Odoo 15 SMS Marketing Module

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Odoo 15 SMS Marketing Module
Ismail Harake

Odoo 15 SMS Marketing Module

SMS marketing is a powerful marketing method that ensures your message reaches a large number of people. Odoo has an SMS marketing module built-in.
You can use this module to send SMS marketing messages quickly and easily. The module will make it simple for you to do SMS marketing for your company. The Odoo 15 SMS marketing module functions similarly to the rest of Odoo's marketing modules.
The Odoo SMS marketing module is extremely user-friendly and effective in marketing management, giving you plenty of room to breathe and be free when using the app for marketing purposes. 
In some nations or places, marketing based solely on emails will be impractical. Because the majority of the world's population has access to mobile phones and strong SMS services, sending fresh marketing content by SMS is a good marketing tactic that works. 

Create a New SMS Marketing Message

Odoo 15 SMS Marketing Module

Click the Create button to create and send a new SMS marketing campaign. A setup tab will appear, as shown below, where you may configure the new campaign.

From here, you may customize the entire marketing process. To begin, include the SMS's title. Always choose an appealing title for your SMS title to capture the attention of your consumers or leads. The Recipients must then be entered and selected. As seen below, select the Recipients from the drop-down menu. 
From here, select the Recipient to whom the message should be sent. The list is actually divided into categories, so the message will be sent to every customer who falls into that category. To continue the process, select one option from the list. After selecting, a filter option will display if further filtering of the selected list is required; however, the filter option will not be available for some categories because the list does not require filtering.
Below is an overview of the filter option. 

You can filter your leads using the filter option, as seen below. 
As a result, you have the choice of filtering the leads to the greatest extent feasible. You may easily customize this and proceed with the process.
To simplify things, we can select a non-filtering option from the list and add a mailing list to the selected list, as seen below. 
To proceed, select the Recipient as well as the mailing list. As illustrated below, the next step is to draft the content for the SMS you'll be delivering to your clients or leads. 
Write the content of your SMS in the SMS continent tab, as shown above. Make sure to include a link to your website or contact information so that leads may check out the new marketing campaigns' material. SMS rates differ from country to country, and in some circumstances, region to region. To find out more about SMS prices and rules, go to the information icon at the bottom of the setup page, as shown below. 
Click on "i" for further information, which is provided below. 
You can set the person who is responsible for the SMS from the settings tab of the configuration page, as shown.

From the Responsible tab, choose the person who is in charge. When you click on it, a drop-down list appears, from which you can choose the individual who is accountable. After you've finished configuring the module, click the save button to save the settings and apply them to the module. With a single click, you may Instantly Send, Schedule, or Test your message, as seen below. 
When you press the send button, the message is instantaneously processed and sent to the customer and leads. If you want to send your message later, click the schedule option, which will display a settings tab where you may choose the date and time of sending, as shown below.
Select the date from here, and at the bottom of the date area, you'll notice a clock symbolizing time, which you may click to schedule the time as seen above and below
To schedule, the messaging set the day and time, then click the Schedule option. (Note that the message will be stored as a draft at any point along the process, so you don't have to worry about it getting lost. It will be saved in the module for you to edit and review at any time).
If you have any worries about the freshly developed SMS campaign, you may use the Test option to put it to the test. Simply click the Test button, enter the phone number to which the message should be sent, and then click the Send button. Review the message before sending it to potential customers or leads.

Go to the Mailing list tab on the dashboard of the Odoo SMS marketing module to retrieve the contact list, as shown below. 

Odoo 15 SMS Marketing Module

A page will emerge when you click on the mailing or mailing list contacts, as seen above. The contacts can be layered in a variety of ways on the page. To configure or create a new list, go to this page and fill out the form to create a new list. But, for the purpose of simplicity, let's start with the Newsletter tab, where you can see their separate emails and contact information, as seen below. 
You can also examine the entire contact list by selecting the Mailing list contact option from the drop-down menu, as shown below. 
You may see the contact information here, including phone numbers and email addresses. You can use the filtering options to rapidly find the contacts you're looking for. It's worth noting that only contacts with active messaging contacts will be shown.
The Odoo SMS Marketing module's reporting page may provide you with information on SMS marketing campaign updates as well as other relevant data, as seen below. 
You can select one of the Measures to see the data graphically for that metric. The data can be viewed in a variety of chart types, including a Pie chart, a Line chart, and a Bar chart.
You can also see it in Pivot mode by using the Pivot button, as illustrated below. 
From here, you can get an exact view of the data.

The Odoo 15 SMS marketing module is a simple to use application. The program prioritizes ease of use and better data management in order to provide you with the greatest marketing environment in which to grow your business. 
Odoo 15 SMS Marketing Module
Ismail Harake November 23, 2021
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