Odoo CRM Lead Generation

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Odoo CRM Lead Generation
Ismail Harake
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Odoo CRM  Lead Generation


Quality leads are necessary for any business to continue to grow. Companies or company organizations are always looking for new ways to generate leads for their sales force to work on and convert into clients. Odoo CRM makes lead generation simple and effective. 

The Odoo CRM Lead generation tool allows you to produce leads from scratch directly from your database, which is a great complement to the leads you can receive from direct contact or the website. The function is highly recommended for new businesses and initiatives because it is a powerful, advanced, and efficient tool for producing high-quality leads and accelerating your company's growth. You won't have to wait for clients to come to you with lead mining; instead, you'll have the freedom to determine criteria for the leads you need to produce. The criteria can be based on the most relevant leads for your company, broken down by nation. 

This function is intended for both new and established businesses, although it has a considerably greater and more effective influence on new businesses. Lead generation has shown to be an effective strategy for assisting businesses in producing quality and consistent leads.

Leads are critical to a company's operation and growth. Making and attracting leads is a difficult process, and even well-established corporations and businesses struggle to obtain enough leads for their sales teams. Lead generation is nearly a nightmarish work for a new firm, and it will consume a significant amount of time and money. 

Attracting clients is one of the major outcomes that a corporation must achieve from its products, and it does not always function as planned.

As a result, producing Leads necessitates the use of a sophisticated technology.

Odoo's CRM enables you to extract Leads from your databases quickly and easily. The system allows you to create mining criteria based on filters so that the CRM only mines Leads that are relevant to your company. And this is frequently done based on the country in which you reside. Lead generation is a difficult process, but none of it should be a burden on you because the CRM will handle everything for you and provide quick results.

If you are just starting out in business, this feature is highly recommended. Odoo CRM lead generation features can assist you significantly increase your company's growth. 

To unlock this feature, go to the screenshots of the Odoo CRM dashboard provided below. 


To begin, go to the configuration tab and pick Setting from the dropdown options. At the bottom of the settings page, you'll see an option for Lead mining, as shown in the screenshot below: 


You've activated the Lead mining (Lead Generation) tool in Odoo CRM by clicking the tick option. On your CRM dashboard, a new option called Generate Leads will emerge. 


This button will redirect you to the Lead generation page. 


On this page, you must enter more information about producing leads so that they may be easily sorted and generated quickly. You can select options from the dropdowns on the page. 

The country, state, and industries can all be simply customized. By activating the Filter on the size option, you may choose the number of employees and the team from the dropdowns, as well as the salesperson and Default tags, and then click Generate Leads after entering and checking all of the parameters.

The setup and application for Lead generation is simple and takes only a minute or two. 

This innovative tool allows you to produce Leads quickly and easily, saving you time and valuable energy.

You don't have to wait for customers to come to you anymore because this feature allows you to mine them and generate leads for your sales team, who can then convert them into customers. 

The lead mining tool will essentially collect all of the necessary data for lead follow-up, and the sales staff will be able to follow up on the leads provided by the mining tool.

Your sales staff will have a large number of Leads to work with and convert into customers after this procedure. 

When compared to the old method of fishing for Leads, this procedure will save you a significant amount of time and is quite efficient. As a result, Odoo's CRM module is sophisticated and highly recommended for startups.

It can be difficult to acquire sustainable and consistent leads for your sales staff to focus on if you are starting a new business, and leads are critical for the growth of your company or organization.

Odoo CRM will assist you in achieving this professionalism and efficiency in your business by allowing you to generate and maintain leads. 

In every corporate setting, lead mining is a vital tool. The technology ensures that you will not run out of leads, and that the leads you receive are reliable and may be followed up on in the future.

The Lead Generation tool plays a crucial part for a new business firm in attracting potential consumers and quickly retaining them with the Odoo CRM module's pipeline structure, which will undoubtedly help you prosper in the business. However, it is always up to you or your sales team to communicate clearly and concisely with the client or customer in order to persuade them with relevant information about the product or service you are giving and how different it is from the competition. 


Odoo CRM Lead Generation
Ismail Harake August 11, 2021
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