Odoo CRM Module Sales Management

Odoo CRM Module Sales Management

Companies can use a CRM platform to target multiple audiences, create scores and alerts based on an individual lead or customer's action, and interact with contacts proactively to sustain relationships.

The CRM element in ERP systems would also allow users to categorize product lines to aid in forecasting sales. Odoo CRM's sales channel plays a vital role in Odoo Open ERP's sales management. The CRM module includes a function for creating and maintaining Leads. 

Odoo CRM Module Features

The CRM module contains the following features:

-Sales pipeline/CRM reports

-Lead Management with Clarified Collaboration

-Handle all prospect communication and intercommunication.

-Data entry automation Sales forecasting

Organizations may simply track opportunities at various stages and organize meetings using the Odoo CRM module. The term "pipeline CRM" refers to a system for keeping track of everyone in your sales pipeline. 
By clicking on the Kanban view of any opportunity in Pipeline, you may get more information about it. You may see all the phases of the pipeline via the opportunity that should pass at that time. The pipeline includes stages such as new, qualified, preposition, won, and lost.

My Workflow:
Various filters are available in the pipeline:
Those are my filters, Unassigned, Open Opportunities, Unread Messages, Creation Date, Closed Date, Won, Lost, Archived, Unassigned, Unassigned, Unassigned, Unassigned, Unassigned, Unassigned, Unassigned, Custom filters can be added.
Similarly, leads can be grouped by Salesperson, Sales team, Stage, City, Country, Lost Reason, Company, Campaign, Medium, Source, Creation Date, Expected Closing, Closed Date, and Add Custom Group. You can select Save Current Search, Import Records, and Link menu in Spreadsheet from the Favorites menu. 
Kanban, List, Calendar, Pivot, Graph, Cohort, Dashboard, Map, and Activity are all options for viewing the Pipeline. You may now add new stages to your pipeline's Kanban view by clicking on the Add new column button. Odoo will prompt you to add more columns at the same time as a column is generated, allowing you to complete your procedure. If you want to rearrange the order of your stages, all you have to do is drag and drop the column you want to shift to the desired spot. You may add particular measurements and view the details of the leads in the Pivot, Graph, Cohort, and Dashboard views. 
My Activities:
It is possible to plan actions based on your sales scripts in Odoo CRM. Calls to customers, meetings, mailings, and quotations are examples of activities. 
You can check your activities booked on each assigned lead by going to the My Activities tab. 
To create a new activity, go to Create and fill in the fields such as Opportunity, Expected Revenue, Probability, Customer, Expected Closing, Email, Priority, Phone, Tags, Salesperson, Company, and Sales Team. 

Odoo CRM Module Quotations

The salesperson can examine the list of quotations he or she has sent by clicking on the My Quotation tab. Various details such as Number, Creation Date, Customer, Salesperson, Next Activity, Company, Total, and Status are included in the Quotation field. 
Customer, Invoice Address, Delivery Address, Quotation Template, Expiration, Pricelist, Payment Terms, Order lines, Optional Product, Other Info can all be filled out to make a quotation. 

Odoo CRM Module Teams

After selecting Teams, you'll see a list of alternatives such as Open Opportunities, Overdue Opportunities, Quotations, and Orders to Invoice. 

Odoo CRM Module Customers

You can create a customer in the sales tab. Click the Customers button in the CRM Module's Sales tab. 
You can see a list of customers by clicking the Customer icon.  
Individual, Company, Contact, Job Position, Phone, Mobile, Email, Website, Title, Tags, Tax Id, Contact & Addresses, Sales and Purchase, Accounting, Internal Notes, Partner Assignment are now available to fill out. 
Odoo CRM Module Sales Management
Ismail Harake January 10, 2022
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