Odoo 16 CRM New Features

October 25, 2022 by
Odoo, Moe Fawaz

Odoo 16 CRM New Features

Why are companies advertised? what purpose? What action are firms taking? The company represents the ultimate in customer service. Without the assistance of customers, no firm can succeed. Customers are thus the foundation or focal point of a firm. A corporation needs to improvise with rapport with the customers in order to operate with spontaneity and easy management. You must establish a friendly relationship with your consumers in order to manage them successfully. An efficient ERP can keep your firm in touch with customers and screen potential clients who might regulate your business's growth.

A Review of Odoo 16 CRM

The CRM module's most recent update in Odoo 16 introduces exclusive features. Effective ERP may undoubtedly help businesses grow significantly by popularizing their brand and reestablishing productive relationships with their clients. You can improve your business with Odoo 16 and manage everything from one location. Odoo 16 is a powerful ERP platform that streamlines customer relationship management and business operations.

With the Odoo 16, you can automate your customer contact operations and reduce the amount of data entering labor you undertake. You can set up your tasks in a pipeline manner, control them, and complete the deal with the right improvements. Odoo CRM keeps your business operations current and provides prompt customer service. It guarantees great feedback for your company and opens up additional potential leads and clients. Odoo is unable to compromise its operations and cannot be replaced by a different ERP for business growth and promotion in a single building that manages all of your operations. Odoo 16, in its advanced edition, has been released with a new front-end design, new features for email marketing, a new layout for the pay-now email notifications, the ability to add multiple companies, domains, and servers, and a wide range of social networking options for tweeting and quotes. It also has a new backend that deals with better onboarding and visibility.

This blog includes a thorough explanation of Odoo 16 CRM new features and their applications to your customer relationship management tasks.

Odoo 16 CRM New Features

Quickly closes and sells

Modern, user-friendly interface

You can arrange your tasks in a pipeline with the aid of a cutting-edge, simple user interface. Your sales report can be concluded with possible leads. A Dashboard with a new framework will be sent to you so you can view the sales activities. You can implement your CRM and receive helpful advice.

Responsive and Mobile-friendly user interface

You can tap your mobile device to use the interface anywhere.

Minimize data entry

You may send email quotes to your consumers fast and effectively with the new guided email marketing features. If you have shown the customer's contact information, manage VoIP calls with a single click. By setting one-half of the potential lead aside for easy dealing, you can also manage your pipeline.

Creating leads and lead Generation

You can generate leads by automatically building campaigns, and with a few clicks, you may validate emails with the leads.

Importing Leads

The potential leads can be imported with the corresponding column and positioned in the right corner.

Locating the GeoIP

By obtaining the visitor's IP address, you can identify or have access to the GeoIP of the leads created. You will be able to determine the location of the address, such as the state, country, city, etc.

Dispense with duplication

By automatically making contacts based on the leads produced by deduplication, you may combine and convert the preposition of leads that results in an opportunity.

Improving the call to action

With the a/b testing tool, we are improving five call-to-actions on the Odoo website.

Social marketing and online acquisition tools

You will receive more than 30 marketing applications to increase your leads through online lead generation from your website, including social media marketing solutions for tweeting and quoting numerous jobs.

Promote call options and live chat features

Activating live chat features, enabling local callback choices, and converting visitors to leads. Additionally, you can specify rules for your important pages or nations.

Assignation Rules

Enabling, allocating, and tracking leads based on quotas and segmentation to the appropriate member of your sales team or salesperson.

Use URL tracking tools

Utilize UTM trackers in your marketing campaigns to track and access the lead's origin.

Performance Opportunities
Management of Calls and Activities

Depending on the opportunity, arrange the activities in the correct order. You can plan tasks for your sales team members and record tasks in the opportunity dialog using Odoo 16 CRM's predefined actions. This feature allows the teateam leader to monitor, assess, and record team actions.

Customize the stage heads.

With your customization option, you may also add stage heads and offer the pipeline in a well-organized way.

Plan the subsequent actions.

You can organize your actions and coordinate them with the essential steps using the pipeline and activities based on the opportunities with specified actions.

Using Odoo, keep phone logs and make meeting plans.

VoIP calls with consumers can be initiated fast, and Odoo will automatically do any necessary action following the call. Additionally, you may arrange appointments with opportunities with customer sync on mobile and Google calendar.

360-degree visibility throughout

On the opportunity page, you can see everything on one page, including website visitors, emails, meetings, previous orders, next steps, etc.

Lost opportunity for your purposes

Even better, you can track and evaluate the reasons why opportunities are left unfulfilled in your Odoo 16 CRM.

360-degree visibility throughout

On the opportunity page, you can see everything on one page, including website visitors, emails, meetings, previous orders, next steps, etc.

Lost opportunity for your purposes

Even better, you can track and evaluate the reasons why opportunities are left unfulfilled in your Odoo 16 CRM.

Multiple addresses, several domains, and multiple servers

You can input several addresses with many domains and servers in your customer entry with Odoo 16 CRM so that you can communicate with numerous people inside of that customer business and close a deal with them. You may follow the organization's whole history. You may improve your orders, quotations, and sales orders with the CRM's organizational analysis capabilities.

Successful Communication
innovative email templates and essential emails messages

You will be able to enable a feature of new email marketing templates, just like in Odoo 16, and you will have quick access to send email messages to your consumers right away. You can enable the option to add new templates while immediately sending email messages. Additionally, you can improve quick access points to suitable client lead chances.

VoIP calls can be made immediately or manually.

With the replied client leads, you can offer a dial queue with the relevant opportunities or leads approached. With#customer leads, you can call them automatically or manually. While the call is being generated, an automated pop-up window that is integrated with the VoIP server is created. If the client reschedules the calls, you can simply generate an email with the icon nearby and send them a message. You can automate log calls and create emails according to the activities required by serving next-to-action by accessing the customer form.

Reports using analytical data and visuals

You will receive thorough reports on both the customer and sales teamworteamwork of your team, and you can evaluate each team member's performance. You may discover readymade reports in a variety of formats in the Odoo 16 Dashboard, such as spreadsheets, pivot tables, pie graphs, etc. You can also acquire any type of view or analytical report based on the filters you apply. You may send reports to your fellow team members in Odoo 16 so they can simply grasp their performance status. It is a sophisticated, improvised function that has recently been enhanced by Odoo 16. You can also access the reports independently in some cases in different views, such as dashboard, pivot, list, and graphical analysis.

The Odoo CRM can simply automate lead creation with numerous marketing apps sales modules, inventory modules, email marketing URL trackers, etc. because it is a robust API-integrated piece of software. By delivering tweets and quotes through various channels, it even improves messaging sent via social media marketing and produces leads.


By the time you've finished reading this blog, you'll be able to see how Odoo 16 is developing ahead of schedule and how Odoo CRM will help you grow your company effectively without experiencing excessive stress. Thus, Odoo simply operates your business with a few clicks and makes things simpler without adding too much stress. You may quickly start up your business, provide it with tremendously high growth, and keep it stress-free. Your calculations will be done digitally, eliminating the need for you to manually alter the regularity.

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Odoo, Moe Fawaz October 25, 2022
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