Odoo Fleet Management

Odoo 15 Fleet: How to Define Manufacturers and Contracts
March 17, 2022 by
Odoo, Moe Fawaz
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Odoo Fleet Management

Vehicles require a proper monitoring system during the production process. It ensures vehicle safety, and ERP provides a standard vehicle control system. The Contract governs the holding time, price, and date of automobiles. When purchasing a vehicle, an official contract exists between the party and the owner. This Contract specifies the start date, the recurring fee, the owner's name, and the vehicle. The Odoo 15 Fleet module aids in the management of Contracts and Manufacturers for your company's cars. The Odoo Fleet module also includes Services, Vehicle Creation, Cost Analysis, and Model Category.

This article makes certain that you define Manufacturers and Contracts in the Odoo 15 Fleet.

Odoo 15 Fleet dashboard contains Fleet, Configuration, and Reporting. All of this contributes to the development of Contracts, Manufacturers, Odometers, Vehicle Models, Services, and Model Categories. Consider adding Manufacturers and Contracts to the Odoo 15 Fleet.


Manufacturers create things that are invented by a recognized company or a specific person. In the manufacturing business, all commodities are produced in huge quantities for consumers, and the manufacturer in a firm monitors the quality measurements of a product. To run the cars safely, an efficient manufacturing process is required.

Odoo 15 Fleet module allows the users to add Manufacturers for their Vehicle model. In the Configuration tab, select the Manufacturers menu to see the existing list of manufacturers, as seen in the screenshot below.

In the Kanban view, you can see a manufacturer's name, quantity of models, and image. The three-dot button next to the car model takes you to information on individual Manufacturers. In the List view of the window represented in the screenshot, we can see a list of all Manufacturers.

The Create button in the Manufacturers window aids in the creation of a new manufacturer for your car model. After clicking on the Create button in the screenshot, a new window appears in front of the user.

At the right end of the New Manufacturers' window, enter the Manufacturers' name and upload an image. Later, click the Save icon, and the newly established manufacturer is visible in the portraits of the Manufacturer window in the screenshot.


A record of Contracts is provided in the fleet contract system of companies. The Odoo 15 Fleet module ensures that a new contract for your company's vehicles is created. Selecting the Contracts menu from the Fleet tab displays the Contracts record in the List view. The List view of the Contracts window displays information such as Name, Contract Start Date, Status, Vendor, Recurring Cost, Contract Expiration Date, Driver, and Recurring Cost Frequency.

The Kanban window displays the vehicle's model, contract date, vendor, and contract status.

The Graph view shows the Date of Contract on the X-axis and the Count on the Y-axis. The number of vehicles is denoted by different colors, and charts are available in Pie/Line/Bar formats. You may also use the Measure icon to apply Recurring Cost, Cost, and Depreciated Cost Amount to the Graph. Using the Group By tab, you can insert a Custom Group, such as Vehicle, onto the graph. In addition, users can apply basic and customized Filters choices to the Graph pane.

The Pivot window displays a pivot table with the total Count of Contracts for each car model. Details such as count, year, contract name, and car model are possible via a pivot table. The Insert in Spreadsheet icon can be used to add a spreadsheet to the Pivot table. Using the Measure button, you may insert many measures into the Pivot table.

In the Odoo 15 Fleet module, users can schedule an activity related to Contracts. Click the Activity icon in the Contracts pane to do so. In the Contracts pane, click the Schedule activity button and choose your Contract. Then, specify the Activity Type as Call, Email, Meeting, To Do, Reminder, and other details. Choose a due date, assign someone, and write a synopsis of your activity. In a box, type a message about the scheduled activity and click the Schedule icon.

The newly generated activity is shown in the Contracts window's activity view, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

How can you add a new Contract to your Vehicle?

Users can create a new contract by clicking the Create button in the Contracts box. After clicking the Create button, you will be taken to a new page. You can enter information about the Contract, Vehicle, Included Services, Terms and Conditions, and so on. Inside the Contract details, provide the names of the Responsible Person, Vendor, Reference, and Company. You have the option of selecting a contract type such as leasing, omnium, or vehicle repair.
The Activation Cost is paid just once at the time of contact information, and you can enter the Activation Cost for the Vehicle. Following that, enter the Depreciation Cost Frequency for the vehicle contract in Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and other aspects. Along with the Contract Details, insert the Depreciation Cost.

You can enter the Vehicle's name, and the Driver will appear immediately in the Vehicle Information. The cost executed date is referred to as the Invoice Date, and you can select a date from the calendar. The Contract Start Date is the start date of the contract coverage, and the Contract Expiry Date is the end date of the contract coverage. The majority of the contracts terminate after one or two years. You can enter these dates in the Vehicle Information section.

Below the Included Services, you can tag additional services provided to consumers as well as current ones. All pertinent information pertaining to the Contract is contained within the Terms & Conditions. After inputting all of your Contract details, click the SAVE icon.

The Odoo Fleet platform allows users to manage contracts based on their status, such as Incoming, In Progress, Expired, and Closed. The Contract can be terminated by clicking the Close Contract symbol in the Contracts window. The newly formed Contract can be viewed on the Fleet dashboard's Contracts window, as shown in the screenshot.

Conclusion: Odoo Fleet Management

The Odoo 15 Fleet module allows you to add manufacturers and contracts to your company's fleet. The Odoo Fleet platform's Configuration tool allows users to simply configure the manufacturer's details. The Fleet module makes it simple to create several contracts for vehicle repairs and maintenance.

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Odoo, Moe Fawaz March 17, 2022
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