Odoo Experience 2020 - The Quick-Start Methodology

General Introduction of Odoo: How To Tackle Issues & Implement Success Of Each Project

Odoo Formula

If the formula isn't a formula what is it the solution is it's a mindset it's  all regarding the mindset and basically the food that the focus of obtaining of selling the QuickStart methodology is to concentrate on project success?

In several cases means you need  a decent fight with your customers and that is all the construct of the mindset it's regarding responsibility it's about ensuring that your customers feel accountable and take active responsibility for the project, it's regarding simplicity avoiding waste, and going for potency and additionally, it's regarding increasing the autonomy of your customers and to try and do all this to challenge them. You wish to challenge regarding what they concede to be their desires, and perhaps they do not need it. Finally, it's simply complicating the project and delaying the completion. ​ Anyway it's all about developing responsibility, simplicity, and autonomy in practice. It means that a lot of useless people you know they are attending meetings that they don't add any value.

Remember it's all about delivering on time and on budget and this is what all Odoo is all about.

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Tips To Support The Approach

I think it's most important to see it as the QuickStart’s methodology to see it as a continuous process. So what you want to do to make your own life easy, at least.

The consultant is this start the introduction of the quicksort methodology early in the process. 

Salesperson introduces the client to the concepts keep it simple phase it out.

Avoid the development all pretty much all the things we saw in the presentation start early and make it an early mindset for the clients instead of during the implementation trying to pivot.

This is something that you would advise already pitches during the sales face and actually the selection phase of an earpiece.

Introduce the client to it, explain the sales process and then during implementation applied the concepts to the actual situation.

When you are implementing and some of the what discussed requirements change or something was forgotten should you then change your whole approach 

How would you tackle such an issue?

You shouldn't change it this follows within the continuous process it's perfectly fine to pivot during the implementation but not completely you want to stick to the quick certain methodology keep it simple if something has to change and it is doable it doesn't cost you deadlines it doesn't cost you your budget then definitely go for it if not stick with what your plan is or you will not make your initial goal which is what everyone wants

Focus on the initial success again unless it's in must have exactly a must-have.

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What Makes a Remote Implementation a success

A typical concept of quicksort methodology is phasing and within a phase, you're going to chop your problem into small little problems so it's way better for us to have one discussion. 

In the end, the client will become an Odoo Guru, they have to be the local trainer.

For Example,

Let's say, how do you handle your invoicing what are the tricky things to do there?

You do your homework, and I will Do mine and we will reconnect in three days. It's way better than me staying at the office the entire day, staring at what you are doing. 

It's much more productive to focus on small problems, to solve them, and through the concept of phasing keeping nice rhythm and momentum. 

As mentioned, in the end, the client has to become the local trainer so that tasks are done correctly.

Odoo Implementation Duration

When we say Go live we mean the client is using Odoo right that's open to interpretation let's say you are a company that doesn't have any CRM you're using an Excel sheet combined with Gmail to do your CRM.  You could basically Go live with Odoo in a couple of days by importing your Contacts, training your team and setting up an email alias. 

That's going live it's going live within a couple of days.

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Odoo has been proven to improve and grow a company. There is a new way of how business is being conducted. Today almost all types of businesses, small or big, are using ERP systems to stay connected with their stock and inventory.

 Therefore, in order to stay in the competition, you will need to embrace the change and evolve.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Odoo Experience 2020 - The Quick-Start Methodology
Ismail Harake October 15, 2020
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