Odoo CRM Features

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Odoo CRM Features

Odoo CRM has a lot of features that a Customer Relationship Management system should have. One of the most significant components of Odoo ERP software is this Odoo app. Customer management is an important aspect of every organization, whether it's a little or large company or in the manufacturing, service, or trading industries. Customer management is crucial, as it allows you to keep track of all of your clients in one spot. This module provides you with a variety of functionalities as well as tutorials.

This blog post contains a full Odoo CRM review that will help you grasp the many capabilities available in the CRM module. From lead management to lead nurturing to sales order management, we've got you covered. Odoo Community and Odoo enterprise edition are the two different versions available. The difference between the two versions is that Odoo Community Edition CRM is a free CRM software, whilst Odoo Enterprise Edition CRM has more features but comes with a premium licensing fee.

Below is a detailed list of Odoo CRM Features

  • User Interface

Odoo CRM has an easy-to-use user interface that is tailored to the needs of salespeople. Because salespeople spend more time on the field and less time in the office, they can get a better picture of the team's sales operations. Sales dashboards give you a detailed picture of your sales pipelines, leads, and prospects.

  • Low Data Entry

You can connect with your leads directly via email. Leads are registered in CRM as soon as they are received via email or internet, which speeds up the data entry process for salespeople. In addition, you can simply manage quotes and customers with only a few clicks.

  • Mobile Friendly

Your salespeople can update leads on the move using the Odoo CRM mobile user interface, even if they don't have access to the internet. This gives your company with a real-time picture of the sales force.

  • Lead Management Software

It also aids in lead nurturing, allowing you to keep track of all new leads and nurture them through various stages such as opportunity, quotation, and finally sales order. The lead management tool in Odoo CRM allows you to get a bird's eye perspective of the various sales teams.

  • Lead Scoring

Because not every lead that comes to us will be converted into a sale, Odoo CRM allows you to score your leads based on both implicit and explicit factors such as the number of page visits by the lead, timezone, interest, and so on. You can manage the importance that each lead requires based on your scoring.

  • Importing Lead

You may obtain leads through a variety of sites; you can quickly import your leads using a CSV file.

  • Acquiring Online Leads

There are a variety of apps accessible for acquiring leads via your website, including Form builders, SEO tools, and so on.

  • GeoIP and LiveChat

The IP address of a visitor can readily be used to identify nations, states, and localities. Furthermore, the Odoo Live chat app allows you to converse with visitors to your website, which aids in the generation of additional potential leads.

            • Avoid Duplications

            There are a variety of apps accessible for acquiring leads via your website, including Form builders, SEO tools, and so on.

            • Lead Assigning Rules

            You can create your own rules for assigning leads to different sales teams or salespeople depending on product, service, country, and other criteria.

            Another fantastic tool is Opportunity Management, which allows you to organize various tasks that are required to convert into opportunities. In any sector, salespeople must go through a series of steps to convert a prospect into a lead, and then a lead into an opportunity. You can establish multiple phases of your possibilities in Odoo, such as in our case, Discussion, Proposal, Negotiation, Closing, and so on.
            • Sales Pipeline Management

            Any business's growth is aided by the use of a sales pipeline. A sales pipeline allows you to plan your growth activities ahead of time. Odoo CRM gives you a clear image of your pipeline of opportunities. You may better arrange your sales funnel by using different stages.

            • CRM Stages Customization

            With different stages, you can quickly personalize your workflow.

            • Meetings Management

            Odoo CRM allows you to schedule meetings based on customer opportunities. It's also simple to sync with mobile phones and Google calendars.

            • Daily Action Planning

            Odoo CRM assists you in planning your next day's activities depending on your daily tasks. Every salesperson may easily grasp the list of duties and critical activities that must be completed using this function planning.

            • Lead Analysis

            With Odoo CRM, you can identify and analyze lost opportunities, as well as take appropriate steps to improve your services.

            • Address Book

            Customer management is a feature of Odoo CRM that allows you to share an address book among multiple sales teams and salespeople.

            The above Odoo CRM software functions and features were extracted from Odoo enterprise edition version 14. The functions of the latest version may alter due to enhancements and updates. If you'd like to see a demo of the Odoo CRM software, please contact us at sales@erpxcloud.com

            Conclusion: Odoo CRM Features

            Odoo is a cost-effective tool with broad CRM features, which is one of the greatest advantages Small and Mid-sized businesses gain when they choose Odoo CRM software for their organization. SME's can begin with CRM systems and, depending on their needs, progress to further CRM functions such as accounting, purchasing, and so on... For the time being, SMEs can use Odoo.sh, which has a monthly minimum licensing price.

            If you're a small to medium-sized business that still relies on spreadsheets for lead management and nurturing, you could be losing a significant number of prospects to silos. Please contact sales@erpxcloud.com for a thorough demonstration of Odoo CRM software and how it can be deployed for your business. CRM functionalities can be further adjusted based on your company's operations and processes.

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