 15 features listed in this post.

1. Favorite Products

Odoo 15 allows you to highlight your favorite goods, which might help you figure out which ones are the most popular in your business.

2. Filtering
All of your favorite products can be easily filtered as needed.

3. Added Ribbon in Products

Ribbons on products can assist your customers in determining which products have been sold and which things are new with any type of promotion.


4. Create a Product as Gift Card

With odoo 15, you can now create goods in the form of gift cards.

5. Print a Product Label

With a single click, you can begin printing product labels, which will provide you with comprehensive information such as photos, pricing categories, and so on...

We can choose the label's size and print it.
6. Product Attributes 
Improved UI for product attributes in the colorful tag, as well as the ability to customize product prices based on appropriate attribute values on the same line.
7. Product Moves In and Out count
8. Option to Add Customer Signature in a Sale Order
9. Profiling Tool
10. Mail Plugin
11. CRM Multi-team
12. Rule-Based Assignment
13. Stay on Shop Page after adding product to the Cart
14. Product packaging
To begin, activate Product Packaging in the settings and save it, then The Packages menu item can be found in the Product menu.

Product Packaging use as per the selection
15. Task Dependencies
16. Coupon & Promotions for POS
17. New Improved Import Screen:
In odoo15, a new import screen view has been implemented. The main benefit of this feature is that it adds an extra feature to handle cash rounding, currency conversion rates, and other things while importing invoices. Here, one can select from a variety of developed cash rounding methods. It helps consumers have a better experience while also saving time. The import records menu may be accessed in favorites starting with Version 14.
This is the updated view of import.

18. Ability to Edit the Pivot Graph and View Graph Using the Studio:
Odoo ERP software is regarded for having the best pivot and graph view.
For the graphical interface, select a new menu item in the Reporting menu > Dashboard.
Responsive Pivotal Chart
Odoo 15 features have been enhanced to allow users to alter graphs and data visualizations using Odoo studio according to their preferences. Furthermore, users are able to compare different numbers with ease here. View the data for each report by clicking on it.
 19. Launch New HTML Editor: 
HTML Editor is a tool for editing HTML, the markup language for web pages. This new capability will simplify the work of innovators while also attracting new Odoo users. It will boost productivity as well.
20. Burndown Chart: 
This feature is available in the project's Project section. This burn chart allows us to examine the actual chart and aids in the identification of the project's delays.
21. Odoo 15 Spreadsheets:
It has an Edit bar, searches and replaces, and other features. It also allows for in-the-moment cooperation.
 22. Odoo 15 will have ES and a new debug asset mode.
Odoo is known for its user-friendly, rapid, dependable, and effective ERP support. One thing is certain: Odoo ERP will quickly become the No. 1 solution for the bulk of business organizations, since users are more willing to wait for the new and updated version of Odoo. It is fair to state that the Odoo platform is far more advanced, and developers are working hard to give the best Odoo services possible.
23. How to change the default header/footer in Odoo PDF reports From UI:
Settings > Technical > User Interface > Views
Look up "external" in the dictionary.
report.external layout, report.external layout header, and report.external layout footer will be reviewed.
To change the PDF version of the Quote/Sales orders, edit these views as needed.

24. Changing the number of decimal places in Odoo quantities through the user interface.
Odoo displays product quantities with three decimal places by default. In the vast majority of cases, this is unnecessary. To modify the amount of decimal places Odoo displays for quantities, follow these steps:
As the Administrator, log in to Odoo (or a user with admin privileges)
Click Settings from the menu at the top of the screen.
Click Database Structure – Database Structure on the left-hand menu, under Technical Settings. Select Decimal Accuracy from the drop-down menu.
Change any field there, such as Product UoS, Discount, Payment terms, and so on.
Change the amount of numbers as needed by clicking Edit.
Save the file.

25. Account Consolidation
Consolidation is a new functionality introduced in Odoo 15. We can acquire a Consolidate Report of more than two companies using this feature. Until Odoo14, one of Odoo's drawbacks was that we couldn't receive a Consolidate Report if we used a Multi-Company Scenario; now, with this addition, we can get all of the companies' Consolidate Reports, even if they had different currencies.
26. Editable Mode
Odoo15 is a version of Odoo. When you click on any field in the Form View, the record will go into Editable Mode.

27. Website Builder: 
Custom shapes and designs for photos will be possible with website builders.
28. Coupons and promotions.
Coupons and promotions can be enabled. In addition, promotions and coupons can be created as needed.
As an example of promotion, consider the following:
Where you may customize the quality, minimum purchase amount, reward, discount percentage, validity, and more.
You can also make coupons. To do so, first set the fundamental parameters, such as the minimum purchase amount, validity, reward, discount, and so on, as shown below.
You can also create coupons and then deliver the codes to clients via email.
We also have the option of entering the coupon code at the point of sale, which will be reflected in the orders and invoices.
29. Assets view: 
Odoo15 includes a database structure view that allows you to add assets via the user interface.
30. Notes: 
In the notes, there is now an HTML editor view where you can quickly change the font size, color, and bullets, among other things.
31. Social Media platforms through the website product detail page
In Odoo 15, a product detail page layout is available, as well as share buttons for the product to be shared on various social media sites via the website product detail page.
 Website > Shop > Customize > Share Button
32. New Updated Unit of Measure view
Sales > Configuration > Units of Measure Categories
33. Inventory Adjustment View
On the set button in the new Inventory Adjustment View, we can view the respective value and apply or cancel it. As a new feature, a new Inventory Adjustment View has been implemented. From the tree view, we can track previous product amounts, establish new counted quantities, and apply or reset quantity.
34. Cover image for project tasks:
Odoo15 has a feature where you can define a cover image for the tasks in the kanban view to make it easier to identify them. End-users will benefit from this because tasks will be easier to identify.
35. Product Categories
Depending on the product type, we can choose a removal strategy.

36. Route Option
Add the Route option to Product Master > Inventory Tab > Routes.
37. Point of Sale new feature
Set up for coupons and promotions, as well as gift cards. By going to the Dashboard and selecting > Select Manage (three-dot) from the drop-down menu > Choose a setting
Also, check the boxes for Gift Card and Coupons & Promotions.
The new shipping concept is that we can customize the delivery and have it delivered later.
38. Customer Display
In a PoS, we can connect another display to the customer in the second display when they are checking out.
39. Product 
In the Sales Tab of the Product Master, you can configure sales and eCommerce information in the same tab.
In the inventory tab, the description alignment is also important.
The responsible's profile image may be seen in the Inventory Tab.
40. Default Terms and condition 
The Terms and Conditions can be added to the accounting > configuration > Setting > Default Terms & Conditions > Select Add a link to a web page and the website's URL.
41. Storage Category 
The smarter putaway rule for the warehouse and categorized the location
The Storage Category menu item can be found in the configuration menu.
We can view all the storage category
42 Inventory Reservation Method
The Inventory's High-Level Overview, Click the Manage(three-dot) button in the Delivery Order and then Configuration.
Select the Reservation Method
43. Deliver in 1 step
Enable Multi-Step Routes, and the new Routes Deliver in 1 Step appear in the routes (ship)
And enable the Packaging
44. Invoice policy
Storable products are physical items for which you manage the inventory level in the product master's General Information Tab. After delivery, invoice based on amounts delivered rather than ordered.
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Odoo 15 New Features

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Odoo, Moe Fawaz November 15, 2021
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