Odoo 15 Roadmap

Odoo 15 New Features
September 22, 2021 by
Odoo, Moe Fawaz
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Odoo 15 Roadmap - Odoo 15 New Features

Countdown begins for the release of Odoo 15!

Every year, Odoo astounds everyone with its spectacular releases of new Odoo versions. Odoo has established a global footprint through its amazing ERP and business management software. Furthermore, via various fields of business operation and related business demands, Odoo's demographic has grown to 6 million clients in various regions of the world. Today, Odoo is the market leader in ERP software, with the remaining ERPs competitors fight for second place. Odoo 14 is going next month to be upgraded to Odoo 15.

Last year, Odoo 14 was regarded as the best and fastest, with features that were more advanced than those of its competitors. Odoo ERP systems, which are always moving to a new version every year with much more improved features, migrated to version 14 with many appealing features and widgets in different modules for various industries.

Odoo 15, a new version with additional features, will be released in the coming month, roughly in this pandemic. Odoo 15 will be far more advanced than its predecessor, with more functional capabilities to help businesses run more efficiently and successfully. Let dive in and see what new features to be expected soon.

Odoo 15 New Features Expected


1. Sales >> Products.

You can get to product master through the Sales module, Purchase module, or Inventory module.

Then, for any record, click on the products.

On all of the products, there is a star button that may be used to quickly Favorite them. Once you've favorited a product, it will appear in the favorite search panel.

One can view the product favorite for which it is selected even in the filter option.

2. Sales >> Configuration > UoM Categories
Through the Add line in UoM, one can now add UoM in a specific Units category from the Sales, Purchase, or Inventory modules.
You can define the category for UoM in this section, and then the units.
Additionally, if you wish to add extra units of measure, you can do so in the line. It has the advantage of having a form view to complete the procedure.
3. Inventory >> Products >> Gift Card
A website gift card can be sold on an ecommerce site.
It generates one-of-a-kind codes when Gift Cards are purchased, and these one-of-a-kind codes are sent to customers through email or in person.
For numerous quantity purchases of a gift card, this Odoo apps/modules generate multiple unique codes. Odoo 15 has a number of new features.
4. Warehouse >> Configuration >> Operation Type
On the basis of reservation, the following is the reservation method for Delivery Orders/Manufacturing Orders: At confirmation/Manually/Before schedule date.
Before completing any Delivery Order, one can configure the desired configuration.
Setting a date ahead of schedule allows you to quickly reserve days for the Delivery Order before it is scheduled.
5. Purchase >> Reporting >> Dashboard
Purchase Dashboard gives the dashboard, which includes all of the purchase values and graphs, an authentic and beautiful look. This dashboard provides sufficient information about the total taxed and untaxed. On the Odoo 15 dashboard, you are able to click the reporting tab.
6. Website >> Shop >> Customize >> Share Buttons\
The Ecommerce website platform's share functionality can be used.
The product has share buttons that can be used to share it on various social media platforms via the website portal.
These options make it simple to share details on a platform in order to complete the product.
7.     Point of Sale >> Dashboard >> Settings
In the Pricing section of Settings, the new features of the Coupon and Promotion programs will be introduced.
For example, you can create coupon details and save them for later use in the Coupon Program feature.
After that, you can easily select the product and apply saved coupons at the Point Of Sale.
It will appear on the product's invoice, which will be visible to the customer.
Coupons and promotions programs can be applied to products for POS here.
8. Point of Sale >> Dashboard >> Settings >> Inventory >> Ship Later
The new feature of Ship Later will be introduced in the Point of sale section of Settings.
Here in POS, you can sell the products at instance and deliver it later with the facility as a ship later.
During the payment of the product one can identify the ship’s later facility is needed to do it or not according to that Order. This is a good feature introduced in the POS for Delivery.
9. CRM >> Configuration >> Settings
This CRM feature will improve lead activity by allowing salespeople to be assigned to multiple Teams.
It is simple to assign the desired team members to an activity, lead, or any other opportunity in the Odoo 15 CRM module by using this feature.
This will increase Sales activity and the participation of associated team members for lead generation.
10. Project >> Configuration >>Project BurnDown Chart
The new Burndown Chart feature will be available in Project's Project section.
The reporting tool may easily show the actual chart of how the project flow is progressing phase by phase. The present trend and predicted delay for the project deliverable will be shown in this burn down graphic.
Additional New Expected Features to be Added!
Accounting > Configuration > Management > Cash rounding segment has a new field that will be used on customer invoices.
Odoo 15 New HTML Editor and Commands Prediction
All required modules and functional tabs of the platform now have a new import screen option.
A new field for managing the company's invoices has been created.
The product page on the e-commerce site has been redesigned.
Tools for Business Intelligence
To improve the manufacturing process (formulas of BOM, percent of final products)

Conclusion: Odoo 15 Roadmap - Odoo 15 New Features

Odoo is expanding its competence in a number of sectors, making several adjustments and improvements, and establishing itself as the ideal alternative for manufacturers year after year. Anticipating for several more Odoo releases to improve the ERP software and eliminate even the minor issues. Let us keep our eyes peeled for the Odoo15 Launching.

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Odoo, Moe Fawaz September 22, 2021
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