Odoo 15 Social Marketing Module

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Odoo 15 Social Marketing Module
Ismail Harake

Odoo 15 Social Marketing Module

Through the marketing process, a societal shift is created. Environmental causes, social activism, health, and safety are the core topics of social marketing. The majority of businesses use social media to advertise their initiatives. Most people utilize Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter as their primary social media platforms. The importance of promotion, product, price, and location in social marketing cannot be overstated. Odoo's Social Marketing module assists with planning, monitoring, and improving customer service. It also aids in reaching the target audience quickly and efficiently. This module also includes live chat requests, campaigns, and push alerts.

In Odoo 15, we can see how Social Marketing is used in its most basic form. This module will assist you in increasing your business's sales and purchases. Customers are drawn to unique offers and items on social media. Odoo's Social Marketing module is located on the home dashboard. On a social media site, it manages campaigns, posts, and visits.

In the Social Marketing Page, there are few basic menus.

The Social Marketing page's dashboard includes multiple options, including Feed, Posts, Campaigns, Visitors, and Configuration. The Odoo module's key features are shown below. There is no stream on the preview page. Using the options available in that phase, we can add a social network account. The following diagram shows how menus are used in detail.

Feed, Feed options help you add a stream, create a new post, and synchronize your feeds.

Create a Stream, Add a stream is the first icon on the top left side. To add a stream, we can link a social media account.

Odoo 15 Social Marketing Module

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are examples of social media. To access this stream, you must have an active subscription. We want to link the accounts to access the report by enabling the demo mode and social media option in the configuration menu.
Configuration - Social Media - Link Accounts

The social module was put to the test using the demo data. After activating the accounts, we can save the changes. It is beneficial to display a firm's posts on the main page. Here you can see posts from all social media channels. It also aids in gaining a better understanding of total following, viewers, and insights. Audiences can choose from a variety of comment sections and website links. Furthermore, the 'post' option in the upper half of the page allows you to see all of the postings. The addition of a stream tab enhances access to social media.

Posting a New Article

New Post is the second button next to Add a stream. It allows you to create a one-of-a-kind social media post, and it also allows you to display campaigns, events, and forthcoming seminars sites. Options such as your post and push alerts are available on the feed page. On the reports, we can add a company name, type messages, and mention the campaign name.

There's also the possibility to attach photographs and send the campaign right away or later. Add a headline notification, target URL, icon image, and enable local time with the push notification option. After adjusting for local time, you can establish the subscription. After creating a post, we must save the modifications.

Another option is to pick the social post from the upper tab's post menu. The create option is safe to use and may be customized to meet the demands of your clients. After creating a post, we must save the modifications.


Using the module's Posts option, we can create a social post. You may create a new post by selecting the Create option. The new post page includes information about the organization, push alerts, the ability to write a message, and the ability to attach photographs. All of these modifications must be saved after the post is created.


On the Social Post page, you can see the calendar option. The calendar menu in the Odoo module makes it easy to organize events.

This calendar saves updates and forthcoming events, and it aids in the efficient management of posts. It signifies the post's overview and facilitates marketing.

Table Pivot

The pivot table is located near the calendar in the right corner. It makes it easier to measure and enter data into a spreadsheet. Using the measure option, we can count the number of posts. That method also allows for data downloading and expansion.

View in List

A three-dot option can be found in the top right corner of the social post page. List View is the name for it. Filters, Group by, and Favorites are all available on this page.

The Filter option aids in the creation of a custom filter, while Group By aids in the application of calendar dates and the creation of bespoke groups. Importing records, preserving a current search, and putting a link in the spreadsheet are all made easier using the favorites option.


The Build option in the Campaigns menu can be used to create campaigns. 

Social Marketing Module - Campaigns - Create

You can tag anyone with the Campaign Name, Responsible Person, and Tag. The campaign module allows you to plan, develop, and deliver a post for any occasion.


The scheduling button allows you to send a social post as well as a notification. This page also includes a contact person's details, the campaign's name, and tags. We can look at the previous campaign mailings. The Subject, Sent Date, Status, Delivered, Opened, Rejected, and Bounced data of an email are displayed in the Mailing tab. You can also add a new mail's Custom Field to the Mailings tab.


We can keep track of the account by going to the Visitors menu, which displays the last page's views, visits, and a person's name. On the Visitors page, you can email or SMS a specific person.

By clicking on the person's name, you may see a more complete perspective of them. Personal information, items, internet links, and visitor activity are all part of it. This section displays the page view history.


The Configuration option allows you to manage your social media accounts, streams, and accounts. The graphic below shows what's going on.

The social media section of the configuration menu guarantees that your social media accounts are connected. Another sub-menu is social accounts, which pushes social media notifications. On that page, the medium and firm name are specified. This field displays all of the Social Networking module's Social Accounts. The social stream shows the keywords, page posts, and tags.

For commercial purposes, the Odoo module prioritizes the demands of customers. The exceptional social marketing module disseminates product information. This module becomes appealing when it comes to managing many social media profiles. On social media, the audience is constantly updated with the most recent information. We can manage the posts using Odoo's social media platforms. It also provides a summary of our recent posts. In order to generate revenue, social marketing is crucial. Media is easily utilized by the Odoo platform.

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Odoo 15 Social Marketing Module
Ismail Harake January 31, 2022
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