Odoo 15 POS Module Cashier Management

December 6, 2021 by
Odoo 15 POS Module Cashier Management
Ismail Harake

Odoo 15 POS Module Cashier Management

You may handle several cashiers in Odoo V15's Point of Sale Module (POS Module). "Cash flow" is a term that refers to the amount of money you have on hand at any particular time. From the back end, the seller can set the security pin/password and barcode badge for each cashier. You'll need various users to manage multiple cashiers (at least two). 
Go to the POS Module > Configuration > Settings button and tick log in with workers on your PoS form to enable the capability.
You can then add the personnel who have access to the cash register at that moment. 

You can easily switch between cashiers at this moment.

There are three ways to manage several cashiers: switch cashiers without a pin code/security, switch cashiers with a pin code/security and switch cashiers with a pin code/security. Switch cashier with pin code and cashier barcode badge. 

Switch Cashiers with Odoo POS Module

 To begin, go to the Settings -> Users menu and create a user for Point of Sale. At that point, you can assign the user's access rights. You can begin POS sessions after the user has been created.

Now go to the dashboard and click the 'New Session' option to start a new session. 

Odoo 15 POS Module Cashier

When you click on the name at the same moment, a new window will open, displaying a list of cashiers. By clicking on the name, you can now quickly alter the cashier's name. You can then switch to a different cashier. 
The top name has changed, indicating that the cashier has changed. 

Odoo POS Module switch access with PIN

You can now assign a pin code to each user. You can only change the cashier after inputting the correct Pincode at that moment. You can set the cashier's Pincode in the user access rights control form. To do so, navigate to Settings >Manage Access Rights and choose the appropriate user. 
On the Point of Sale tab, you can now edit the cashier and add a security pin code before clicking the Save button. 
At this point, you must enter the user's pin code; otherwise, no one will be allowed to proceed with the form without entering the Pincode. 
You can now request that your cashiers use their badges to log in. By selecting the Setting button, you may customize the barcode for the cashier. You could also add a barcode back where you put the security PIN code.
With the Odoo Point of Sale module, you can easily track and analyze your cashiers.  To keep tabs on your cashiers
Odoo 15 POS Module Cashier Management
Ismail Harake December 6, 2021
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