Odoo 15 Purchase Module (Purchase Agreement)

Odoo Purchase Module (Purchase Agreement)

When buying items from a vendor, the corporation keeps a contract on hand that spells out the terms and circumstances of the transaction. Purchase Agreement refers to the legal agreement between the vendor and the company. The risk of contract breach can be eliminated during purchases with the use of a proper purchase agreement.

All important data about the transaction is contained in the purchase agreement. A basic purchase agreement contains information on the seller and the company, the products involved, the type of sale, the quantity, the sales price, delivery details, shipping terms, and associated dates, among other things. 
The Purchase module in Odoo 15 helps you manage your company's purchasing procedures. The purchase activities have been automated, which will result in faster documentation in the future. The Odoo 15 Purchase module makes creating RFQs and purchases orders simple and secure. The company's workflow can be maintained because the module is integrated with other platform modules. This also aids in the execution of duties in a timely manner. With the help of the Odoo 15 Purchase module, you can also generate vendor bills and make payments. 

Purchase Agreement Odoo Purchase Module

You must enable the purchase agreement option in the Settings to allow the creation and use of purchase agreements. After selecting the Settings tab, the Purchase Agreements option will appear under the Orders menu. Allow the option to manage purchase agreements to be enabled. You may see Agreement Types options underneath Purchase Agreements, after enabling it in Settings. You will be taken to the Purchase Agreement Types menu if you pick it. To access Purchase Agreements, go to the Orders page and pick the Purchase Agreements option. 
Existing Purchase Agreements are listed with information such as the Reference Number, Purchase Representative, Company Name, Ordering Date, Agreement Deadline, Source Document, and Status. The Filters option can be used to display specific agreements based on My Agreements, Draft, Confirmed, and Done. Purchase Representative, Status, and Ordering Date can also be used to organize and show agreements. Purchase Agreements can be seen in either a list or a Kanban view. 

To learn more about the deal, select it from the list and click on the relevant Purchase Agreement. The Purchase Agreement's details, such as the Purchase Representative, Agreement Type, Vendor's name, Currency utilized, Agreement Deadline, Ordering Date, Delivery Date, Source Document, Company's name, Product specifics, and Terms and Conditions, are presented when the Purchase Agreement is opened. 
On the upper right corner of the agreement profile, the number of RFQs or Orders under the specific Purchase Agreement is listed. You can view the details of the quotation requests mentioned by selecting them. The status of the agreement, whether Draft, Confirmed, Bid Selection, or Closed, is displayed on the status bar. 
By pressing the NEW QUOTATION button on a current Purchase Agreement, you can generate new quotes. The RFQ form page will display, relevant fields like the currency used, Order Deadline, Receipt Date, Product information, Company name, and Source Document filled up according to the Purchase Agreement specified. You can save or send the request for quotation to the seller after filling out the remaining fields. 
By pressing the VALIDATE button after a successful bid, you can change the status of the Purchase Agreement to BID SELECTION.
After clicking the Edit option, you can make changes to the Purchase Agreement. Use the Print option to print the Call for Tenders. 

New Purchase Agreement

Click the CREATE button to create new Purchase Agreements and add them to the database. On the screen, you'll see a page with a purchase agreement form. The Reference field will be set to New by default. Then fill in the blanks with information like Purchase Representative, Agreement Type, Vendor Name, Currency Used, Agreement Deadline Date, Ordering Date, anticipated and scheduled Product Delivery Dates, Source Documents, and Company Name. 
Click the Add a Line option under the Products menu to add the specifics of the products included in the specific Purchase Agreement. When you choose a product, the Quantity, Ordered Quantities, Unit of Measurement, and Unit Price are all displayed automatically. In the field provided, you may provide a Custom Description for the product.
It is possible to update and change the Quantity. 
Click on the Add a Line option once more to add more products. In the space provided, you can indicate the Terms & Conditions. After inputting all of the relevant information, you can either SAVE the Purchase Deal or click CONFIRM if both the seller and the company have confirmed the agreement. 

Types of Purchase Agreement

You can choose Purchase Agreement Types from the Orders menu under Settings or from the Configuration tab's Purchase Agreement Types option. On the screen, there is a list of existing Purchase Agreement Types. Call for Tender and Blanket Order are the two agreement kinds that are already documented by default. You can choose a vendor by inviting various tenders from suppliers using the Call for Tender option.
Blanket orders are used for products that are purchased from the same vendor on a regular basis and are expected to be purchased from the same provider for a long time. 
Click the CREATE button to make a new Purchase Agreement Type. In the space provided, type the name of the agreement type. You can choose between selecting only one RFQ (exclusive) or selecting many RFQs as the agreement selection type (non-exclusive). Use Lines of Agreement or Do Not Create RFQ Lines is selected from the Data for New Quotations menu.

Use Quantities of Agreement or Set Quantities Manually is enabled automatically for the Lines and Quantities options. After you've entered all of your information, click Preserve to save the Purchase Agreement Type you've established. The saved type will be added to the list of existing types. 
You can easily handle Purchase Agreements and Purchase Agreement kinds using the Odoo 15 Purchase module. They are arranged in a way that makes work easier and more efficient. 

Odoo 15 Purchase Module (Purchase Agreement)
Ismail Harake November 2, 2021
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