Odoo 16 Expected Features

What are Odoo 16's New Features?
April 7, 2022 by
Odoo, Moe Fawaz
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Odoo 16 Expected Features

Odoo is growing every day. We've seen some significant changes in Odoo's overall performance and user interface over the last few iterations. The entire system is expanding to a whole new level of sophistication and performance with the introduction of Odoo16.

This blog will provide you with an overview of Odoo 16's new features.


With version 16, Odoo is providing some new features and prioritizing performance to ensure maximum performance and popularity in its field. The new version's primary goal, rather than simply being an upgrade from the previous version, is to improve Odoo's performance. Odoo 16 is the fastest, most user-friendly, and most advanced version of its predecessor.

Other Significant Changes and a New Module

Odoo is well-known for its well-integrated and simple-to-use modules, which serve as the foundation for the entire Odoo database. This is one of the most important components that contribute to Odoo's user-friendliness. Odoo's existing modules will have a significant number of new features and tools integrated into them to improve workflow and efficiency. Odoo's new modules and components have a fresh and enhanced look in version 16.

Knowledge Module

Odoo's knowledge module is the most recent addition. The module, like the rest of Odoo, is heavily interconnected and functions more like a Knowledge Center for employees and administrators to share knowledge. The module is based on Wikipedia. Within the organization, you can write and share articles in the Knowledge module that are generally connected to work in order to ensure effective communication within the organization.

The knowledge module will also assist you in centralizing information for simple access throughout the organization.

The Module for Website Builders Has Been Improved

You can now have greater control and modification choices on the Blocks or website building elements with the Odoo 16 Website module. The front end and back end of the module were formerly separate, but in the current version, the front and backends have been unified to preserve a single interface and provide additional website customization choices.

The configurations may be made without reloading the page, giving you a lot more control over the website's settings. For easier user management, you may now add more filtering and grouping components to the webpage.

Odoo 16 Coupons and Promotions

Coupons and promotions are centralized on a single platform and accessible through point-of-sale, e-commerce, and conventional orders. For developers, the interface is cleaner, and the code is constrained to few lines.

Coupons and promotions have always been handled as separate functional aspects inside their platforms, which has left some customers perplexed regarding the Odoo Coupons and Promotions program administration process. It will be simple to configure and administer coupons and promotional programs thanks to the single platform. The previous version of Odoo lacked an eWallet feature, which has since been added to the new version.


With the help of new features and technologies that can be useful in real-world business settings, Odoo's accounting module is considerably faster and more efficient. The accounting module's credit limit feature will help you manage client credit limits more effectively.
With the accounting module, you can now completely digitize your invoices for easier management and access.

The Accounting module has a reconciliation widget for rapid access to the reconciliation procedure. The Reconciliation Widget is meant to make reconciliation management as simple as possible. The widget can be found in the Reconciliation part of the Accounting module.

More tools and vital features have been introduced to the inventory module to improve the module's efficiency in inventory management. The upgraded shipping methods and force backorder features in operation type will provide you more access to inventory management and module utilization. One of the module's benefits is automated batches in operation type internal transfer. You can now see the replenishment visibility days thanks to advancements in the module's Replenishment management functionality.

To make order tracking more efficient, use the Create Backorder field in the operations type configuration under the Inventory module.

When asked if they want to make a backorder, users with less experience of management may choose Cancel, causing the orders to become cluttered and difficult to notice or track. The user is forced to choose rather than cancel the backorder choice while using the Create Backorder option.

Automated batching: The Inventory module's automatic batches feature creates Batches based on the operation types' settings.

Per contact, carrier, destination country, or source/destination location, a group transfers automatically. For easier management, you can limit the batch size per move line, transfer, or weight.

Replenishment visibility days will help you manage replenishments more efficiently by removing the issues of getting replenishment visibility late or not at all. The visibility days field, as seen in the figure below, will provide you with the same information as the 'days to purchase' setting but at the replenishment time level.

Subscriptions were merged into a sales order.

Subscriptions are combined into sales orders in Odoo 16 for easier management.

The new combining of the Subscription with the Sales Orders will make subscription management much easier, as Odoo focuses more on user ease.

Marketing Module

The module for email marketing has been upgraded. You can use the Email Marketing module to generate a new mailing by starting with one you've already saved. You can alter the mail's Global property all at once. Filters can be stored for future mailings and reloaded.
You may now quickly access your contacts and mailing addresses by importing them. Odoo's email marketing experience will be enhanced by the addition of new email templates and features. From the dashboard of the Social marketing module, you can Retweet and quote the tweet. With the marketing module in Odoo 16, you'll have additional access to your twitter company account thanks to this capability.

Sign Module

You may now change the person's role from the sign module in Odoo 16, and you can have an updated look at the Ecological saving by using the Ecological signature.

Odoo 16 has given its modules a completely new design. For optimal user-friendliness, modules such as Sign, Time off, Employee, and Website incorporate a slew of other small functions and features. Odoo's shipping operations have been updated, allowing you to be more exact with customer locations and tools to control shipping delays. You can now choose the order and sequence in which the approvers process the Approval requests using the Approval module. You can tailor it to your institution's needs and individual employee grade management.
The Employee module allows users to perform employee analysis and statics. For easy management and workflow monitoring, Odoo can save and provide detailed data on the entire employee activity process. More access to employee skills, as well as information on employee abilities, will make it easier to manage and utilise personnel depending on their skill set.

Allocation reports for manufacturing have been added to the MRP module. Customers can now monitor the live status of their manufacturing order at any stage or in between from their personalised customer portal if a link is formed with a sales order. Customers can learn everything they need to know about the product's manufacturing process thanks to these characteristics. Your subcontractor will be able to register the production for you thanks to the enhancements to the subcontracting portal.

More advanced features and settings are being developed and will be available to users soon.

In conclusion,

Users will be able to exchange useful information about the organization and its divisions using Odoo's new Knowledge module. The module is based on Wikipedia.
Odoo currently has more speed and efficiency than its predecessors due to overall performance enhancements.

In nature, modules will be more interwoven and accessible.

The accessibility of tools and features, as well as user friendliness, has enhanced.

The advanced website builder module combines the backend and frontend interfaces.

For easier advertising and coupon management, a unified system or platform is provided.

The Email marketing module now allows you to quickly retrieve and copy past emails, or use them to create a new one with the same content.

With questions and a decision tree, the chatbot is more advanced, allowing you to communicate with it for procedural details. The Chatbot is linked with Odoo, which allows you to rapidly access information.

Rental on eCommerce

Customers will have more payment alternatives with the addition of new payment acquirers.

More features and tools are in the works, including enhancements to the Odoo Purchase module's Call for Tender section and the simplification of the eCommerce setup, making online selling much more accessible. Users will be able to manage mass mailings with ease thanks to advancements in the mass mailing tools. Customers can be refunded through Odoo's Payments system. Users will benefit from the general enhancement in the user experience in Localisation.

Conclusion: Odoo 16 Expected Features

In brief, Odoo version 16 will be simple to use and run your business. Odoo assures that you achieve optimum efficiency in business administration with enhanced functionality and an improved user interface.

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Odoo, Moe Fawaz April 7, 2022
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