Odoo 15 Sales New Features

Odoo 15 Sales New Features

The new Odoo 15 solution comes with the most advanced business management tools and features to help you get the most out of your time. Sales processes will be carried out more efficiently and conveniently under one database thanks to the advanced features of the Odoo system.

This blog will provide you with an overview of some of the Odoo 15 Sales module's functionalities.

Odoo's Sales module now includes more complex and sophisticated features that provide you access to more advanced sales tasks for business administration. With the Sales module, you may perform every single sales-related action in your company. Customer contacts are easier and more efficient now that the CRM module is integrated. Customers and leads can be contacted directly by your sales staff. These functionalities, however, are present in all Odoo versions. The Sales module in Odoo has been given 15 new features to boost management efficiency.

New features

The Odoo 15 sales module has made it easier to manage products. You have complete control over the Pivot and Graph views in the Sales module. The process is illustrated in the screenshot below.

You can have three major viewing options on the right side of your Quotations, as shown in the screenshot above, and from the viewing, option-click on Pivot view or graph view to show your quotations graphically, as shown in the screenshot below.
Select Toggle studio from the graph, as shown in the screenshot above. As demonstrated in the screenshot below, the toggling studio will open, allowing you to configure your graph.
You may customize and filter the graph's view from here. The graph view can be customized using the options on the left side of the screenshot.
Click Type to select the graph type from the options for editing the graph. The three most common graph types are bar, line, and pie. You can convert your graph to any of the following formats. You can also use ascending or descending order to sort the data in the graph or the entire graph. To do so, go to Sorting, as shown in the screenshot below.
To sort the graph, select Ascending or Descending from the drop-down menus. Additional options, such as the first and second dimensions, allow you to customize the dimensions of the graphical representation as well as the measurement. This feature of the Odoo 15 Sales module gives you more control over your graph and allows you to customize your data display style. This function can be useful during presentations. With this strategy, you can easily view and explain complex sales data.
Product management in Odoo 15 is simple, and you can use the Odoo 15 Sales module's different filtering options to get a clutter-free and clean-cut view of your products. With Odoo 15, this function is more advanced. You may designate things as favorites, which might help you organize your products more efficiently if you have a large firm.
Odoo's filtering features are intended to reduce clutter and huddles as much as possible. As seen in the screenshot below, you can simply access the filtering options from the sales module's dashboard.
The Product tab of the Sales module is seen in the screenshot above. As shown in the screenshot above, click on the filtering options. You can arrange the products using the many filtering options available beneath the tab. You may organize these products into categories, and you can choose your favorites by clicking on the star sign next to the products, as seen in the screenshot below.
You can add products to your favorite list by clicking on the star sign. Odoo will add the products to your favorites list and save them for viewing on YouTube at any time. You can also filter the Favourites list if you have a large number of favorites. This helps you to manage products more fluidly in the sales section.
The Sales module in Odoo 15 allows you to generate Products as gift cards. To do so, select a product from the Sales module's product tab, which will take you to a product configuration tab, as shown in the screenshot below. 
Here you can customize your product. As shown in the screenshot above, click on the In Gift Card Option. If you check the box, the product will be converted into a gift card. You can manage and configure your Products using the sophisticated configuration tools available here.
Adding ribbons to your merchandise attracts customers' attention. Using the Odoo 15 sales module, placing ribbons on your products is a breeze. Customers will be able to see the products with ribbons on your Odoo website. The procedure is depicted in the screenshot below.
To use this feature, go to Products, select a product to configure, then click on the eCommerce tab, select Ribbon, and the tab will appear as seen above. On your Odoo 15 website, edit the data and arrange the lines to draw client attention to the product, as illustrated in the screenshot below.
The Ribbon has appeared with the 'New' sign, as shown here. The customer's attention will be drawn to this, prompting them to examine the product's specifics.

Conclusion: Odoo 15 Sales New Features

These are just a few of the numerous benefits of utilizing the Odoo ERP system. The majority of these functions are historically present in the Odoo system, however, they are dispersed across different modules. However, Odoo's features have vastly improved in order to give you optimum efficiency in all areas. With Odoo 15, the connection is sharper and clearer, allowing you to tap into the full capabilities of the Odoo system, allowing you to manage even the most complex company processes with ease.

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Odoo, Moe Fawaz October 14, 2021
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