Odoo CRM Module Leads and Quotation

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Odoo CRM Module Leads and Quotation
Ismail Harake
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Odoo CRM Module Leads and Quotation

Customer relationship management (CRM) has become a necessary component of every company. With increasing rivalry among businesses, it has become increasingly crucial to establish a strong client relationship. Complex customer interactions and lead creation can be managed with CRM. 

The solution aids in the management of many firm operations that include direct or indirect client touch, such as pipeline operations, sales team performance, and marketing team performance. By conducting actions with customers, CRM contributes in improving the customer experience with the organization.

The things offered can be customized and tailored to the needs of the consumer by gathering information about them. The company's prosperity reflects this deep participation. Businesses can better understand their customers, allowing them to make faster and more informed decisions.

Odoo CRM Module

Odoo ERP includes a CRM tool to assist businesses in dealing with clients. Odoo CRM module successfully manages the pipeline and its engagement. The company's workflow is balanced and maintained because the module is integrated with other divisions. The customer's experience and relationship with the company determine whether or not they will return. 

Odoo CRM module provides a modern, well-designed user interface for sales and marketing. The dashboard provides a clear image of the company's pipeline and the phases of various lead generated. Emails, VoIP conversations, and websites can all generate leads for you. It's simple to manage the pipeline because you can drag and drop lead from one stage to the next.

You can use the module to develop campaigns that send out automated emails to leads that are personalized to their preferences. You can give your lead a score based on variables such as the pages they've visited, their location, and the time. You can turn the lead into an opportunity after examining the score. The leads can be readily imported using Odoo CRM's column matching tool.

You can organize activities and log them in the lead's conversation after you've added them to the system. This allows the lead to be tracked and an analysis to be performed using a log. Customization of pipeline stages aids in the creation of phases based on the preferences of each business necessity. With Odoo CRM module, you can get a 360-degree view of your business. This includes gathering all of the lead's information, such as their email addresses, the pages they've visited on your website, meetings they've attended, product order history, and campaigns they've engaged in, among other things. Odoo CRM module can generate fresh quotations and rentals in addition to generating leads. 

New Quotation

You may see all of your created leads organized by stage of progress from the Odoo CRM module dashboard. You can see the current status of each lead on the dashboard. The opportunity's name, as well as the lead's name, expected revenue, tags, and priority, are all displayed. To turn a lead into a possible customer, you'll need to send them a quotation that details the items and services your firm offers, as well as the pricing. 

You can pick the desired lead to send a new quotation to. The lead's profile will be displayed, complete with all relevant details. To create a new quotation, go to the lead's profile and click the NEW QUOTATION button. 


In the form page that appears, you must fill in information such as the customer's name, invoice address, delivery address, quotation template, referrer's name, commission plan, expiration date, price list, and payment terms. 


By clicking the ADD SHIPPING button, you can add shipping charges and mention them. A window will go up, and you'll need to fill in the fields for Shipping Method and Cost. 


The coupon code can be supplied to the lead by clicking on the COUPON option to add any coupon while placing the order. 


The content of the order will be checked to detect and apply possible promotion programs when you click the PROMOTIONS button. The Optional Products option can be used to list the details of the optional products. 


In the Other Info tab, you can add information about sales, invoicing, delivery, and tracking. Under Sales, you must input the information for the Salesperson, Sales Team, Company Name, whether Online Signature is permitted or not, whether the company will take Online Payment, Customer Reference, and Tags. The Shipping Policy and the Delivery Date are among the delivery details. At the time of invoicing, the fiscal position and analytical account should be mentioned. At the Tracking option, you must include the source document, the name of the campaign, the tracking medium, and the source. 


Click the Customer Preview option to see how the quotation will appear once it reaches its designated customer. By looking at the status bar in the right corner, you may tell what stage the quotation is in. After entering all of the relevant quotation information, select the SEND BY EMAIL option to send the quotation to the customer. 


The sales order will be placed automatically in the system if the lead matches the specified quotation. By selecting the My Quotations option from the Sales menu, you can view the details of the quotation.

Odoo CRM module is the greatest solution for keeping track of and organizing your customer relationships. You may quickly generate fresh leads, submit quotations, and place sales orders using its smart procedures. 


Odoo CRM Module Leads and Quotation
Ismail Harake September 14, 2021
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