Odoo 15 Project Management Module

Odoo 15 Project Management Module

                  The Odoo Project module is a time-saving tool that provides a clear representation of all your active projects. This makes it easier to keep track of individuals, tasks, deadlines, different projects, daily timesheets, and so on. The Project module in Odoo 15 has seen significant upgrades, which are essential for your productivity. Stay tuned for a one-by-one tour of these features:
                  -Customer visibility is important.
                  -View of the project
                  -Updates on the project
                  -Weekly evaluations
                  -Diagram of the burndown
                  -Management of tasks
                  -Menu of Tabs
                  -Gantt graph

                  Customer Visibility

                  Odoo 15 Project Management Module

                  The biggest challenges for client-project manager interaction with Odoo 14 were reporting and visibility. The first big enhancement in Odoo 15 is the portal client's perspective. Clients will be able to obtain some control over project status updates by sharing access through the project portal view.
                  They will be able to do the following:
                  -They can filter, group, and change what they see.
                  -Look for particular chores to complete.
                  -Examine each task in detail.
                  -Chatter for a response

                  This is an excellent approach to ensure that your clients are aware of and get a sneak peek at what's going on with the project so they don't have to phone you every day for updates. 

                  Odoo 15 Project Module Reporting

                  When it came to the 'Task view' with 'Kanban' and 'List view,' as well as all the numerous methods to see that information, such as the 'Group By' and 'Filtering,' reporting in Odoo 14 was excellent. This area received new functionality in Odoo 15.

                  View of the project

                  When it comes to how your managers can view what's going on with the project as a whole, there have been significant advancements. 
                  The first is the project view, which now includes task stages so you can observe and add phases to multiple projects.
                  Because this is a Kanban view, you can:
                  The small red, green, and orange dots indicate the current status of the project. Look at how much time you spent on each job.

                  Look at the deadline (This is a new field). As a consequence, you'll have a clear picture of your project's progress and status. 

                  Odoo 15 Project Module Project Update

                  The differences are also obvious during project updates, beginning with the quick access to the track button in the top left corner. The key improvements are in the way the data is displayed, which is now much more simplified - for example, in terms of profitability - as well as the addition of a new feature: milestones.
                  This feature allows you to add, remove, sort (alphabetically or by the deadline, which is the default option), and create and customize individual milestones per project, as well as remove them once they've been finished. They're also extremely obvious later in the reporting process, so you can see the deadline and prioritize the jobs. 


                  One of the highlights of Odoo 15 project management is reviews. This can be done on a daily, weekly, monthly, or as-needed basis. To begin, consider the following:
                  Determine the major topic of this update's summary.

                  -What was the date it was completed?

                  -What is the current state of affairs:

                  -Is everything on track?

                  -Is there a hold on it?

                  -Is something in jeopardy?

                  -Indicate the percentage of progress.

                  -Add your own thoughts.

                  It will pull data from jobs to provide you with a real-time update as well as a brief summary. This is a huge benefit for everyone concerned because any relevant information is readily available. This entire view is beneficial to anyone in the firm, as well as providing customer updates.


                  Odoo 15 added a burndown chart as a final reporting tool. This implementation will demonstrate what is happening with the various stages and tasks within those stages. Different color coding (blue, orange, and darker blue) represent different stages, with more colors appearing as you add more stages. On the y-axis, the job number is defined, and on the x-axis, the amount of time has passed. It's understandable that when more chores are done in each stage over time, the slopes of completed tasks would rise while the remainder will fall. You'll get a decent general picture of the project's health here. 

                  Task Management

                  Our task management is the next significant step forward, and we'll go even deeper to see what's going on with specific tasks. The screen appears to be the same at first glance, but you'll note that the assignee field has been modified. More than one person can be assigned to a job, and they will be able to see it in their 'My duties' list.
                  There is now a 'Plan date' section where you can indicate a time frame for working on this project or on a specific job, as well as the deadline for completing the task. The description part appears the same, but the IU is cleaner, with no bar on top where you may adjust the formatting, fonts, and so on. 


                  The subtask view is a tab that allows you to view or add various tasks. 'Blocked by' is a tab that displays the following information:
                  All of the many chores you need to complete What's preventing you from doing so?
                  Look at the current situation.
                  Open them one by one.
                  Odoo - Odoo Project Blocked 15

                  Essentially, you won't work on this until you see that everything is finished and ready to go, and you can view, open, and remove dependencies as needed. 

                  Gantt Chart

                  Finally, the Gantt chart is one of the new Odoo 15 features for task management. You'll be able to observe how far that task has progressed. In the Gantt view, you can see:
                  What exactly is going on?
                  Who is responsible for assigning or being assigned to?
                  When will a project be completed?

                  You'll also see a progress meter that shows how many hours have been assigned to it and how many hours are left. 


                  This post will give you some information on Odoo 15's Project Management module. Is this encouraging you to attempt different approaches to project management in the future? Perhaps you'd like to learn more about Odoo project management apps or other Odoo resources.

                  The ERPxCloud staff is available to help. Let's get it started. 
                  Odoo 15 Project Management Module
                  Ismail Harake November 12, 2021
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