Odoo CRM to Boost Sales

Odoo CRM to Boost Sales

Whatever the business is, improving sales and rising the business is the core objective. The sales percentage relies on customer gratification and the management of customer relations. So, successful customer relationship management is something that can be really critical, particularly when we speak openly about customers and sales. Customer satisfaction followed by creating & building a long-lasting relationship will earn you the word-of-mouth exposure that will certainly carry your company to the next level. This blog will help you to understand how to help businesses with Odoo CRM to boost sales.

It is certain that influencing a customer with the best service or product would support the business development & growth. A customer will have some assumptions about the services provided by the vendor, aside from the best product. This may be linked to customer deals prior to the post-purchase or repair service. A customer may want to know about a product in-depth as well. This might assist the customer in selecting the correct product. Customer management has to concentrate on a variety of substantial variables.

  • Handling customer contacts 

  • Define the various type of customers 

  • Maintain regular conversation with the customer 

  • Treat each customer as unique, 

  • Guarantee the best service at the best price

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool for handling all the relationships and connections of the business with customers and prospective customers The objective is simple: to enhance business relationships in order to grow your business. A CRM software helps businesses remain linked to customers, streamline operations, and increase efficiency. 

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Usually, when we talk about CRM we are mostly referring to a CRM system, a tool that helps with contact management, sales management, the productivity of agents, and more. CRM solutions can also be used to monitor customer relationships through the entire lifecycle of customers, including marketing, distribution, digital commerce, and interactions with customer support.

A CRM solution lets you concentrate on the relationships of your business with individuals during your life cycle, including customers, service users, employees, or suppliers, including finding new customers, winning their business, and offering support and additional services throughout the partnership.

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Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM is a software that can stand alone or work with Enterprise Resource Planning Software "ERP" in combination. To ensure enhanced operation of the customer management area, it can incorporate distinct functionalities. Without customer relations, no business can thrive and, thus, CRM can be considered the most essential component of a company.

Odoo CRM provides customers with a robust customer management solution. Odoo partner ERP CLOUD offers you a solution for CRM software that can be of great benefit to the business. ERP CLOUD can combine numerous Odoo Modules with CRM with a professional team. We can also guarantee that you can combine Odoo ERP with Odoo CRM smoothly.

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1. Sales Pipeline Management

A visualized description of all the sales operations is the sales pipeline. This allows the end-user to monitor all activities related to sales. Tracing sales operations will effectively help the business manage potential sales operations. It can ensure your support for the company's growth. The sales pipeline helps control and monitor the various stages of customer-related operations.

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2. Quotation management
All quotes submitted by your business to a specific business can be found listed here. It helps to track the quotes and the status of the quotations.
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 3. Support for managing sales teams

The success of a business is determined by sales teams and their productivity. With Odoo CRM, a business can monitor the progress of various sales teams. All the opportunities produced here we can find. The invoice status order can also be viewed here.

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4. Ensures the best system for customer management and acknowledge the customer

This role allows the customers to be handled by your team. This will help you get a customer list and select the specifics of the customer. It is possible to monitor all sales offers, quotes, and even messages sent to and collected from the customer.
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5. Manages and Generates Leads
Lead is any customer contact that could be turned into a business opportunity. It may be an email inquiry or a live chat about the product.
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6. Provides support for Management to team assignment.
Manage teams and delegate tasks to customer management
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7. Helps to list lost reasons
Lost reasons encourage us to discover why a lead has been lost. This will help to strengthen control of leads.

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8. Prepare reports 
To evaluate leads, Odoo CRM is the solution and your best decision. The preparation of reports on operations, alliances, and pipelines is also supported.
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Odoo CRM to Boost Sales Using Odoo 14 Version

With a wide range of features, Odoo CRM allows the end-user to dramatically boost sales. In several forms, this can be achieved. Let us discover the major advantages of Odoo CRM to boost sales.

know your Customer!

You may have a wide number of customers But should they all involve with you in ongoing transactions? If not, with the Odoo CRM, we can strengthen this relationship. 
To communicate with the customer and know the customer well, let us use the CRM data available. 
Know and understand your customers well and their needs, apart from finding new customers
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2.Introduce rewards
Each company will have loyal customers. The company can be strengthened by handling loyalty points, exclusive memberships, and incentives and promotions for loyal customers.
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3. Manage Leads efficiently
Identify and prioritize the leads so that teams can be allocated to the leads. This helps to translate the full number of opportunities to leads.
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4. Ensure better customer support 

You will participate in multi-level communication with customers with Odoo CRM. Odoo platforms can help you boost your CRM, such as live chat, help desk, and marketing tools.
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5. Track lost opportunities
Tracking lost opportunities will allow you to restart the lead and transform & convert the lead list to new opportunities.
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6. Improve customer support on the eCommerce website.

In the digital age, customers turn out to be crucial for business through websites. Live chat, email contact, and other Odoo-introduced customer service features are sure to come to your rescue.

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7. Effective use of sales team
In order to boost the business, sales teams could play a significant role. Monitor & track the sales teams' performance and assign them tasks to strengthen customer relationships.
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Odoo CRM to Boost sales

Conclusion: Odoo CRM to Boost Sales

Before looking for CRM software at your business end, consider your unique business needs and operations before assessing the vendor. ERP Cloud provides you with a streamlined software system that all of your team can use. ERP Cloud's Odoo CRM support will improve the way you treat customers.

Write to us at sales@erpxcloud.com if you are interested in knowing and implementing Odoo CRM to boost Sales at your business end. Our dedicated team of Odoo experts is ready to customize and implement the right CRM solutions to endure maximum results at your business organization that can promise more leads, sales, and revenue. 

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Odoo, Moe Fawaz January 26, 2021
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