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Efficient and timely communication with purchasers is crucial for any business. If a business is ready to supply a communication facility to its customers, the business is certain to witness a rapid climb.

However, if a business fails to move with the purchasers or fails to support the purchasers and clarify their doubts, the business is additionally possible to stagnate.

Odoo Live Chat has been designed in an exceeding thanks to facilitating the users to interact in direct communication with the purchasers visiting the web site. Here, we will get a dialogue box and this can be the tool that's accustomed communicate with the purchasers. 

The chat box is opened once any user enters the website. The dialogue box is opened on the screen. This box is for the communication box or chat box wherever the purchasers will move with the sales team members. 

The highlight of this tool is that it improves the prospect of the business by providing a result for the Marketing team. The Odoo live chat module is additionally expected to hurry up the sale method as communication becomes instant with this app. The good thing about Odoo Live chat is direct communication with the purchasers.

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How to Implement Odoo Live Chat?

The user will simply enter the applying by clicking on the icon. it's a straightforward method to form live chat channels with Odoo Live chat. The user will notice all already created live chats and build a brand new chat. 

New live chat may be created by clicking "Create".

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Odoo Live chat creation method may be completed in an exceedingly few seconds. 

Simply click on the "Create" button to enter a brand new window. 

Below given is that the window for making a live chat.

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The first step  to form an Odoo live chat is to feature a reputation in the chat. For this, click the "Add" button. 

You have the feature operators to regulate communication. 
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Automatic Messaging

Apart from adding operators to speak with the purchasers, Odoo Live Chat provides choices to organize automatic messages. This feature of Odoo Live Chat helps a user to organize pre-defined messages. 

Does one need to form use of this feature? 

Use the choices tab seen here. A list of already created message boxes is given here.

Whenever a brand new visitant visits a website then the auto-generated message is sent to his chatbox to initiate the client to speech communication. 

These auto-generate messages square measure created to draw in customers and encourage them to begin communication with the sales representative. 

You can Customize the message.

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Text of the button:  Here, there's a default Text on the Live Chat Support Button. 

Welcome Message:  The machine-controlled welcome message that a user will set for your guests. 

Any client coming into the web site will read this message. 

Chat Input Placeholder:  This is also a text. This text message prompts the user to start a conversation.

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Chat Rules

Odoo Live Chat allows a user to outline rules for a Live Chat. 

This facility has been enclosed within the channel type. This allows the user to limit the chat to chose countries solo. 

The choice may be created supported completely different criteria together with the data of the language.

If the sales team members of a firm don't seem to be familiar with a certain language, a text box may be unbroken hidden for the net viewers from that individual country.

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Chat with Customers

Whenever an associate degree operator is aiming to chat with a client, they can have to be compelled to produce a brand new channel.

This channel is printed on the web site (This can facilitate the client to talk).

Odoo ERP System helps you to complete these processes in an exceedingly few steps.

To form a channel, move to web site Button as given within the below-given image.
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Click on the website Option

Then the user is redirected to the website page as given. 

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Odoo Livechat Channel

You have created a channel.

Now you'll be able to begin  Odoo Live Chat. 

Odoo Live Chat is 
joined  with the Discuss module.

Therefore, the conversations 
during this  module  also will  be shown  within the  Discuss module,  however  as Direct messages
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Canned Responses

Odoo Live Chat creates messages referred to as canned reactions. 

These messages are supported by commonly asked queries or expected queries Odoo

It's continuously higher to use short messages as canned responses than protracted sentences. Adding canned responses to a chant isn't a troublesome task. 

Simply move to LIVE CHAT > Configuration > Canned Responses.

A user will produce any range of canned reactions as they have.

These canned responses may be selected by typing “:” within the box. The operator will use the antecedently allotted crosscut to use these messages.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Odoo Live Chat
Ismail Harake December 3, 2020
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