Odoo Demo For Odoo ERP

Why it's important to ask for Odoo Demo Before Implementing Odoo ERP

Odoo Demo For Odoo ERP: Why it's important to ask for Odoo Demo Before Implementing Odoo ERP

Enterprise and resource planning software (ERPs) has pioneered business management activities across the globe, providing both long-term and short-term outcomes that favor its consumers. There is a long list of ERP solutions available for you to choose from today that is categorized based on different working and operating parameters. As a matter of fact, it becomes even more confusing for decision-makers to select the ERP that is ideally suited to their business operations, as there are a number of offers to choose from. Furthermore, the implementation of the ERP would be costly and you want to choose the correct one and method to make it repay the investment.

Viewing or using a demo of the ERP to run your operations is one of the solutions for understanding whether it is an adequate ERP for you. An ERP product demo can be seen as the importance of the product and how it can suit the operational prospects of your business. In addition, both the product demo and the sales demo are completely separate and have different targets. Taking into account the ERP program, most product presentations are provided by a functional as well as a technical consultant or consultant team to show you the ERP's functionality and how it can be configured, adapted, and built to be operated according to the operational requirements of your business.

Odoo is now one of the ERP solutions that are perfect for full business management operations. Odoo  A completely customizable ERP platform for a new generation of business management ERP with advanced features as well as tools to run. If you have decided to have an Odoo and need to know the specifics of the criteria, read it ahead. There are also various Odoo ERP service providers and you need to select the correct one to ensure that the software demo is well communicated to you and you can continue with them for implementation as well as additional Odoo specifications.

The leading Odoo Silver partner, ERP Cloud, provides you with an efficient Odoo service. Our Odoo Demo is performed in the presence of our professional Odoo consultant, who will be able to answer all your platform queries.  Schedule an ERP Cloud Odoo Demo by contacting us at sales@erpxcloud.com. 

This blog will provide insight into the Odoo demo and why it is important to go for it before the implementation of Odoo ERP.

How to get an Odoo Demo for Odoo ERP

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The Odoo ERP is a full business management tool and it will take a certain duration to understate the operation to a fresher one in the sector. There are primarily two methods by which you can get an Odoo demo to grasp the activities:

Firstly, to have a scheduled demo with one of our expert consultants, you can contact an official Odoo partner such as ERP Cloud.

It is free of charge and they will be able to answer all your platform issues. In addition, you can get a good picture of the Odoo ERP's operational capabilities in your business operations.

The other is by visiting the official Odoo demo website, which can be done by accessing the following demo.odoo.com web page. There really is no supporting consultant here for you to give you an understanding of the system. To comprehend the platform, you should link to the official Odoo documents and functional videos instead. As we are clear on the process of obtaining an Odoo demo, let's move on to understand what Odoo demo would have to bring forward to you to make the decision-making process on selecting and going forward with Odoo ERP.

What is it that the Odoo Demo has to bring?

It would be helpful for you to schedule an Odoo demo before implementation and provide you with a clear-cut understanding of the platform's operations in a live environment or establishment similar to the functioning of your business. Here are some aspects of your questions that will be answered to you by the Odoo demo:

Financial aspects

It is necessary to achieve an understanding of the exact and estimated cost of operation with respect to the implementation and allocated training and services. In addition, it is possible to address the ERP costs based on users and the extension and hosting of capabilities.

Acknowledge the Service Provider's Capability and Reputation.

For a single software to choose from, there are many ERP service providers available today. In addition, depending on their history and expertise in the area, the service provider should be selected. In addition, the demo will give you an understanding of the capabilities of the service provider's customization and creation practices of the Odoo platform.

Assistance and Support after Implementation

Odoo is a continually updated platform and fresh new features are added every year consecutively to meet the modern operational requirements. An Odoo demo will provide a forum for you to discuss and get an understanding of the vendor's post-implementation service in Odoo.


While Odoo is said to be a one-stop solution for all business requirements, customization is the only to reach the full capabilities. A demo will provide overview into the service provider's customization abilities to suit the operational requirements for your company.

Integration ability

Odoo has a modular business operations structure, so there are designated modules of operations required to operate the operations of the organization. In addition, they should be equipped along with the required add-ons available to manage the company's operations as per your requirement. The Odoo Demo will provide an insight into the platform as well as the abilities of the service provider to customize it. 

Conclusion: Odoo Demo For Odoo ERP

Why it's important to ask for Odoo Demo before Implementing Odoo ERP

Make sure that you go through all the questions about the functionality and possibilities of the module with the developer or solution engineer during the demo undertaking. Since it would be too difficult to finalize your decision on the ERP without a complete understanding of the ERP solution. ERP Cloud has been in the Odoo ERP market for almost a decade. We have acquired a detailed understanding of all Odoo versions from Odoo v8, to the new Odoo 14 update, spanning 7-8 years in this field.ERP Cloud provides Odoo consulting. Both in the Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community.

Write to us at sales@erpxcloud.com or Schedule an Appointment for a free Odoo Demo if you are interested in knowing and implementing Odoo at your business end. Our dedicated team of Odoo experts is ready to customize and implement the right solutions to endure maximum results at your business organization that can promise more leads, sales, and revenue.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

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