Odoo CRM Lead Generation and Management

Odoo CRM Lead Generation and Management

Customer service is most likely one of a company's most important functions. Maintaining a proper and efficient customer management system will result in speedy business expansion. But, at least in the classic sense, this is not a simple procedure. It is now much easier for businesses to maintain customer connections thanks to the CRM application.
The majority of current company enterprises are operated by powerful ERP systems, and the majority of them have CRM applications. However, there is specific CRM software available, but it is not as reliable as ERPs. Odoo has an advanced CRM application that is connected with the rest of the Odoo applications to increase efficiency. 
Odoo CRM and Leads

Potential clients who are interested in your business are referred to as leads. Leads are generated in a variety of ways, including advertisements, public shows, websites, and many others. Anyone who is interested in your product or service will contact you using the contact information you provide in the advertisement, and one of the most common methods is contacting the company directly via email, phone, or website visit.  One of the most effective strategies to keep a lead is to include contact information on the company's website.  It is simple for customers to contact the firm directly, which increases the likelihood of the client sticking to their decision to acquire the company's product or services. And, using this strategy, the leads actually share some of their contact information, which you can use to communicate with the leads even more effectively so that the salesman can convert them into customers as soon as possible. Live chat is another efficient way for clients to contact you. 
Live chats are quick and responsive, allowing businesses to engage customers directly and more efficiently while also allowing businesses to discuss their offerings in greater depth. Real-time contact via chats increases the odds of leads becoming potential customers by allowing for fast responses to client questions. This is a sophisticated marketing technique that allows you and your business to encourage leads to contact you again. 
Odoo's CRM application is well-equipped and full of valuable tools for increasing your company's efficiency. One of the most important and advanced aspects of Odoo CRM is that you may include a mail address in product advertisements for potential leads to contact, and any messages received at that address will be routed to Odoo CRM, where they will be automatically classified as leads.
This helps the sales team to focus on improving the leads rather than wasting time. Because Odoo applications are so tightly connected, this is possible. To use this feature in Odoo CRM, follow the steps outlined below. 

Odoo CRM Lead Generation and Management

The first step is to access the setup tab and pick Sales teams from the drop-down menu. This option allows you to connect with your sales personnel anywhere in the globe, and the email address you enter will be used as the CRM email address for your Odoo system. Your company's website will immediately update your email address in the contact section. Anyone attempting to contact you via this email will be examined by Odoo CRM and classified as a lead, with you being notified promptly. You may also connect the same Email address to your social media page, and the Odoo CRM application will immediately notify you if someone accesses or contacts you. 
Odoo CRM's smart and efficient system not only increases your chances of generating effective leads, but it also provides clients a sense of professionalism, which encourages them to continue with your product, resulting in a potential opportunity from a single lead. This feature also allows the sales staff to maintain efficient touch with leads, and with consistently enhanced and improved information, keeping leads tied to a product will assist you in generating a real opportunity.  And, because the Odoo apps are strongly connected, all customer management operations, including sales and other parts of the business-customer interaction and communications, can be done easily through the CRM. You can categorize the leads in whatever way you like with the Filter, and it is all up to you.
The Odoo CRM capabilities in Odoo are essentially enhanced tools that may assist you in efficiently, successfully, and quickly following up on leads.
Customers and salespeople can communicate directly using tools like direct chat or live chat. The salesperson in this area may answer the leads' questions and concerns and has complete control over the process. From your dashboard, you can easily verify the result as well as the most up-to-date information on client relations. It's a powerful and sophisticated management solution that can help you maintain and grow key customer relationships. 

Odoo CRM Lead Generation and Management
Ismail Harake September 28, 2021
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