Odoo Attendance Module

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Odoo Attendance Module
Ismail Harake
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Odoo Attendance Module

The globe has been disrupted by the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, and it has been over a year since we have accepted and welcomed the new normal. Almost all of the nations facing the pandemic's second wave are constantly confined to our homes, and tight limitations have been enforced by authorities all around the world. As the vaccines become available, it has been a huge relief for many countries, and significant immunization efforts are being arranged by governments all around the world. 

Currently, most businesses have adapted to the new normal and operate remotely or with only a small percentage of their workforce. Because the pandemic's impact was unanticipated, most businesses did not have time to prepare and were forced to relocate their workers to work from home. Today, most IT businesses, as well as those that allow remote working, encourage their workers to work from home. 

Working from home is advantageous for employees since they do not have to commute to work and can save a significant amount of money. Also, they can easily handle the major pillars of their lives, which are professional as well as family or personal. Yet, because all planning and monitoring procedures are carried out virtually, the organization's operational manageability has been made more challenging. As a result, there is a critical need for effective solutions to monitor staff performance and manage their operations. However, monitoring staff attendance, leaves, or time off is challenging and will necessitate the use of specific tools and solutions. 

Odoo is an ERP software created and developed for the complete management of a company's commercial activities. Odoo's module structure gives its customers a dedicated application-specific module of operations that may be utilized to run any area of the business. A dedicated approach to company management, utilizing advanced tools, functional outcomes, and alternatives, can provide consistency as well as improvement in the company's operation. Odoo enables remote working functionality, and you may specify your employees' remote operations. 

Odoo Attendance Module

The Odoo Attendance module of the platform, which can be created to run the attendance marking, management, and reporting elements, is one of the primary modules in which the Odoo platform runs. The module accepts biometric devices as well as barcode scanners. However, in the case of remote working functionality, it is not totally viable to use both of them. As a result, you can use the pin login and log out feature, which allows employees to log onto the platform using a unique pin ID. If no PIN is supplied for the employees to log in, they can quickly enter the platform by selecting the check-in option offered in the attendance menu, as shown below. When you select it, you will be sent directly to the platform and can begin using it.

If you want your employees to have a unique pin to enter the platform, you can supply it in the Employee module under the HR settings of the individual employee, as seen in the screenshot below. Furthermore, the PIN Code provider is one-of-a-kind, and you can only give one to an employee. After entering the unique PIN number, you can choose to preserve the menu and continue using the PIN operation for employee login. 


When the employee tries to log into the platform, they will get a menu asking for the PIN, as illustrated in the image below. Employees can log in to the platform by entering their PIN numbers here.


Now, the manager can look up the attendance from the Attendance menu in the Manger tab, and all of the employees' attendance will be displayed as shown in the image below.


An employee can also view their attendance via the attendance module; additionally, all employee attendance details will be described.

Timesheet module for Odoo

Another feature that will ensure that staff working remotely are adequately managed and complete their jobs on time is the Timesheet module. In the Odoo Project module, you may define the various projects as well as the tasks assigned to them, and then monitor each task based on the time specified in the Timesheet for each of them. The graphic below is the My Timesheet, which depicts all of the tasks completed in operations. 


There is also a choice for Timesheet By Employee, which displays the Timesheet for each employee in detail.
Furthermore, there are more filtering and setting options available to assist you to extract the necessary data from the vast list of items being described.


Additionally, the Timesheet or Attendance menu will indicate the number of hours each employee has wired as well as attendance statistics for each employee.


Also, the timesheet module can be viewed remotely via the application that can be downloaded to your smart devices. The app is accessible on iOS, Android, and as a Chrome plug-in.


You will be able to monitor and manage the attendance of employees working remotely in your organization using both the Attendance and Timesheet modules. Furthermore, during the pandemic, when a large number of your company's employees will be working from home, this will be quite beneficial.

Odoo Attendance Module
Ismail Harake July 5, 2021
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