Odoo Developer Mode

Odoo Developer Mode

The Odoo Developer mode is the access to the technical options in OdooERP. This is often meant for users with technical data to access the technical data concerning the assorted fields in Odoo ERP. It conjointly permits the user to the line and modifies defaults for numerous options in Odoo ERP. The extra setting on the market with developer mode would provide higher management of the modules to the user.

One issue to continually detain mind is that the Odoo developer mode, isn't meant for end-users and before activating the feature,  always be knowledgeable facilitate in managing and configuring the settings. You can conjointly see the documentation and technical blogs for additional clarity and knowledge concerning operating with the developer mode.

The Odoo developer mode is beneficial in customizing the interface and once activated, users can have additional data concerning the info performing on. You are allowed to form substantial changes to the info. This might embrace adding new fields within the numerous documents and views, dynamical the default views of your actions, and so on. With Odoo developer mode, testing expressions and the determination of practical issues becomes easier. The struggle of restarting the server on every occasion to check an easy amendment is a clip with the developer mode. the Odoo database

The Odoo developer mode provides you additional insight into the design of the assorted modules. The amendments you create with developer mode won't continually be a stable change and you'll conjointly stand probabilities of losing these changes within the future.

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In the developer mode, Odoo ERP offers:

-Developer mode

-Developer mode with assets

-Developer mode with taking a look at assets. Odoo ERP

These are the developer tools on the market in Odoo ERP. The Odoo developer mode with assets may be useful in creating little customizations to the Odoo database. It merely expands the settings for additional advanced management.

Whereas the Odoo developer mode with assets is employed by developers who are going to be creating sizable changes within the scripts. The take a look at quality may be utilized by each developer and tester. With assets can use actual CSS and javascript rather than minifying or merging them. The merging of CSS and javascript is sometimes done to boost performance and currently while not that, the performance would be slightly reduced in developer mode with assets.

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Activating Odoo developer mode

Activate Odoo developer mode for numerous customization:

-Application settings

-Browser extension 


Application settings

From the overall dashboard, we will access the Odoo settings. Here we will scroll right down to notice the 3 links to activate the Odoo Developer mode. ERP

Once you activate the developer mode, the activated the possibility can amendment to deactivate the link. this is often attainable if you're signed into the Odoodatabase.

Now the assorted fields can show the technical data associated with the given field. 


Browser extension

Find the settings for extensions within the browser used.

Access the settings and install the extension Odoo rectify. Once the online extension is put in, we will click on the extension icon to activate and deactivate the developer mode. you'll be able to double-click the icon to activate assets.

The customization of keyboard shortcuts is additionally attainable to manage the extension. we will toggle between the modes exploitation the keyboard road for the particular extension put in.

You can install the extension compatible with browsers.

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You can build a low amendment to the URL to activate the developer mode in Odoo. though it'd sound technical, it's terribly easy. 

simply need to add ?debug=1 or ?debug=true to the URL to activate the developer mode. Instead, to activate developer mode with assets, we will add ?debug=assets to the URL. the amendment is formed within the URL like a shot once ‘web’.

For example, 

The original URL is going to be modified from one thing like this, http://url/web?#action=1468&model=sale.order&view_type=list&cids=1&menu_id=1028


To one thing like







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Developer Mode

The developer mode tools may be accessed from the overall dashboard and can currently be displayed as a further icon among the opposite coins on the header.

The activation of developer mode can enable numerous customization. Odoo Database

-Customize Email templates: we will head to Settings > Technical > Email > Templates. Here you can customize the e-mail templates in use.


-Produce monetary Report Interface: once activating the developer mode, head to monetary reports in Accounting > Configuration to form new monetary reports.


-Choose user types: whereas adding users and managing access rights, choose the user varieties.


-Access rights: manage the access rights of the users in developer mode. head to Settings > Users & firms > teams. we will outline and manage the access rights of the user from here.


-Tooltips: amendment the tooltip of a specific field for all views if the developer mode is activated. (Tooltip is that the field description displayed whereas hovering over the sector.)


-Update module listyou can update the module list once custom modules are put in creating it on the market within the dashboard.


-Save user-defined defaults: during this mode, set defaults and take away defaults for the assorted modules by accessing the debus tools from the module header.


-Add custom-fields: modify the prevailing read and add custom fields to form the Odoo info additional easily.


-Produce wage structure: produce wage rule classes within the Payroll module within the mode and this might enable making a wage structure to manage the wage expenditure.

In short developer, mode permits us to realize additional management over the info by customizing and redaction the prevailing modules to suit higher our wants and demands. For additional complicated customizations and module installations, it's continually suggested to induce the support of knowledgeable developers who will adapt the info to changes while not compromising on stability and adaptableness.

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Odoo Developer Mode
Ismail Harake March 18, 2021
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