Odoo 15 Purchase Module (Purchase Orders)

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Odoo 15 Purchase Module (Purchase Orders)
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Odoo Purchase Module (Purchase Orders)

The Purchase module in Odoo 15 helps you manage all aspects of your company's purchases. The buying processes in the firm can be controlled with the Odoo 15 Purchase module, which includes sending requests for quotations to vendors, making purchase orders, maintaining purchase agreements, vendor administration, product and variant management, and much more.
The fact that the Odoo Purchase module is integrated with other operational modules is its most crucial feature. This will aid in the development of a combined operational technique to ensure that all areas of purchasing operations run smoothly. 
A Request for Quotation must be made to the vendor before proceeding with the Purchase Order. This will also assist in maintaining a strict budget. After the administration has authorized the Request for Quotation, the Purchase Order is created. 
The Odoo 15 Purchase module allows you to submit requests to various vendors and choose the best one from the responses. You can submit Purchase Orders to vendors after you've agreed to the quotations, detailing the terms and conditions as well as the product description. You can authenticate receipts or even return the transfer by confirming the order. With the Odoo 15 Purchase module, vendor bills may be generated and payments made. 

Odoo Purchase Module Purchase Orders 

You may view the existing Purchase Orders by going to the Orders tab and tapping the Purchase Orders option. Using the Filter option, orders can be sorted into different categories such as My Orders, Starred Orders, Not Acknowledged Orders, Waiting Bills, Order Date, and Warnings. Vendor, Purchase Representative, and Order Date can all be used to group Purchase Orders. Orders can be viewed in a variety of formats, including List, Kanban, Pivot, Graph, and Calendar. The Purchase Orders' data, including the Reference, Confirmation Date, Vendor's name, Company name, Receipt Date, Purchase Representative's name, Next Activity to be completed after confirmation, Source Document, Total Amount Spent on Each Purchase Order, and Billing Status. Below the Total column, you'll find the total sum of all Purchase Orders. 

Create New Purchase Orders with Odoo Purchase Module 

To establish a new Purchase Order, go to the Purchase Order and click the CREATE button. The window for the Purchase Order form will appear. You must fill out the form with information such as the name of the vendor and the vendor reference with whom the purchase is being made. The Purchase Agreement can be chosen and entered in the field provided. Alternatively, you can use the Purchase Agreement menu to create a new Purchase Agreement. The Currency field must be filled in with the currency used for the transactions. Mention the date by which the quotation must be confirmed and turned into a purchase in the Order Deadline section. 
 The vendor's promised delivery date must be entered in the Receipt Date box. The projected delivery date of the products is determined by the receipt date. You can send a confirmation email to the seller on the specified days before the expected receipt date if you enable the Ask Confirmation option. You can ask the vendor to confirm the exact delivery date by sending an email. You can also send the email to yourself to receive a preview. 
Click the Add a Product option on the Products tab to add the products to the Purchase Order. From the configured product list, select the product name. Other sections of the Product menu, such as Product Description, Quantity, Unit of Measure, Packaging Quantity, Packaging, Unit Price, Taxes, and Subtotal, will be automatically displayed when you pick the product name. You can adjust the product's quantity, packaging, unit price, and taxes as needed. When establishing Purchase Orders with the Odoo 15 Purchase module, you can add several products to the order. Click the Add a Product button to add more products. By selecting the Add a Note option, you may also add remarks to the products. In the space provided, you can put the Purchase Order's Terms & Conditions. 
Select the Other Information option to add additional Purchase Order details. You can fill in information like the Purchase Representative's name, the Company's name, the Source Document, Incoterm details if the transaction is international, Payment Terms, and the Fiscal Position here. 
After filling out the Purchase Order form, click the SEND BY EMAIL button to send the order through email. On the screen, you'll see an auto-generated email. In the Recipients section, you can add the people who should be notified. The Purchase Order will be included in the email as a PDF file. Click the ATTACH A FILE option to add more files to the email. The Use Template option also allows you to customize the email template. To send the mail, press the SEND button, and then select Preserve AS NEW TEMPLATE to save the edited mail as a template for future use. 
If a hard copy of the order needs to be kept, click the PRINT RFQ button to get a printout. Click the CONFIRM ORDER button once the order has been confirmed. 
After you've received the products, select RECEIVE PRODUCTS. Click the VALIDATE button to validate and confirm the receipt. The PRINT LABELS option allows you to print the labels. 
Click the RETURN button to reverse the transfer. In the reverse transfer window, you can input the Product Name, Quantity, and Unit of Measure. The products can be marked as returned by clicking the RETURN button. 
Using the Odoo 15 Purchase module, you can create Purchase Orders and save the appropriate data in the system in a few simple steps. 

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Odoo 15 Purchase Module (Purchase Orders)
Ismail Harake November 1, 2021
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