Odoo Amazon Connector

Odoo Amazon Connector

Two powerful online tools are Odoo and Amazon, each with their own impressive features and usage. As such, the two systems can operate very well apart and comfortably support their users with many of their requirements. Odoo is an open-source CRM and ERP system that provides its users with the right tools to seamlessly manage their business processes and ensure the retention of customers. Amazon, on the other hand, is an eCommerce platform that enables any product to be exchanged and purchases carried out by buyers and sellers.

Both platforms could also be combined & integrated together, to maximize the unique functionality of both, and to guarantee that the end-users get as much out of either platform, In order to use customer data to target them with just the items they are searching for, Odoo proves to be a good way to monitor the transactions taking place at Amazon and keep track of customer data. The combination enables Odoo to further increase all of Amazon's eCommerce functionality. Upgrading to Odoo will allow you to take advantage of the advantages and all it provides.

Odoo Amazon Connector developed by ERP Cloud

Odoo Amazon connector that has been developed by ERP Cloud team, also known as Odoo Amazon extension or Odoo amazon bridge, specifically for eCommerce retailers who would like to operate and control their amazon store in an Odoo ERP software. The Odoo Amazon Connector provides data synchronization between the Amazon Store and Odoo.

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Being an essential connector, Odoo Amazon Connector is mostly used by eCommerce retailers who primarily do online business through Amazon.com web stores. The Odoo Amazon Connector works the same way as the eBay connector, where you can handle your Amazon orders, list Amazon products, import order status, and much more. , To ensure the fast integration of your entire Amazon store, we have built, developed, and customized the Amazon connector with Odoo.

We've succeeded in integrating Odoo with the Amazon website store effectively. Our Odoo Amazon connector has the ability to accommodate a range of Amazon stores, and it is also possible to customize this connector according to business requirements. This connector can be used in various countries where Amazon is available, such as amazon.com, amazon.in, amazon.fr, and so on.

This mixture is sufficiently common for Odoo to have its own Amazon connector published. So what functionality does this connector have that contributes to a common integration between Odoo and Amazon? Let's explore it!

Manage Inventory Database And Configure Inventory Taxes

Businesses can control their inventory database with the connectivity of Odoo with Amazon and keep track of the products currently available for sale. On its own, Amazon has no defined framework to manage bulk orders and keep a record of the available products. This feature enables users to plan ahead and maintain a well-stocked inventory, particularly if it depends on the warehousing and supply chain. Users can perform their transactions with the security of a well-stocked inventory available, without the need to constantly check their database.

Odoo can also include the feature of handling the taxes on their inventory for its users. Users can set a certain tax percentage or sum on a single product, and any similar potential goods will be taxed in compliance with the same principles. This prevents users from calculating individual taxes on each item and, for each new shipment of product, from renewing tax details. It will also assist users without the risk of error in measuring the respective numbers.

Use Odoo's Support for the Marketplace

Amazon customers will use the Odoo marketplace to extend their goods outside the Amazon market. Businesses will reach a larger audience in many different countries that Odoo Marketplace has access to with the aid of the Marketplace connector. This encourages customers, while doing the same at Amazon, to enter newer markets and raise their sales.

Synchronize Orders

All Amazon platform transactions are automatically registered and synchronized with Odoo's database. This automatic update makes it easier for users to update the transaction records in the Odoo CRM manually. The changes are performed on a daily basis and allow users to concentrate their time and energy on tasks that can not be automated by platforms. In addition to that, when dealing with large volumes of data, automated updates often eliminate the chances of human error. Each order, along with the customer details and delivery address, is sure to be automatically registered.

Control Track of Deliveries

For companies using the Fulfillment By Amazon distribution system, the platform stimulates the Odoo platform as soon as each transaction happens, where orders are kept updated, and the stock is changed to represent the transition. On the other hand, for each verified order, the Fulfillment By Merchant method permits the notification of successful delivery to be sent to Amazon. Users have the option to partially, using backorders or in bulk, ship the delivery forward. In any case, the websites of both Amazon and Odoo are kept updated and well in sync.

Issue Invoices, Manage Payments, and Analyze Sales

ERP platforms such as Odoo will make billing simple. While Amazon comes with its own billing system, Odoo's structure and effectiveness remain unparalleled. Odoo helps to maintain a record of all transactions and ensures that the billing history is well known. More importantly, it is possible to use Odoo to create invoices for Amazon transactions. As compared to the limited number on Amazon, payments can also be registered in Odoo, having several payment gateway options available.

In order to evaluate the overall market direction and to calculate income, it is necessary for users to keep an eye on the overall sales figures. On its own, Amazon does not have the infrastructure to provide a company with detailed information about its sales history. On the other hand, Odoo will exploit the comprehensive data available to it with the aid of Odoo Sales, to make summaries and inferences in the form of periodic reports, in order to give users a clear understanding of the overall picture.

Conclusion: How We Can Help in Implementing Odoo Amazon Connector

Connecting and integrating Odoo with Amazon is a sure-fire way to put together the utmost of eCommerce and business management while maintaining track of customer data to establish strong customer relationships at the same time. With that, ERP Cloud will assist. You can extend the capabilities of both platforms with the aid of our Odoo integration services, beyond what the Odoo connector provides.

ERP Cloud is an Official Odoo CRM certified professional partner. We are a one-stop-shop for all your CRM needs, from Odoo CRM Integration, Customization, Migration, and Support. To get a free Demo, contact us now. We'll be pleased to help and support you!

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Odoo, Moe Fawaz January 28, 2021
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