Odoo 15 POS Module Discounts

Odoo 15 POS Module Discounts

The Odoo 15 PoS module comes with cutting-edge features and tools for effective business management. The POS module's Discounting Pricing capabilities are quite useful in shop administration. These characteristics of the PoS module might help you grow your business significantly in a short period of time. 
Discounting is a significant business technique and a Pricing feature of the Odoo PoS module for increasing a company's revenue for a limited time. Discounts are crucial for maintaining valuable client attention in your business and can help you significantly increase your revenue. The discount function in the Odoo PoS module is a useful tool that allows you to simply manage and apply discounts to products across several stores. This feature can be enabled in the PoS module with a few simple clicks. 

Manual Discounting: To apply manual and global discounts, go to the dashboard of the PoS module and select the shop or bar you wish to apply the discount to, then access the settings by clicking on the three dots next to the Bar, as seen in the screenshot below. 

Odoo 15 POS Module

Manual Discounting 
To apply manual and global discounts, go to the dashboard of the PoS module and select the shop or bar to which you want to apply the discount, then click the three dots next to the Bar to enter the settings, as shown in the screenshot below. 
To have advanced setting options on the selected bar or shop, click on the Settings form option as highlighted above. Discount features from the setup page can be found by scrolling down. 

Discounts Feature

The Discount choices can be found in the Pricing section. You can apply discounts in a variety of ways using advanced options.
From this page, you may apply both global and manual discounts to products. If you selected Manual Discount, the Discount button will appear in your PoS interface during the customer billing process, as seen below. 
By clicking on the Disc buttons displayed in the screenshot above, the module will allow you to add discounts directly from the PoS interface. When you click it, you'll be able to apply the discount percentage to the current product that the consumer wants to purchase. When a consumer fits all of the conditions for receiving a discount, you can apply for it. 
Global Discounts 
You can put worldwide discounts on your products using the global discount option. The discount option will be installed immediately, allowing you to simply manage discounts in your stores all over the world. As demonstrated in the screenshot of the PoS configuration page, you may specify the Global discount option from the shop settings. 
To use the functionality, click the box next to the Global discounts. You can choose a discount product from the drop-down list as displayed. Select your product from the drop-down menu and apply the discount. The Odoo POS Module will automatically apply discounts to products all around the world, and you may modify the product information at any time. After the configuration on the Discounts, a new button will appear on your PoS interface as shown in the screenshot given below. 
To apply the Discounts to a specific product, click on it. 

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Limited Discounts
Customers can receive limited discounts with the PoS module. This feature would be easier to use if you have a Pricelist. This functionality can be readily set using the PoS module. As illustrated below, you can configure this feature using the Point of Sale option from the Configuration tab of the PoS dashboard. As indicated in the screenshot, the setup page will take you to a list of your Point of Sale instances. 
Select Point of Sales from the list, and Odoo will provide you with a setup space where you may alter the point of sale. From here, scroll down to the Pricing section to see the Pricelist, as seen below. 
To access your pricelist, click on the price list, which will turn on the Pricelist feature. 
To make a new Pricelist, click the Create button. To configure the new Pricelist, Odoo will provide you with a configuration tab, as seen below. 
After the first configuration, the Pricelists option under the Product tab in the PoS dashboard can be used to examine the Pricelist. You can select numerous criteria for using specific prices when building a Pricelist, including period, minimum quantity, and many others. You can use the Pricelist to apply to a single product or the complete range of items. Following the first Pricelist configurations, a new button will appear in your PoS interface, as illustrated in the screenshot below. 
The Pricelist in the example above is 10% off Citrus in May (USD), and the user can click it to automatically adjust the prices with the chosen Pricelist. The user can then complete the order. 
Discount tags can be used to fast sell a product. Discount tags are usually attached to products that are nearing their expiration date. Discount tags frequently have barcodes that may be scanned. Because Odoo can link to a barcode scanner, you may quickly scan products or discount tags to give discounts. Odoo will immediately merge the Discount with the actual prices of the goods after the scanner detects the product tag and sends it to Odoo. This allows you to sell products quickly and easily, and it also allows your customers to take advantage of the deal. 
Odoo's Discount feature is very advanced, and it can be used to simply control discount programs on products in your businesses all over the world. The function will essentially allow you to do all procedures associated with Discount programs quickly and easily. You may check the progress of the discount campaign and compute the purchasing nature of your consumers with real-time data viewing. You can organize your business based on the information gathered and client behavior during the promotional period. The discount option can assist your clients to create a deep relationship with your business and the product, in addition to being a fantastic cash generator. 
Odoo 15 POS Module Discounts
Ismail Harake October 21, 2021
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