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Odoo Calendar Module

Conferences are vital to review the compatibility of each party. It's vital for an organization to grasp the requirements of their purchasers and therefore the different manner around. 

Monthly conferences are necessary to stay the bond going. It confirms to the purchasers that our services are delivering their wants. At times once addressing multiple conferences, we tend to even have to form certain that the schedules don't clash. Particularly for workers who are to represent their team in multiple conferences, avoiding clashes is incredibly vital. Manual clarification and tabulation need loads of effort. 

Proper programming and conferencing are necessary to manage employee relations as well as client relations. This requires you to line conferences at scheduled times. Ranging from monthly team conferences to shopper demos, each company has quite a ton at hand to schedule. 

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Odoo Calendar permits you to

1. systematize appointments

2. continue with schedules

3. Set reminders for each organizer and attendees.

4. Avoid clashes

5. simple analysis

Once the Odoo Calendar is installed, you will access the calendar dashboard to visualize our daily activity planner further because of the activity schedule. The attendees are going to be shown at the bottom corner together with the person who wrote it. 

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Odoo Calendar

By choosing the several meeting, you will see the main points of the meeting. The quick read would also show if we want to form changes or attend to missing details. The requirements ACTION button would prompt us to take the required action for the scheduled meeting.

From the dashboard, it will produce a replacement meeting by clicking on the corresponding time of the actual day. A popup can be seen on the screen to form the meeting. This shows the choices to form and edit a gathering.

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The time and period of the created meeting can be entered beneath the meeting details tab. Will mark it for a selected time or all day. The meeting details will embrace the tags, reminders, and placement. Within the tags, you can choose tags like an interior meeting, feedback conferences, and so on. Selected reminders, as notification or email can be given a time before the meeting. The meeting location may also be mentioned.

The meeting may also be set as repeated. the choices tab provides the choice to schedule the meeting weekly, monthly, or so on. You can offer a variety of repetitions for the meeting. This may be terribly helpful for brief-term comes and the contract comes.

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Also, you can integrate the Odoo calendar module with the Appointments module to schedule online appointments. this enables us to schedule conferences while not incompatible with different conferences. On installation, the Odoo calendar dashboard can show the net appointments. From the Calendar module, we will produce online appointments with the staff and customers.

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Odoo Calendar Module
Ismail Harake February 5, 2021
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