Odoo eBay Connector

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Odoo, Moe Fawaz
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Odoo eBay Connector

A new approach for both small and large-scale sellers to meet their buyers on a broader scale has opened up the ease of home shopping. The customer choice has been expanded and for many small-scale retailers, the investment in infrastructure has been saved. All of the product groups have made their way into the online market. Also, perishables, from stationery to food, are now available online. For all categories, dedicated shops have come into place and major names such as Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, and others have extended their ranges to all items imaginable. With the changing market, there are services offered online in addition to that. With the changing market, there are services offered online in addition to that. Also, the few unwilling customers have been forced by the pandemic to reap the rewards of online shopping now.

Accessibility is the biggest value of these online vendor sites. We have the option to surpass the geographical barrier of customers with an in-place device to enter most of the localities. Selling on an online marketplace protects the sellers from worries about distribution and accessibility. Online platforms also provide the seller with a ready-to-use base of customers whose faith and trust have been acquired through the operation of these platforms. Although it is not easy to stand out among the millions of available choices, there is no question about the rapid outreach of the products offered on any online platform. While it is not easy to stand out among the millions of available options, there is no question about the rapid outreach of the goods sold on every online platform. Many businesses have created their own websites for online shopping, but not many of them need this, but can simply sell their products on different websites for online shopping.

Integrating with an existing online platform can be a good beginning for a company moving to an online platform or for someone who has extended sales to an online platform. Despite having an eCommerce site of their own, some of the large-scale vendors continue to sell on separate online sites. This, as mentioned above, is often a by-product of the accessibility and broader customer base provided by online platforms. On these online sites, bringing the product to the customers has been made simpler with admirable sales strategies and appealing promotions.

eBay is one of the well-established platforms for online shopping that has succeeded, among others, in enhancing itself as a resonant brand. eBay has a very simple registration process for sellers and provides one of the best choices for delivery. eBay has emerged as one of the most popular multi-sided platforms linking buyers and sellers without ownership of the goods sold. Because of low-cost activity, the working phase of these sites is favorable for both the seller and the site. eBay is more seller-oriented than other sites online. The goods & products sold via their website are not held by eBay and thus integrating our inventory with eBay will ease the processes of the seller for us. 

Odoo eBay Connector

Amazon and eBay connectors will be available under the sales module of the Odoo app store. The Amazon connector can import and synchronize deliveries for Amazon orders. The eBay connector will allow the products from our inventory to be published on eBay. From this, we can install the eBay connector and look at the process of configuration.

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Configuring Odoo eBay Connector

If the connector has been built or installed, we have to create a developer account from the developer portal. This would allow us to produce & generate tokens. We are able to build sandbox keys and production keys after this has been completed. The values generated?? The integration of the sales module with eBay would be useful for tokens. 

Open the sales module and go to the setup once the account has been set up. We will be able to find the eBay settings when we scroll down. Here we can fill in the different fields given and save the modifications.

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This will make the eBay connector integrated with the sales. 
Add location to storage 
We can add the storage location of the products after the account token has been saved. You may use the Add Other Countries connection to add further countries to the storage location. The connection will lead us to the list of countries and we could authorize the country list to be used on eBay.
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The list of countries will be modified & updated and we can pick them from the list of countries in the storage location. 
eBay Options
The eBay option has the option to change the website for the display of the product. We may change the currency as well. We can use the Trigger Other Currencies connection to build and add currencies to the list.
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In addition, in the settings, we can activate Out of Stock and Gallery Plus. With our module, we can sync the eBay data as well.
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Assign sales team 

In the configuration, we can also appoint a sales team for the eBay sales. We can pick from the sales team list and, if necessary, edit the sales team info. We may add a team leader, a deadline for invoicing, and team members. We can do so from the sales teams option from the configuration menu to add more sales teams.

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Product Configuration

Depending on the options available, we can generate products from the sales module or from the inventory module and sell, rent, or buy them. The list of all the products we have created will be shown once we open the product dashboard from the Sales module or from the Inventory module. By selecting the product concerned, we can edit the current product or build a new one as needed

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You can enter the description of the item and select from the options for selling the item on eBay. 
eBay Listing 
Enabling eBay Sale will add the eBay tab to the configuration of the product. For publishing on eBay, we can fill in the product information. The product can opt for an auction or sale at a fixed price.
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The shipping, return, and payment policies for the product can be updated and we can list the item on eBay once the setup is finished.
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We can add the eBay listing ID in the field to connect to current listings, and save the change. 

After the product and eBay connector are configured, the products listed will be published on eBay for sale. To sync our product sales to Amazon, we can also add the amazon connector.

Connecting and integrating Odoo with eBay or Amazon is a sure-fire way to put together the utmost of eCommerce and business management while maintaining track of customer and product data. With that, ERP Cloud will assist. You can extend the capabilities of both platforms with the aid of our Odoo integration services, beyond what the Odoo connector provides.

Please contact us at sales@erpxcloud.com if you are interested in Odoo Implementation inside your business. With the help of Odoo, we can steer your company to have high profits and efficient management.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Odoo, Moe Fawaz February 16, 2021
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