Odoo Customers

March 24, 2021 by
Odoo Customers
Ismail Harake

Odoo Customers

The trick to developing a brand that respects and meets the needs of customers are to listen to them.

Quality data enables you to gain insights into your clients, which can then be used to improve customer experience.

Odoo Customer insights enhance customer communication, which improves the customer's relationship with the business and, as a result, revenue.

It's not a one-step method to get consumer insights.

This will include gathering, analyzing, researching, and segmenting our customers in order to address their questions and needs.

Collect high-quality data: In order to provide more reliable data, we need to collect high-quality data from our customers. perceptions

The authenticity, consistency, and therefore the behavior is taken as a result of the insights are all influenced by data quality.

- Efficient analysis: data is a resource, and what we obtain from these resources is determined by how we use them.

As a result, it's critical that we engage in good data processing to produce the kinds of insights that can have a significant impact on revenue.

- Study and organization: conduct thorough and ongoing research on consumer behavior and engage emotionally with consumers to get a a greater understanding of them.

We will group our consumers based on their preferences and desires until we have a strong research sample on them.

When attempting to obtain the requisite information about your clients, it can seem impossible to integrate data from different parts of the company in order to create an omniscient a database about them.

This is why ERP apps, which can streamline knowledge about the customers and their contacts and purchases with the firm are more convenient to use.

-Sales: We have better visibility into consumer retention, promising leads, and so on thanks to customer insights.

This will aid in the development of our promotional plans in order to prevent sales from declining. 

We should now devote more of our time and resources to consumers which can help the brand more. 

- Marketing: deeper understanding leads to better delivery; we know just what to serve our clients.

We will plan and strategize campaigns for specific client segments to maximize their effectiveness.

- Inventory management: improve inventory management by gaining a better understanding of perspective supply needs based on purchasing habits, the purchasing experience, and other factors.

With a greater understanding of consumer interests and expectations, retail price lists, and market penetration can be better handled.

As a result, consumer insight will make the organization become more customer-centric.

Companies would be driven by market needs and gaining expertise would allow us to be more attentive to our consumers' interests, demonstrating to them that they are indeed our top priority when it comes to the services we offer.

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Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM module is a dedicated module that helps you handle your customer relationships.

It not only manages the clients from a single-stage but also manages all facets of the customer's interaction with the firm.

We provide a centralized account containing all information about our customers' experiences with usOdoo customer

CRM reporting summarizes all consumer action, from leads to closed sales.

We still provide information on estimated sales, average transaction size, and other relevant information.

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Odoo Social Media Marketing

This module adds your social media pages to your Odoo folder.

On the different social media sites, we will now check up on the subjects of our post and related events.

This will give us insight into the expectations of our target audience.

Social networking binds a large number of users and can serve as a repository for both constructive and negative feedback. Odoo Customer

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Odoo Website (live chat)

Apps can be used to install Live Chat, which can then be enabled in the website module.

We must connect and configure a channel.

Customers will be able to share more about what they need from us if they could connect with us in real-time via a live chat portal. Odoo customer

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Odoo Survey Study

Odoo Survey is an app that allows you to make immersive surveys and quizzes.

We can develop informative surveys that can be submitted to our consumers because the software is compatible with eLearning, Website, and email marketing, among other things.

We may use surveys to collect feedback to learn more about their experiences, as well as to better understand their preferences.

We will design the form, add the questions, and transform it into a highly immersive survey that can be posted on the website or emailed to customers.

We can share the survey directly from the form window, or we can provide a connection to the survey in our input emails after-sales, event attendance, and so on.

When it comes to transactions and experiences, surveys provide more qualitative data than quantitative data, which is more helpful in determining the "why" of consumer behavior.


These multiple applications function in tandem with one another as well as with other modules such as Odoo Sales, Helpdesk, and so on.

This advanced app suites can have the required database to produce useful consumer insights.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Odoo Customers
Ismail Harake March 24, 2021
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