Odoo 15 POS (Product Management)

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Odoo 15 POS (Product Management)
Ismail Harake

Odoo 15 POS Module (Product Management)

The Odoo 15 POS module provides a lot of advanced features and tools to help you manage your products efficiently. The POS module makes it simple to handle and keep track of all of your items. You may simply carry out all of the operations connected to Product administration within the Odoo PoS module with only a few easy clicks. 

In the Odoo PoS module, you may add and manage products. With the PoS module, product administration is simple. The PoS dashboard's product tab gives users quick access to all of the company's goods, ensuring optimum fluidity and efficiency in business administration. From here, you can easily handle all of the product-related operations. If you can't discover your items in the Odoo PoS module for the first time, navigate to the Product tab from the dashboard, as shown in the picture below. 

 Odoo 15 POS Module

To access all of your products, click Product for the drop-down options seen in the screenshot above of the PoS module. You may view your products using a variety of different product attributes. Click the Products option highlighted above to add a new product to the PoS module. As demonstrated in the screenshot below, Odoo will immediately take you to your products and list them for you to view and configure. 

Odoo POS Module Products

All of your products will be listed here, and you may filter them fast to find the ones you want. Using the Create button, you may create new products. Click on any product to configure it if you wish to add it to the Point of Sale. As illustrated below, Odoo will send you to a product configuration tab. 

Odoo 15 POS product management

You may quickly execute basic product configurations from the Product Configuration page at any time. To add the product to your Point of Sale, go to the Sales tab from here. Click Available in PoS under the Point of Sale section to make the product available, as illustrated in the screenshot below. 
When you enable this option, your product will be added to the PoS module automatically. After that, you'll be able to find the product in your PoS section, as well as all of the product's configurations and attributes in the PoS module. Aside from that, the PoS module has a number of product management functions, which are detailed below. 
Product classifications:
The comprehensive product management tool conveniently organizes all of your products. You have complete control over how you manage and view products. This allows you to complete the PoS segment quickly and with the most product engagement possible. You may sort the products by popularity and show them in various product categories. This also enables your consumers to quickly select their preferred impact along with the qualities they require. 

Several Barcodes:
The Odoo 15 PoS module allows you to use barcode nomenclatures to apply different barcodes to the same product. You can scan several barcodes for the same product using this feature's enhanced functionality. The product quantity in the cart will then be automatically updated. You don't have to pick a product and do it one at a time, which would take a lot of time and work. To enable this function, go to the Point of Sale option in your PoS dashboard's Point of Sale setup tab, as seen in the screenshot below. 
Select the items you need to customize from the Point of Sale list. Odoo will lead you to a page where you may configure advanced Point of Sale settings. As illustrated in the PoS interface below, scroll down to discover the Barcode area. 
Complete the procedure by configuring the information. Odoo can then detect the product and the barcode associated with it, making it easier to manage many items. This also enables you to efficiently find and manage products from a large inventory.
In addition, the PoS module makes it simple to manage product variants. Product variants or Product characteristics allow you to offer products based on alternative colors, sizes, or combinations of the same product. You can specify product variants in the inventory module, and the PoS module will recognize them and take appropriate action. This opens the door to Odoo's most advanced product search capability.  Customers can simply find the things they want without having to navigate through a maze of products.
Units of measure is a feature in the Odoo 15 PoS module that allows you to define and create new units of measure based on the items or the country in which the business or corporation is based. You may easily sell your products using custom or preset units of measurement and update the information on them as needed. This feature is available in both the Sales and Inventory modules. To configure it, go to the setup settings and look for units of measure. Because Odoo is so well-integrated, any settings you make in the sales and inventory modules will appear automatically in the Pos module. 
In addition to these advantages, the Odoo PoS module can easily manage and deal with a large number of products at the same time. At the same time, you can effectively manage and make a large number of product deals. This allows you to get the most out of your process and won't make product administration difficult for your users. The module gives users access to additional features and tools for more efficient management, as well as allowing users and customers to connect with items directly without difficulties. Product management is a crucial component in establishing a healthy corporate management environment. The PoS module's extensive product management tools enable you and your customers to swiftly select and see products for purchase. This helps you to quickly raise your sales. 
Odoo 15 POS (Product Management)
Ismail Harake November 12, 2021
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