Odoo CRM Module (Sales Teams Management)

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Odoo CRM Module (Sales Teams Management)
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Odoo CRM Module (Sales Team Management)

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is an important aspect of any company. The company is unlikely to succeed without good relationship management that ensures growth and rises in the number of consumers. The corporation must prioritize nurturing client demands and producing products that meet their specifications. As the number of businesses on the market grows, so does the level of competition. It takes more effort to find new consumers and keep the ones you already have. As a result, most businesses utilize CRM software to manage their clients. 
Odoo ERP includes a CRM module that is connected with other modules, making it a complete solution for your business processes. Odoo CRM assists in the tracking of leads and the conversion of produced lead into potential clients with its comprehensive tools. You can maintain your leads and enrich them on a regular basis with Odoo CRM.
Leads are created from website pages and campaigns using features like Lead Mining and Scoring. The module may quickly generate and analyze analytical reports on the activities performed with it. Configuring the module's many characteristics allows you to run the module according to your company's needs. 

Odoo CRM Module Sales Teams

Odoo CRM Module Sales Teams Management

Because Odoo's CRM and Sales modules are connected, you can configure and manage sales teams directly from the CRM module. You can examine a list of Sales Teams, together with their Alias, Team Leader, and Company name, by selecting the Sales Teams option from the Configuration tab. The Group By option can be used to group Sales Teams based on their Team Leader. 
To view the specifics of a specific Sales Team, select it from the drop-down menu. The name of the Sales Team, whether they handle Quotations, manage Pipeline and Leads, Team Details like the Team Leader's name, Email Alias, Accept Emails From Contacts, Company Name, Invoicing Target, and Assignment Rules like the Domain and Assigned Leads Count are all presented. Under the Members page, you can see the details of the members of the sales team.
Click the EDIT button to make changes to the sales team's information. By selecting the ASSIGN LEADS button, you can assign leads to members of your sales team. Click the Actions button and select the Open Sessions option to see the open sessions. 
By selecting the CREATE option, you may create a new Sales Team in the system. On the next page, fill in details such as the Sales Team's name, enable the Quotations option if you want the team to send quotations to customers instead of immediately confirming orders, check the Pipeline box if the sales team being created needs to manage a pre-sales process with opportunities, and enable the Leads box if the Sales Team needs to filter and qualify incoming requests as leads before converting them into opportunities. 

You can enter the name of the Team Leader, Email Alias, set who should get emails (everyone, authenticated partners, followers only, or authenticated partners), Name of the Company, and Invoicing Target under Team Details. By clicking the ADD button underneath the Members tab, you can add employees to the newly created Sales Team. From the list of salespeople provided, choose the required workers. To finish the Sales Team creation process, click the SAVE button after you've filled in all of the essential fields. The records matching can be examined by selecting the RECORDS option, and the domain and other fields can be edited by selecting the EDIT option. 

Odoo CRM Module (Activity Types)

More information can be acquired by selecting an Activity Type from the list. Name of the Activity Type, Activity Settings, Action to be taken, name of the Default User, Default Summary, Default Note, Next Activity, Trigger, Email Templates, and Schedule are some of the details included. 
Odoo 15 CRM not only lets you generate leads and allocate them to salespeople but also helps you track and maintain them. CRM guarantees that existing and produced leads are retained by scheduling various activities with them. These efforts aid in the conversion of leads into potential clients. Select the Activity Types from the Configuration tab in the CRM module to configure the Activity Types. The screen will give a list of existing Activity Types. The activity's name, a default summary of the activity, the number of days planned in, and the kind are all required fields. 
By selecting the CREATE button, you can create a new Activity Type. Enter details such as the Name of the Activity Type, the specific Action that must be performed (these Actions can be either Upload Document, Phonecall, Meeting, Reminder, Request Signature, Tax Report, or None), the name of the Default User, the Default Summary regarding the Activity Type, the Default Note regarding the Activity, the Chaining Type (which can be either Suggest Next Activity or Trigger Next Activity), and the activity that must be Suggested when this activity is completed. It allows you to arrange the action deadline by using an email template and scheduling it for a certain number of days, weeks, or months before executing it. Click the SAVE button after completing all of the essential parameters for the new Activity Type. By selecting the EDIT option, you can update and modify the Activity Type. 
With the Odoo 15 CRM module, you can get a comprehensive image of the prospects you've created, manage them with effective sales teams, and allocate them to appropriate activities. The setup of Sales Teams aids in the formation of a productive team to handle the produced leads. Odoo CRM allows you to distribute leads to multiple sales teams. Members of the sales team can be added based on their potential. You can plan activities with produced leads and familiarize them with the company's products and services by configuring Activity Types. You may simply turn chances into sales orders if you maintain consistent contact with the leads. Existing clients can also be targeted with Activity Types in order to keep them loyal to the brand. In a nutshell, Odoo CRM is the most effective tool for managing and growing your customer relationships. 
Odoo CRM Module (Sales Teams Management)
Ismail Harake November 12, 2021
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