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Attracting new customers and attaining them is the only means a corporation will grow. the businesses ought to be thriving during this facet of achieving client contacts "WHO" are potential and switch them into a reliable one. 

Odoo Lead Generation, in Odoo CRM Module, can be confined as the opportunities which a user in the Odoo system can pursue to transform them into a successful business. 

Considering the aspects of acquiring further contact information on the lead developed by Odoo CRM advanced lead generation is an option that will help the user to attain the customer address and their information from social media and other reliable sources.

The Process of Odoo Lead Generation: The Odoo ERP System allows the user to search for customer information on other reliable sources.

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"CRM > Configuration > Settings"

To enrich the leads the user ought to ab initio alter the lead generation choice on the market.
Here, the user will either choose the choice of enrichment on-demand or will choose it to be machine-controlled. Moreover, the operation is predicated on credits which will be purchased by choosing the obtain credit choice on the market.
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"CRM > Configuration > Pipeline"

As Odoo lead generation choices are being set up the user will produce leads and enrich them directly. The new leads may be created within the pipeline menu of the Odoo CRM module because the contacts email address is provided and therefore the lead is saved. Odoo lead generation is enabled the automatic credits. The credits are auto pay and therefore the lead is enriched. 
On the other hand, if the enrichment is manual, the user will choose the enrichment possibility accessible in every pipeline window. 

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On choosing Odoo lead enrichment, the user is represented with the contact data once the search. As you'll be able to see from the below image the client details like email, phone, name, the address are auto-updated.
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The user will produce the client to the platform straight from the lead wherever the contact details are going to be auto-updated and therefore the client may be saved for any action to create them a winning one.

The lead generation possibility in Odoo CRM is one in each of the advanced options that the platform brings into the business operations which can change the tasks of the promoting team of the corporate.

Odoo ERP System Lead Generation-Odoo CRM
Ismail Harake December 1, 2020
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