Odoo Inventory Features

Odoo Inventory Features

Inventory management permits us to manage all inventory activities together with provision, stock management, and finance. It improves the availability chain transparency and makes inventory management time and efficient.

For small and medium-sized business house owners, inventory management is often a true headache. Obtaining the proper inventory management system and adopting the simplest practices will untangle the inventory management method for your business. this could mean obtaining obviate the assembly bottlenecks and reaching your customers on time.

Inventory is a major sector of the corporation and undeniably the foremost necessary of the business. From raw materials to finished merchandise that has a worth of the sale is to be controlled and managed below the inventory management. The most important current quality of the corporate isn't to be toyed with. The management of such important assets can not be subjected to risks of entry errors, duplication errors, and calculation errors. An optimized system that may not solely organize however conjointly automatize processes as needed are an excellent advantage to corporations of any scale.

Some industries could take into account solely the finished merchandise as a part of their inventory, alternative industries could embrace materials from the beginning.

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Most of those systems are designed not just to manage stock watching and rearrangement. They work as integrated systems that may collaborate with alternative departments of the corporate like producing and accounting to develop a period of time info. The clear visibility provided by a list management system permits you to scale back expenses, give higher client service, and stop-loss from inventory management. It also can give insights into the expenses of the company.

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Odoo Inventory manages varied aspects like




The modern program of the Odoo inventory management system permits you to stay a versatile management system for single inventory or advanced multi-warehouse environments. The Odoo inventory module comes with multiple options like clerking, barcode scanning, client portal, cross-docking, and drop-shipping.

Odoo Inventory Features

Odoo Inventory manages all the finished merchandise, materials, and merchandise that the corporate sells within the market to avail profit. The Odoo inventory management can track all of the inventory that may be processed to be sold or directly oversubscribed within the market to come up with revenue.to boot, it supports advanced routing choices like drop-shipping, cross-docking, and multi-step delivery. For example, drop-shipping and cross-docking have medium businesses with small warehouses.

Odoo Warehouse Management

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Odoo inventory supports over one warehouse. For corporations that operate with more than one warehouse, can now have one easily navigated system for all the warehouse activities. From the Inventory configuration, you can assign different warehouses and add them to the list of warehouses within the window.

Putaways Rules

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Putaway rules determined in Odoo enable to maneuver an incoming cargo in any location of the warehouse to be placed to in the appropriate location upon characteristics of the product, some might have to be compelled to be kept in different places to avoid perishing. For instance, liquid products may need refrigeration. Thus, the  Odoo Inventory,  putaways rules, affects certain products that may directly stock the products to the situation.

You can add multiple locations inside the warehouse for better traceability inventory management flow. This allows you to make use of putting away rules and managing operation varieties. There are as several locations as we would like underneath the constant warehouse. we are able to produce organized locations in Odoo and make a tree of parent-child locations.

You can produce operation varieties to form inventory entries of varied operations to perform. this is able to enable you to cluster the inventory operations. Operation varieties are delivery, producing, and so on.


You can add multiple locations for your warehouse, in order to track your inventory in all of your different warehouses.

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Product categories

Produce categories for the merchandise in our inventory. This enables the possibility to cluster and kind the merchandise for easier inventory actions. Categorization results in a more organized management

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Additionally, verifying a parent class if required. classes are set to own a typical removal strategy. This could be initial in initial out or last in initial out. The removal strategy determines that the product must be removed initially supported by the stocking date.


This helps to form product variants supported attributes. as an example, now you can generate the attribute as 'color' and so add values ?? like 'red', 'green', 'blue', etc. this is able to enable you to form product variants supported the color variation.

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The rearrangement rules enable automatic replenishing of stock things once necessary. we are able to set a minimum and the most amount for every product. whereas the stock falls below the minimum, the stock replenishing is triggered to satisfy the utmost amount of the given stock. This ensures that the merchandise with automatic triggers is never out of stock or overstocked.

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Units of measurements

The classes enable the conversion of units inside constant classes. Once the different classes are added add, you will be able to produce different units used. You will be able to use days, hours, and then on for the class operating time. You are now able to assign the rounding error preciseness and verify it because the reference unit for the class or compared to the reference unit is smaller than or larger than the reference unit.

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Under the inventory, we've to manage the delivery of the merchandise too. You can also modify the delivery-related settings underneath the configuration.

Odoo Inventory Features

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Delivery Packages

Also, you can assemble the various packaging that's used whereas delivering the merchandise underneath configuration. integration with a carrier or not and assign the assorted activity values ?? To evaluate packaging size and most weight.

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Shipping strategies

Various shipping strategies disbursal on the shipping partner or charges is created. The shipping charges for these strategies are determined as fastened or computed supported rules.

The inventory management would come with overseeing the availability chain from suppliers to customers. Whereas with manual tools, this could presently become too difficult to handle and stand probabilities of error. To avoid this, an inventory management system is needed to monitor any and all changes in the company's inventory. 

Without correct knowledge regarding the inventory, we have a tendency to could run the danger of stocking an excessive amount of or insufficient. Whereas having an excessive amount of runs the risks of devolution, insufficient could cause a shortage of provides leading to potential client loss. Correct inventory management would facilitate managing the stocking and restocking of the inventory. This could help decrease the company's expenses.

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Odoo Inventory Features
Ismail Harake March 11, 2021
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