Odoo Email Marketing

Odoo Email Marketing 

Emails permit you to effectively, and at a low cost, reach an oversized number of shoppers whereas having the ability to customize your message in a very approach that resonates with them. it's measurable, and a call-to-action orientated channel.

Choosing Contacts as Recipients (for example) permits you to feature specifications to match simply contacts, filtering your target.

Send mass emails with Odoo Email Marketing.

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Odoo Email Marketing

Under Mail Body, choose a layout and build the modifications required by dragging, dropping, and double-clicking on content.

​Send mass emails with Odoo Email Marketing.

​Under Settings, you'll be able to assign somebody else because the accountable sender if you are doing not need it to be you. To do so, amend the e-mail address used because of the sender (Send From).

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With the Reply-To radio button, you'll be able to additionally like better to gather answers either on the several recipients’ records or on a particular email address. 

Send mass mailing in Odoo Email Marketing

  • Test,

  • Send, or schedule a mailing.

  • Send mass mailing with Odoo Email Marketing.

  • Save: the work is allotted within the draft column.

Modifications may be created whereas being during this stage. the choice Discard deletes the e-mail.

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Click on "check" and send your message to at least one, or maybe multiple, check contacts to avoid errors.

Send triggers the email with a consequent run. Place the work on the queue column within the Kanban read.

The schedule permits you to settle on a date and time and puts the e-mail within the queue column within the Kanban read.

The daily limit is applied for all emails sent, in alternative words, throughout all applications. Therefore, if at the top of the day you have got the remaining ones to be sent, note that they'll not be sent mechanically consequent day. You wish to force that by the gap the e-mail and click on "Retry".

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Creating a Mailing List

Go to Mailing lists > Mailing lists > Newsletter. 

Enable the option to create the list visible for users once they unsubscribing.

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Once your listing is made, you'll manually add contacts by clicking on produce.

Import an inventory of contacts if you have got it from a previous tool.

Linking a listing to my web site, 

​Create a listing referred to newssheet, as you employ this strategy to advertise and communicate new ideas to subscribers curious about listening.

Go to your website, add a newssheet block, and opt for several listings.
 Mailing lists in Odoo Email marketing Contacts

In the end, with Odoo you can do a lot of things that can help in improving your Campaign and Marketing strategies.

If you need or require any additional information related to the Odoo ERP system and how it can improve your business please don't hesitate to contact us. Here at ERP Cloud LLC, we are certified Odoo partners and would love to help anyone with any problems related to their business.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Odoo Email Marketing
Ismail Harake November 5, 2020
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