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Odoo 14 Replenishment Tool

Odoo Inventory Management Module

Inventory Management is one of the vital business components that keep the business from failing.

Odoo Inventory Management is meant to scale a number of thousands of operations to several numerous transactions.

As loads of diverse activities move into inventory management, economical software package like Odoo inventory management is of utmost crucial and important for streamlining each action. It helps businesses manage their product or inventory without any problems.

Odoo  Inventory Management facilitates a multi-tasking platform that not solely manages the inventory however additionally caters to the functionalities among the producing department.

Odoo Inventory App

To Download the Inventory App or Module. 

Go to Apps > Search > Inventory.

In the Odoo Inventory Management Module, you will be able to access your stock. 

In addition, you will be able to check your inventory stock, to check if your inventory is low. 

Replenishing your inventory has become an easy task. 

 Inventory > Operations > Replenishment 


Replenishment is like the minimum stock rule.

You can see here you have a minimum and a maximum stock, and a lead time to procure the different products and based on this lead time. You can check the future forecast of this stock, if it's below the safety stock then you will need to reorder to get to up to the maximum that you would like to get and that way you have no issue so for now.

Odoo 14 Replenishment

When you are low on stock, you can choose

Order Once: You approve of the order you registered.

Automated Orders: The order that you registered will be saved, and the System will automatically reorder the same amount when you are low on stock.

Snooze: You will approve of the order another time. The request will not be sent.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Low on Stock

The red graph indicates that the order for the clients won't be possible because you have already booked some of the product to another client, and your don't have enough product or material for the other client's order. 

Therefore you need to order more, that's where "Replenishment" comes in handy. 

Odoo Inventory Management Module provides assistance to the user in multiple aspects. Odoo Inventory Management allows the user to stay up to date with all of the materials in stock, as well as, reminds the user when the stock is low. These automated notifications and actions prooves the Odoo Inventory Management Module provides assistance and support to the user.

You will know if you are in a shortage of any product or equipment. Odoo created this, in order to keep all businesses up to date with their orders and products, that the clients require. With Odoo you are connected to your business 24/7, even if you are working from home

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Odoo Inventory Management
Ismail Harake October 19, 2020
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