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In the prevailing business strategies embraced by all major industries, the emergence of the fourth industrial revolution brought many technological reforms. Today's businesses are equipped with sophisticated technological systems and cutting-edge technology, from the Internet of Things to cloud computing. Similarly, a growing number of organizations are implementing data-driven methods to enhance their products, services, and provide customers with greater value. With that stated, the implementation of methods of business intelligence and data analysis has become crucial for companies to retain cut-throat competition. Business Intelligence Tools and data analytics modules will unlock scores of advantages for companies, helping them to expand, grow, and keep pace with the ever-changing technology environment.

Despite the advantages, it can be hard to crack by integrating Business Intelligence and data analytics functionality in your current business model. Nonetheless, Odoo Business Intelligence has come up with a set of tools that make it increasingly easy to incorporate and use these features as well. To build an enterprise module using Odoo Business Intelligence or incorporate Business Intelligence features into your current enterprise system, all you need is a team of developers.

At ERP Cloud, we offer expertise in Business Intelligence applications and the development of custom enterprise software using Odoo Business Intelligence to solve complex business challenges. With advanced problem-solving capabilities, our Odoo ERP development services & team allow cross-industry businesses to streamline their operations and boost productivity. 

In this blog, we highlight the key advantages of Odoo ERP with an emphasis on integrating Business Intelligence features on the basis of our background in Odoo ERP development services.

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Odoo ERP Overview

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Odoo is a package of business process management modules that serve broad business use cases with full software development support. Odoo provides 10+ dedicated modules to manage different business processes efficiently, including CRM, HRM, finance, accounting, development, inventory, and eCommerce. 

The primary benefit of using Odoo ERP is that under a general public license you get an open-source community version that is free to use. As you don't need to buy a software license, the total project expense is greatly reduced. For this purpose, for small-to-medium businesses, the community version is better suited.

Odoo Business Intelligence Features

Odoo ERP offers a comprehensive data visualization and analysis software interface that helps companies to capitalize on their sources of data. Odoo ERP offers a comprehensive dashboard interface and powerful business intelligence capabilities for data mining and secret meaning extraction. Let's go ahead and dig through Odoo Business Intelligence and data analysis key features:

Integrated Spreadsheets - Odoo Business Intelligence Reporting

A very useful feature was introduced by Odoo 14 to preserve the ease and comfort of users working in excel spreadsheets. The creation and review of data on ERP screens/reports often become untidy and hectic. Users had to download the pivot view of every report initially for editing in the excel spreadsheet. They had to re-upload it to the corresponding screens after editing. The new feature makes it easier for us to build and store excel sheets in the ERP itself. This makes it easy to review reports and its intelligent dashboard pivot table link helps to retrieve live data.

Like ordinary Excel spreadsheets, users can perform all possible acts and input formulas. Users can add columns, delete columns, add new formulas, apply conditional formatting, and so on. It's also incredibly fast.

All company-related records have been uploaded, stored, and exchanged using the Documents framework. This app has been updated to 'Build SPREADSHEET' with a new feature, which will be in the .xls format. To make it easy to find the sheets, as shown below, they can be saved in module-wise directories.

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Consider taking a CRM example, where the dashboard's pivot view is as shown below. Here, for lead analysis, we can add filters or perform dropdown behavior. If users are more comfortable evaluating CRM leads with excel sheets, they can move this information directly from here to the excel spreadsheet inside the ERP without downloading it. As shown below, this can be achieved by selecting the 'INSERT IN SPREADSHEET' button. This function helps prevent and manage many downloads of ERP-related spreadsheets on a desktop PC.
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In this spreadsheet, you will find all the data linked to your pivot table on the respective dashboard. You can directly locate live change data from the dashboard to this layer. In order to display data as per choice, users can still use filters. It is often possible to introduce tables, formulas, and conditions. Even the feature 'Vlook-up' runs at a great pace here.
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The Integrated Spreadsheet in Documents app is a unique function that allows reporting very easily, saving you valuable time. This is available in all dashboards of various modules where the reports in pivot table view need to be evaluated. Check the below video for more information about the integrated spreadsheet.

Sales Analysis

To monitor sales data and keep sales records for future reference, Odoo Business Intelligence offers an intuitive dashboard GUI. To retrieve the relevant data in no time, you can apply different filters or divide it into various segments for easy access. In order to get an organized view of your sales data, you can use features such as line graph analysis, bar graphs, and pie charts. In addition, analyzing sales data allows you to extract useful knowledge about the purchasing habits of your customers. You can also refine the sales tactics to reach out and drive them down the sales funnel to the appropriate audience.

To know more about Sales you can read our blog about the Sales Module

Employee Performance Tracking

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With Odoo dashboards, as well as the performance of your sales team, you can easily assess your CRM efforts. As a consequence, through efficient resource utilization and task scheduling, you will take effective steps to strengthen your sales strategy.

Inventory/Stock Level Analysis

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To provide a comprehensive view of inventory, the Odoo inventory module is equipped with all the necessary Business Intelligence tools and analytics features. You get straightforward reports and insights into inventory and warehouse data in real-time. In addition, you monitor your stock movements, average delivery time, stock receipts, turnover of inventory, and valuation.

Check our blog Inventory Warehouse management and Odoo Inventory Management for information about Inventory.

Conclusion: Odoo ERP & Odoo Business Intelligence

The implementation of Odoo Business intelligence tools and analytics features in various business systems helps you to get ahead of your rivals and maintain the rising rivalry. Predictive analytics algorithms are successful in extrapolating a future business venture's success rate and improving decision making. At the same time, business intelligence tools help you analyze the likes, desires, and purchasing habits of your clients. To understand the purpose of your clients, Business Intelligence tools use sentiment analysis and let you refine your marketing strategies accordingly. You get all these characteristics and more with Odoo14 to reinforce and streamline your business processes.

For cross-industry use cases, we, ERP Cloud, provide end-to-end Odoo ERP development services to solve complex business issues. Our development team carefully analyzes your business requirements and formulates successful strategies through Odoo Business Intelligence application development to achieve maximum benefits. In order to incorporate innovative data analytics features that help deliver customized user experiences, we also provide full-scale Odoo Business Intelligence product development services. We have successfully completed many full-scale Odoo ERP development projects from around the globe for start-ups and small-to-medium businesses. Contact us for more information at sales@erpxcloud.com.

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Odoo, Moe Fawaz January 20, 2021
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