Odoo HR Management System

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Odoo HR Management System

Your staff and employees are a highly valued commodity no matter what type of company you have and where you are based. But you won't get the full advantage of outstanding team members if you don't treat them well. Due to mismanagement, you may even lose the best talent. So, how in the modern business world do you get HR management right?

Odoo has multiple tools specifically designed to inspire business leaders, including one of the best tech modules for Human Resource Management "HR Management" that you can find on the market today. You can save time and effort by using quality HR leave management tools while providing the best result for everyone.  With the right software for human resources for Dubai, UK, Europe, the US, and businesses around the world will experience higher performance through better managing teams.

I'm concentrating on the 5 key modules in this blog post that will guarantee you a simple way to deal with HR Management in general and effectively handle employees. I want to go one by one to show you how easy it is to work with Odoo and how user-friendly it is. The 5 key modules are:

  1. Employees: All details and info about human resources can be handled here. 

  2. Recruitment: Easy way to keep track of your plans for recruiting 

  3. Time Off: You can chart Time Off for your workers, as the name says, 

  4. Approvals: With this module, you can verify what your team has requested. 

  5. Appraisals: Schedule appraisals/evaluation easily for your workers


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How easy it is to use is one of the advantages of HR Management with Odoo. Let's start by configuring the settings of our business employees. You can set the basics of your company rules under the configuration tab, from how many hours an employee works every day to how we would like to monitor the "tracking" of presence.
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You are now able to start creating departments after this first setting configuration and allocate each job role to its respective department. Now you can start inserting your HR into Odoo. You can provide a simple, comprehensive view of each department by reviewing the departments.
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Let's take a closer look at one of our employees here below.
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As you'll see, on each of the employees' pages you can get all the details that can be useful to handle the employees. You can see or control in the view of the employee: 

- Personal/Private data 

- Basic details for the work (Job position, Department, Manager, Coach) 

- Real-Time Base Relation 

- Last valuation & appraisal  

- Contracts 

- Off times 

- Timesheet 

- Resume or cv

- Job information for work 

In addition to this data, with Odoo's Pipeline, you can check all contracts currently occurring and easily manage them.

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        This information is all pretty useful since you have the dynamic Odoo 14 reporting tool when it comes to fast detailed information. You can easily here: 
        - See who attended and who is absent. 
        - Send emails, text messages "SMSs".
        - In last-minute situations, set up Time Off.
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        The versatility and user-friendliness of Odoo 14 are impressive.


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        With the Human Resource Management Module recruitment module, you can easily keep track of and easily handle all your open work openings. You can not only provide as much information as you like about the job role but also receive all applicants directly inside Odoo and handle them all in the same place. 
        You are ready to share it with the world after building your job positions by simply sharing it through your source of choice (Facebook, LinkedIn, your Website and so much more).
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        The best software for human resources management not only focuses on the team until you've introduced them. To simplify your tasks, why not start from the recruitment process.

        Time Off

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                        You can conveniently deal with your human resources tasks on one platform, as you may have discovered with Odoo. The exception is indeed not Time Off/Leave. You can easily here: 
                        Check or Tick off the entire HR time 
                        Check the Time Off requests 
                        Approve requests or deny them 
                        For your team, create time off.

                        To better manage your business, you can also use the awesome reporting tool to summarize all details about time off, either by an employee or by the type of time off. Odoo monitors holidays, leaves, and sick days so that the business schedules can be conveniently organized. 

                        With a flexible tool, the advantages of HR Management are that it saves you time while making you more competitive and supplying information whenever it's used.
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                        Different types of approvals can be requested by your employees, not only for expenses but also for the need to borrow material and any other items necessary for their everyday work. Odoo also has the helpful tool to add the approval request anywhere you want. For instance, if a bill is more than $1000, you can have clients for whom you need to seek approval from a manager. You are able to manage your expenditures without leaving the main structure by defining approval rules and conditions.
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                        In addition, you can conveniently pre-set all sorts of approvals in your Approval module that your business knows it will ultimately need to handle employees and their HR components. As you can see in the following example, every employee/user has access to that menu, and he or she can send a request for what is needed with just one click. Users only need to include basic details, such as the amount of time, who will authorize it, what will be borrowed (if applicable), and the reason for the request. The documents may also be attached to the submission.
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                        Appraisals are the ideal way to keep track of the satisfaction of the workers. You can challenge your employees to reach those goals with this module, or they can challenge themselves inside Odoo and keep track of the evolution. 
                        In addition, for the staff, you can easily set up periodic evaluations, get their feedback about how they feel about how the company handles them, and get the opinion of the manager on each employee. Overall, Odoo 14 Appraisals is the perfect tool to do so in order to retain the incentive for change and deliver benefits to individuals as well as to the company.

                        You can build your own evaluation to do this, ask the right questions at the right time, and get all the data you need. You can design a survey of your own. For instance, you may have pre-prepared answers to questions or ask all sorts of questions in order to obtain the best information and honest opinions. 

                        Last but not least, by creating evaluation schedules with specific timetables that will be submitted to your workers, you will simplify this evaluation process. You will get a more insightful, summarized report of the assessment of your employees with the time-saving yet powerful reporting tool.

                        Conclusion: Odoo HR Management System

                        To conclude, it has never been easier to handle your HR with Odoo 14. From one spot, you can handle all of your business and it's amazing how simple and usable all this data is for you, whenever it's needed. 

                        Perhaps more importantly, only the fundamentals of handling human resources are discussed in this article you just read. There is some other software (all integrated with Odoo) that can help you control your HR and simplify your everyday job, as well as optimize it. 

                        Please contact us if you still have questions or would like to know more about Odoo 14 HR, and we will gladly help you manage your business.

                        50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

                        Join us and make your company a better place.

                        Odoo, Moe Fawaz February 23, 2021
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