Odoo Employee Evaluation

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Odoo Employee Evaluation
Ismail Harake
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Odoo Employee Evaluation

Employee management and appraisal depending on the quality of service rendered is an important feature of every business' activities. Employees receive appreciation acknowledgment to work with facilities rendered over a lengthy period of time as a part of the assessment. Until the software is installed on any employee in an organization, different criteria and analyses must be completed. These parameters and terminology differ from one entity to the next, and it is completely up to them.

The Odoo ERP system has a dedicated employee assessment module that is designed to handle activities.
This module's operation has been linked to Odoo's other human resource management features. 

Employee evaluations should be mostly dependent on the following factors: Odoo Employee management

- Evaluation: Here, a thorough examination of the employee's success and procedures within the organization is performed, with input on the employee received from supervisors and supervisory personnel.

- A ranking system in which an employee's performance is constantly measured and an assessment is given as a result.

- Employee self-assessments; depending on feedback, employees have their own introspection. 

- Face-to-face interview: An interview with the company's CEO's boss to discuss the assessment process.

This blog will give you an explanation of Odoo 14's assessment module and how it functions in terms of employee appraisals. 

Making an Employee Evaluation

The assessment software can be installed from the module's applications menu. When the customer opens the assessment module, he or she will see a list of all the workers. The assessment operations are carried out on the workers after they have been chosen. To find the appropriate employee, there are a variety of defaults as well as personalized filtering tools. 

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To create a new assessment for the employee, the user should choose the Create option.
The user will pick the employee in the development window, and the boss, work position, and organization will be auto-updated.

In the employee evaluation case, the user will delegate the employee to several supervisors. An input form for employees will be auto-updated and submitted to the employee. 

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Under the employee goals menu of the corresponding appraisal, the user will identify the employee goals for the appraisal. The goal's name can be entered here, and the owner is assigned randomly depending on the assessment. There is a summary that can be personalized and given for the progression. The challenged individual will be named as the boss, and deadlines can be defined on a daily basis. 

The Odoo ERP System will mark the respective assessment operations specified in the platform as performed once the appraisal is completed. The percentage of operations will be shown under the corresponding appraisal summary in the employee's appraisal column, which will assist workers and managers in monitoring the status of the appraisal operations being performed under the business. 

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Using Polls for Employee Evaluation

The assessment may be focused on the input or questionnaire surveys that have been defined. Under the survey module, the user can build new surveys with the questions required for the assessment, such as a feedback survey or a survey to explain an employee's results based on revenue goal achievement, operations achievement, and so on.

These surveys should be thought of as research facets for assessment activities because they can highlight employee contributions from the beginning of their jobs to the end of the appraisal phase. 

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If the surveys have been described, the user may mail or post the connection to the employees.
If the survey is described, the employee can assess the performance and activities that need to be completed, and the customer can review and validate them.

Face-to-face interview

An interview is an excellent instrument for evaluating every aspect of a company's activities, even appraisals. The platform's calendar feature can be used to arrange a face-to-face interview with the appropriate person, and the employee can be alerted.

In addition, the boss or interviewer may test the employee using a series of pre-prepared questions in order to negotiate the terms of the assessment. Furthermore, both the staff and the administrators would profit from this action.

The Odoo Employee evaluation management tool can assist the consumer in assessing all appraisal activities based on a range of acts and criteria that the user and the operations provider may establish.

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Odoo Employee Evaluation
Ismail Harake March 29, 2021
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