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Odoo Helpdesk

The help desk is offered by many companies to support their customers. The help desk management becomes simple with the use of an ERP solution. Proper tracking of help desk requests and customers, can be made possible with the use of the Odoo helpdesk. The Odoo help desk works as a link between the customer and the sales team of a company.

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Odoo Multi-channel Management
Odoo helpdesk helps the business to get in touch with the customer using multiple modes of communication. Odoo help desk is a solution to manage all customer-related worries. Odoo helpdesk can support the company to efficiently manage Sales.

Odoo Email Assists with Odoo Help Desk

Many customers may be sending emails to register their complaints. Odoo help desk assists the company to register these complaints and generate tickets. Automated creation of tickets is a special feature of the Odoo help desk. It can easily automate the ticket generation with email requests.

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Odoo help desk offers web forums to receive and categorize the complaints of the customers. It can help a business to grow. A strong CRM can be assured if a company is using the Odoo help desk to manage customer queries.

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Odoo Website Generate Tickets

Odoo help desk enables the integration with Odoo live chat. A customer can visit the website and contact the support team at any time with a live chat facility. The Odoo websites can integrate a live chat and multiple language chat support to meet the demand of customers from different regions.

Odoo SLA (service level agreement)

Odoo SLA policy creation is important for the operation of the Odoo help desk. It helps users to create their own policy that will establish the priority of the ticket. It helps to create the Service level agreement policy topic, the help desk team responsible to manage the ticket, and the priority of the ticket. The Odoo help desk also helps to set the days on which the tickets have to be sent.  

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Odoo Ticket Generation

Odoo Helpdesk in assistance with the Odoo website offers multiple platforms to customers. For example, training videos, and presentations can be added and updated using these features.

The user can generate new tickets. They can also change the subject name, the help desk team, and other details that can be added while generating the ticket. The customer details and customer email address can also be uploaded. Also, the Odoo Help desk helps to view the status of the ticket. 

In conclusion

Managing the help desk team is easier with the Odoo helpdesk. The Assignments can be set manually, random, or balanced. It is also possible to track the performance of every assignment. The Odoo help desk supports the management of refunded products, returns, repairs, and coupons.

With Odoo Helpdesk the customer relationship can also improve. 

The user will not have to worry about customer satisfaction if they are using the Odoo Help Desk. The Odoo help desk allows the customers to close their tickets once their complaints are addressed.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

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Odoo Helpdesk
Ismail Harake January 25, 2021
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