Odoo 15 Reservation Method (Inventory Module & Sales Module)

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Odoo 15 Reservation Method (Inventory Module & Sales Module)
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Odoo 15 Reservation Method (Inventory Module & Sales Module)

Odoo 15 introduces a new Reservation Method feature, (it can be found in both the inventory module and sales module), which is used to reserve products for a certain action type: delivery.
This ensures that the products are reserved for the company's defined operations at the appropriate periods. You may find an Inventory Overview in the Inventory module, which lists all of the operation kinds. As a result, when you view the Configuration page for an operation type, you'll see a field called RESERVATION METHOD. 

Odoo 15 Inventory Module

Odoo Inventory Module > Overview > Delivery orders > configuration
The Operation Types can be seen directly from the Inventory Overview. Receipts, Delivery Orders, Returns, Manufacturing, Point of Sale, and many other Operation Types have been established in the Inventory module.
Alternatively, you have another route: 
Inventory > Configuration > operation types > Delivery Orders
 The above image is the menu that appears when you select an operation type.
When you select Delivery Orders, you'll be taken to a window where you can enter the information needed to alter the operation type of Delivery Orders.

You can then input or modify the reservation method.

This reservation technique determines how the products in this Operation Type's transfers should be reserved. The Odoo inventory module "Reservation Methods" is divided into three categories:

1. After the Sales Order is Confirmed – Only reserve the product when the Sales Order is confirmed.

2. Manually – Check availability manually to reserve the appropriate quantity of products.

3. Before the appointed date - Only reserve 'X' days ahead of time. To reserve products, provide the number of days prior to the scheduled date. 

Let's have a look at each reservation method option. 

Odoo 15 Sales Module

Sales module > Orders > Create an order.
1. At the Confirmation.

If stock is already available, the Reservation Method 'At Confirmation' signifies that the products are reserved whenever a Sale Order is confirmed. To get a better understanding, start by creating a Sales Order in Odoo Sales Module. 
Fill in all of the details for a Sales Order, including the Customer, Invoice Address, Delivery Address, Expiration Date, Quotation Date, and other information. Add the product you want to sell, as well as the quantity, to the Order Lines tab. The quotation is then placed in the  SALES ORDER  by clicking CONFIRM.
The item is immediately reserved for delivery after you confirm the Sales Order. 
After that, set the amounts and check the delivery.
Since the product is available, it is automatically booked when the Sale Order confirmation is received. Create an invoice and finalize the order after that. 
2. Manual Reservation

The second Reservation Method is Manual, which means that we wish to manually reserve the product by clicking the 'Check Availability' button. As a result, select Manually as the reservation method. Create a Sales Order once more, and then check availability and reserve the goods when it arrives.

The Reserved Quantity will be displayed first, indicating if the product is available or not; clicking the Check Availability option will reserve the product for the order.
In this instance, product reservations will not be made automatically; instead, the availability status will be described. You can manually reserve products for orders based on delivery time or priority. 
After that set quantities' and confirm the delivery. Create an invoice for the order after that. 
3. Prior to the planned time
You can specify how many days before the scheduled delivery date the products should be reserved using this Reservation Method.
This will aid in delivery planning and guarantee that the products are ready for delivery. As a result, set the Reservation Method to "Before the scheduled date" and reserve products two days ahead of time. 
You can also configure the Customer Lead Time in the product for this purpose. You can generate a Sales Order by selecting the product after you've established the customer lead time. If a sale order is placed on November 26, 2021, and the customer lead time is five days. So, once an order is verified, the items will be delivered to the customer in five days, and the products will be reserved just two days before the scheduled delivery date. 
The quotation is transformed to a Sales Order after confirmation. To confirm the delivery, click on the Delivery smart tab and look for the 'Waiting' status. Because the anticipated date is December 1, 2021, the products will be reserved two days ahead of time.
Because products are available in this scenario, their availability is displayed as 'Available.' Set quantities and confirm delivery after booking the product. 
After approving the delivery, the following step is to prepare an invoice for the Sales Order. To do so, click the CREATE INVOICE button. 
Then you'll see three options for producing an invoice: Regular Invoice, Down Payment (%), and Down Payment (set amount) (fixed amount). Select the appropriate option and create an invoice.

A draft invoice is made after a Regular Invoice is created, and following confirmation, it is changed from DRAFT to POSTED. 
After creating an invoice, the next step is to record the payment. To do so, click the REGISTER PAYMENT button. 
When you click Register Payment, a popup box will appear, prompting you to input the Journal, Amount, Receipt Bank Account, Payment Date, and other details. Fill in the rest of the information and submit the payment. 
When a payment is made, the status changes to IN PAYMENT. In this way, the new Odoo 15's Delivery Reservation functionality may be customized for seamless product delivery based on the Sales Orders made. 
Odoo 15 Reservation Method (Inventory Module & Sales Module)
Ismail Harake December 6, 2021
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