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We build communities to start conversations and threads about our field of service and products, or to help our target audience understand and find resources on topics relevant to our field of service and products. Odoo Forums are conversation threads that gather questions, responses, and conversations on subjects to assist in the creation of a group of consumers, clients, and target audience. 
More interaction with the Odoo website will be encouraged by the forum community's unique and daily content. The posts with the highest interaction and the most common topics can help you better understand your customers' needs and provide accordingly.

We can keep track of and moderate discussion topics, as well as direct forum posts and comments to benefit customers. We can also create a documentation library by converting helpful answers into the documentation. Being a good source of useful information can help you establish yourself as a trustworthy source in the market. It can also be used for customer service, as consumers can ask questions and obtain responses from a number of outlets, allowing them to cooperate and take the best possible action. This lessens the workload of the consultants and customer service representatives. 

What should Odoo forums be used for? Odoo website

Post your questions and answers. 
Someone who registers with the forum will be able to ask questions and respond to those questions. We can share content from any website in order to provide accurate information and answer questions. With the help of several experts, the daily discussion threads will enhance the information given and help generate insights into different queries. To make the posts more interesting, we can edit the content and add photos or videos. We will follow discussion threads and be alerted when a new response is posted. 
Contents are moderate.

We have the ability to edit the material that has been posted on the Odoo website's numerous forums. Members of the group will upvote and downvote posts to make more helpful content more visible. We will deter spammers by making participant registration mandatory and rewarding good behavior with Karma points. Moderators have the ability to edit or remove posts when required, as well as convert responses to comments when it seems appropriate. 
Organize and Prioritize 
Is it possible to organize the content by grouping similar answers in threaded Odoo forums? We may also support content that has a higher degree of interaction. The most common answers and posts will rise to the top of the list.

To increase accessibility, the posts' topics can be categorized. For ease of access, the contents can also be sorted according to various parameters. 
Document your job. 
The responses to the different questions may be transformed into official documents. We may translate the response into documentation and put it in a dedicated FAQ section if we find it to be important and informative for people who work in the field of service. 
Optimize and Publicize 
With Odoo's "promote" feature, we can customize the content on our Odoo forums. Your web page contents will be designed for more interaction with keyword suggestions and user-friendly URLs.

We will expand the visibility of our forum posts by sharing them on social media. By holding karma points for participants, they can be compensated and given access to more features. This would also increase interest in forum posts. 
Odoo Forms
The forum app is completely integrated with the Odoo website module and will appear as part of the Odoo Odoo Website module. 
Forums We can go to the configuration page and build new forums in which to post. If we have more than one website installed in our database, we can select which website to post it on when creating a new platform.

We may structure the forum as either a single-answer question or a discussion with multiple answers. We may set a default sort for the forum. The forum's posts would then be sorted according to this sort option. We may regulate the forum's privacy by making it available, signed, or restricted to specific users.

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Each Odoo forum will have karma gains that determined the participants' karma points. This karma point can be used to grant members access to some functionality privileges.

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We will use the point gains to control the karma-related privileges. Members who receive the specified number of Karma points will be able to use the Karma-related rights' functionalities.

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 Odoo • A picture with a caption

This is a good way to moderate, control, and prevents spamming in the postal sector and related activities.


For the forum members, we can create a rank. This helps readers to make more accurate use of the answers posted and evaluate information. The points gained with karma gains can also determine this ranking. More ranks can be added and necessary Configuration > Forum > Ranks.

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Tags - Tags 
We can also add the tags for the forum posts. That would help the visitors to the forum to classify the post and access it accordingly.In the Configuration -> Forum > Tags, we can create new tags for posts. 

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Members who post and participate in the forums are granted the badges. We can establish a subsidy rule and allow people to earn badges based on their work. We can grant inscriptions for achievements such as the first vote, receive a certification, etc. We can set limits for inscriptions that can be awarded every month and also set security rules for inscriptions awarded manually. We can build badges as challenge rewards.

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Post-Close Reasons
We can set the close reasons, which will allow us to set the reasons for closing a particular forum post. From the setup, we can get to the near reasons.

We may provide the near reason and provide the close reason if the post is closed. We may scroll down to see the statistics of a particular forum article, such as answers, votes, and views. 

The posts will be available on the Odoo website until we save them. We can tag the post with tags from the configured tags for forum posts and place it in a specific forum. 

We may change the website to post depending on whether it is already configured for the forum in which we are creating the post. We may also alter the status of the post. We can also use forums to improve the courses we've developed in the eLearning module.

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Odoo Forums
Ismail Harake March 22, 2021
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